Story 1981-05-03 Gothenburg, Sweden

03.05.81 Gothenburg, Sweden, intro to ´Independence Day´
´´Thanks….this is, this is called ´Independence Day´….I need, I need a little quiet for this song, thank you….I grew up in this small town, it was only about 10,000 people….and as I go older, I started to look around me and….it seemed like, like everybody that I knew, like my friends, it seemed like we were all stuck in the same place and that we weren´t, we weren´t going anywhere and….at the time I couldn´t understand….I didn´t have the information that I needed to know how, how to try to change my life, ´cause I looked back at my father and he´d gotten married when he came out of the army and worked in a plastics´ factory and I looked back at his father and he´d worked in a rug mill in town and it was like that all the way back….and I couldn´t understand why, I couldn´t understand why, when I´d come home at night, all I´d see was my father sitting in the kitchen and it seemed like his whole life, he was, he was never happy for a day, it seemed like….and that, when I got older, I couldn´t, I couldn´t even remember or picture in my mind of my father laughing….and the one thing I realised that we all had in common was that we didn´t know enough, we didn´t have enough information and in school, all they taught was, was the facts, they didn´t, they didn´t teach the understanding that you´ve got to have in your heart to be strong…..and when I go back home….I see friends of mine, people who when they were younger had, had power and force inside them….and work in jobs that kill ´em and that they take the good things, that they take the human things that you have inside and, and turn them into nothing….and I was lucky because on the radio, I used to sit up in bed at night with the radio under my pillow and it was in the music that I heard, in the early 60´s, in the rock and roll, that I heard there was a promise of life, there was promise that….that if you´re born onto this earth, it´s your right to be able to live with some decency and some dignity….and…..and I always used to wish that I´d be able to go downstairs at night and tell my father like ´Listen to this, listen to this song by Elvis Presley or this song by the Drifters´ and hope that he could hear, he could hear in his heart what I, what I heard in mine….but, but a lot of people miss that, when a lot of people hear that promise, they think it just sounds like noise or they think that it can´t be true but….but I think it can….but you have to fight real hard for it…..´´

03.05.81 Gothenburg, Sweden, intro to ´Two Hearts´
´´It´s gonna take me and you !…..´´

03.05.81 Gothenburg, Sweden, intro to ´This Land Is Your Land´
´´Thanks (chuckles)….this is, this is a song, was written by, by Woody Guthrie….in the States there´s….times get, when times get hard, like they are right now, and….there´s always ….there´s always a resurgance of, of the kinds of groups and movements that try to say that, that the country that you live in belongs to either one race of people or one religious group, like in the States we got, there´s the Ku Klux Klan and, and groups like the National Socialists and (boos) and this was a song, it was written a long time ago and it´s get, in the States it gets sung a whole lot but it gets misinterpreted because, uh, people sing it and, and, and wave the flag and, uh, it was meant, it was meant as a fighting song, it was meant, it was written as an answer, an angry answer to, uh, ´God Bless America´ and in it, in it, the….the, the, in this song, I think there´s a heart of what it means to be not just an American but just, just a human being, it´s a song for the people, for people all over the world, I think….this is called ´This Land Is Your Land´….´´

03.05.81 Gothenburg, Sweden, middle of ´Rosalita´
´´I got the moves… the far left of the stage….on the piano, Professor Roy Bittan….on the guitar, Miami Steve Van Zandt….on the bass, Garry W.Tallent….on the drums, the Mighty Max Weinberg….on the organ, Phantom Dan Federici…..and last but not least….he´s big…. he´s bad….I´m talking to you now about the king of the world…..the master of the universe ….the emperor of all things….he´s faster than a speeding bullet….more powerful than a roaring locomotive….able to leap tall women, I mean tall buildings in a single bound….is it a bird ?….is it a plane ?….then what the hell is it ?….Clarence ´Big Man´ Clemons on the saxophone…..
(….) The record company, Rosie, gave me the big smackaronis….´´

03.05.81 Gothenburg, Sweden, intro to ´Can´t Help Falling In Love With You´
´´Thanks….this is, uh…..this is a special song for you guys, this was my favorite Elvis song …..´´

03.05.81 Gothenburg, Sweden, middle of ´Detroit Medley´
´´Wait a minute….wait a minute…..I got some bad news now…..I got some bad news…..I´m tired now….oh, oh, oh man, I´m so tired….I gotta sneak up on myself on this part of the show ….(?)….I need a drink…..I´m so tired…..ain´t you tired ? (crowd: ´No´)….(?)….we gotta catch a ride on something, we gotta, we gotta catch a ride… saw something we could catch a ride on ?….what ? back there near the lights ? we can get a ride (?) we can get going, this moment we get rolling….I see a train coming on ´round…..´´

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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