Story 1981-05-17 Edinburgh, Scotland

17.05.81 Edinburgh, Scotland, intro to ´´Darkness On The Edge Of Town´´
´´How are you doing tonight, alright? (crowd cheers)….´´

17.05.81 Edinburgh, Scotland, intro to ´´Johnny Bye Bye´´
´´Working on something, I´ll be right back….alright, we got it (chuckles) this is a new song, uh….in 1977 we played in Memphis, Tennesee, and it was about 3 o´clock in the morning after the show and we got into, me and Steve decided we wanted to go get something to eat so we get this cab, we get into this cab and we say ´Take us someplace, take us someplace way outside of town where nobody´s out there so we can eat out there´ and he says ´Are you guys in a band?´ we said ´Yeah,´ he says ´Are you celebrities?´ we said ´Yeah, we´re celebrities´ (chuckles) so he says ´Well, can I call my dispatcher and tell him that I got some celebrities in the cab?´ we said ´Yeah´ so he calls up the guy and says ´Hey, Joe, I got, uh, I got some celebrities in the cab here, I got´….he don´t know who we are so (chuckles) so he gives me the mike and I say ´Well, it´s Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band´ you know… (?) the guy goes ´Oh yeah? yeah, I´ve heard of them, I´ve heard of them´ (chuckles) so, so he says, the cab driver says ´We´re gonna go by Elvis´ house´ so we stopped and we got outside the cab and I stood and I looked up the driveway and the gates were all closed but there was like one light on in the, in the upstairs room and I said ´Well, that must be Elvis, he must be reading, you know, so´ (laughter from the crowd) so I said ´Steve, Steve, I gotta go, I gotta go see if Elvis is home´ so the cab driver says ´No, don´t, don´t do that because if you climb over that wall, the dogs, they got dogs in there, they could eat you up and (?)´ so, anyway, I climbed up over the wall and I jumped down on the other side and I go running up the driveway and there was nobody there and like the only thing they had was they had lights shining up on the trees, like they have on this castle you guys got here (crowd cheers) the same guy did that (chuckles) so (?)(crowd applauds)….alright (chuckles) anyway, a guard came out of the woods and he said, uh, ´What do you want?´ I said ´Well, is Elvis home?´ (laughter from the crowd) he said ´No, he´s in Lake Tahoe,´ I said ´Well, can you tell him, can you tell him that I stopped by?´ he said ´Well, sure, I´ll tell him,´ so I said, I told him my name, I said we got a band and I said, you know, I was on the cover of Time and all that, he said ´Oh, yeah, sure´ (chuckles) so he threw us out (laughter from the crowd)(chuckles) you see, that kind of stuff, that don´t get you anyplace (chuckles) but, anyway, it wasn´t….it wasn´t a long, very long time after that that he died and….and I couldn´t….I just wondered how somebody that seemed to have so much could in the end lose as bad as he did so this is a song, this is a song for Elvis….´Bye Bye Johnny´….I´m trying to see if I can remember all the verses so (chuckles) one second (strums his guitar) I gotta remember this third verse (?)….alright, we´re in (crowd cheers)….´´

17.05.81 Edinburgh, Scotland, intro to ´´This Land Is Your Land´´
´´This is, uh….this is a song by Woody Guthrie, uh….I need a little quiet for this song, thank you….´´

17.05.81 Edinburgh, Scotland, after ´´Badlands´´
´´We´re gonna take a short break, then we´re gonna come back, we got another whole set we´re gonna do (?)….´´

17.05.81 Edinburgh, Scotland, intro to ´´Wreck On The Highway´´
´´This….this is from ´The River,´ this is called ´Wreck On The Highway´….I need a little quiet for this song, thank you….´´

17.05.81 Edinburgh, Scotland, middle of ´´Rosalita´´
´´Oh yeah….we got a galaxy of celebrities onstage tonight….I´m pleased to have with us here in Edinburgh, to the far left of the stage, the guy over there on the piano, that´s Professor Roy Bittan….over here, on the guitar….that´s Miami Steve Van Zandt….back here, this crazy guy, that´s Garry W.Tallent, man…..back there on the drums, Mr.Mighty Max Weinberg…. over there, on the organ, he´s a crazy guy, this man, Phantom Dan Federici on the organ…. now I´m talking last but not least….(?)….he´s known every place he goes all over the world
….they know him in outer space….he knew Einstein and he knew George Washington and everybody knows him….now….(?)….around home we like to call him the king of the world, baby….the master of the universe….emperor of everything….he´s faster than a speeding bullet ….more powerful than a roaring locomotive….able to leap tall buildings in a single bound….is this a bird? (crowd: ´No´) is this a plane I speak of? (crowd: ´No´) then what the hell is it? (crowd: ´Clarence´) Big Man Clarence Clemons….(long pause)….and me!….´´

17.05.81 Edinburgh, Scotland, middle of ´´Detroit Medley´´
´´I got, I gotta make an emergency announcement, I just, I just talked to the hall manager and ….hold down, guys….if there´s anybody, if there´s anybody in the house tonight that has a weak heart or a weak stomach, step out into the lobby during the next section of the show ´cause it might be dangerous to your health….they´re selling insurance policies out in the lobby….I see nobody going….you´re gonna be sorry…I warned you….don´t sue me….sue yourself if you get hurt now….Big Man….I told ´em….they didn´t listen….I told ´em and they didn´t listen….(?)….you see, it ain´t so bad when we do this….and it ain´t so bad when we do this….and you might even get off with some minor injuries and a short trip to the hospital if we do this….but….ooh, when we do this….´´

17.05.81 Edinburgh, Scotland, intro to ´´Rockin´ All Over The World´´
´´I wanna….first I wanna thank everybody for coming down to the shows we did here in Edinburgh….I´d like to apologise to you for us having to cancel out that first time, I´d like to say we´re sorry….here´s to you….´´

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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