Story 1981-06-01 London, England

01.06.81 London, England, intro to ´´Follow That Dream´´
´´Let´s do, uh, ´Follow That Dream´….this is, uh….a song that was originally done by Elvis Presley….called ´Follow That Dream´….´´

01.06.81 London, England, intro to ´´Johnny Bye Bye´´
´´In, uh, in 1977 we played down in Memphis, Tennesee and….it was after the show, it was real late at night and me and Steve decided we were gonna (crowd cheers) Miami Steve, ladies and gentlemen (chuckles)….we decided….there are people, they´re out there (chuckles) we decided we were gonna get something to eat so we called this taxi and he came and we said ´Listen, we wanna go someplace outside of town where there´s not a lot of people and stuff,´ ´Well, I know a place right out, outside by Graceland´ and we said ´You know where Graceland is?´ he says ´Yeah,´ we said ´Well, take us down to, take us down to Elvis´ house´….so….so we went down and we stood outside the gates and I remember I looked in and I seen one light on in the window and I figured that that must be Elvis, he must be up reading or something so….I said ´Steve, I gotta, I gotta go see if he´s home´ and the taxi cab driver says ´No, man, you better not go do that because they got, they got big dogs over there, when you jump over the wall, you´re finished, you´re dog meat, you know, so it´s like´ (chuckles) so I jumped up over the wall and I jumped down on the other side and…..I was attacked and killed - no (chuckles) (?) and then I ran up the driveway and I got to the frontdoor….and (chuckles) you were in Newcastle? (chuckles) and I got to the frontdoor and a guy came out of the woods and said ´What do you want?´ and I said ´Is Elvis home?´…. and he said ´Well, no, Elvis is in Lake Tahoe,´ I said ´Well, could you tell him that I was here?´ and he says ´Well, sure´ and I said, I told him I had a band and we made albums and stuff (?)(chuckles) but nobody believes you, you know, when you tell ´em that stuff so he says ´Well, you gotta get out anyway,´ you know (chuckles) so he walked me down and…. and uh…..and he opened the gates with the guitars on the front, I walked outside (?) but….it wasn´t too long after that that he, tha, that he died and I could never, it was hard to understand how, how somebody, there´s this book out, it´s called ´Elvis ´56´ and it´s a picture book of him in 1956 and it´s just one of the most beautiful things I´ve ever seen, he´s, it´s, if you get a chance, you should pick it up because when you look at those pictures, there´s so much….he has so much life, and it was hard to understand how, how, how that gets lost ….how you can have so much and lose so bad, you know….but, but he deserved better than he got….this is a song for Elvis….´´

01.06.81 London, England, intro to ´´This Land Is Your Land´´
´´Here´s a song….this is by Woody Guthrie….

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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