Story 1981-07-13 Philadelphia, PA

13.07.81 Philadelphia, PA, intro to ´Follow That Dream´
´´Thanks….this is a song that was originally done by Elvis Presley…..”

13.07.81 Philadelphia, PA, intro to ´Independence Day´
´´We just got back….from playing over in Europe and….I was home a few days….and I got a phonecall….that my father´d gotten sick and I went out to California and I saw him in the hospital…and I started thinking about….about how times were changing and I was getting older and he was getting older….and how it was that so many things that, that we´d never talked about when I was young and when he was younger, that we never got around to talking about at all…and….you know, time has a funny…funny way of just getting by you, moving fast, slipping away….now, as I sat out there and I was thinking about it, I realised that my old man is 57…and there´s a lot….there´s a lot of things I think that….that I used to, that I worried about, what if something happened and I never got a chance to…to say all the things that, that I´d been putting off, you know, seems you can always say ´Well, I´ll call him this week or we´ll talk about it on Sunday´…but time has a funny way of getting away from you….if you got….if you got folks at home, don´t take too long to tell ´em the things that you wanna tell ´em…”

13.07.81 Philadelphia, PA, intro to ´Johnny Bye Bye´
´´This is a song I started to write, I guess it was….towards the end of ….´78 and…..I remember where I was when….there´s certain things that happen that you sort of set, you set your life by….like I remember I was, I was in high school and I was out, I was out in the field during the gym (?) that John Kennedy got shot….and I remember that I was….we were working on Darkness on the Edge of Town when….when I heard that, that Elvis died….and I thought a lot about how somebody who had won so much and who had so much could in the end….lose so bad and…..I guess it´s important you have, have the right friends around, you know….(?)….I always figured he must´ve been, he must´ve been real lonely to die like that ….so this is a song that, this is a song for Elvis…..”

13.07.81 Philadelphia, PA, middle of ´Rosalita´
´´Ladies and gentlemen…..we now come to the most important part of the show….I´m talking about the band introductions….I´ve got to my far left….on that thing we like to call ´the piano´, the most educated member of the band, got a full high school diploma, I´d like to have a nice warm Philadelphia round of applause for Professor Roy Bittan….and now this (?) ….the man´s the poet of the soul, master of rock and roll, he´s brought you such great hits as ´I Don´t Wanna Go Home´, ´Sweeter than Honey´, ´This Time It´s for Real´, ´Some Things Just Don´t Change´, ´Daddy´s Come Home´, I´m talking about the great Miami Steve Van Zandt….to my immediate left, a man who came all the way from Neptune, New Jersey, I´m talking about Mr.Garry W.Tallent on the bass….now, back on the drums, we´ve got a young man who´s gonna spend his first night as a married man in Philadelphia here, let me hear it for the Mighty Max Weinberg on the drums…, all the way from Flemington, New Jersey, I´d like a warm round of applause for Phantom Dan Federici on the organ… last but not least….that´s right…..the man, a mystery man, the man of many secrets, kind of like a sphinx, I mean everybody knows that we like to call him the king of the world, we like to call him the master of the universe, we like to call him the emperor of everything….he´s faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a roaring locomotive….able to leap tall women, I mean tall buildings in a single bound… it a bird ?….is it a plane ?….gimme a C, gimme a L, gimme an A, gimme an R, gimme an E, gimme an N, gimme a C, gimme an E, what´s that spell ? what´s that spell ? what´s that spell ? Spotlight on the Big Man !…..”

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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