Story 1981-08-04 Largo, MD

04.08.81 Largo, MD, intro to ´´Johnny Bye Bye´´
´´So how´s things been here down here so far this summer? (crowd cheers) this next song, this is, uh, this is a new song that, that I wrote while I was over in, we were over in Europe for two months….and….I think there are certain things that are, in your life that you always seem to, to mark your life by, like I remember where I was when I first heard ´Like a Rolling Stone´ on the radio….I remember…I remember when I was nine years old and my mother was watching ´Ed Sullivan´ and Elvis Presley came on for the first time….there´s certain things, I can see where everything was in the room and I remember I made, I made my mother go out and rent a guitar for me after that and….I played it for about six months and then I quit ´cause my hands were too small, I was too lazy (chuckles) and I started again later when I was 13 but….I remember where, uh….it´s, uh, we were working on the ´Darkness´-album and somebody called me up, I was sitting at home, and told me that, that Elvis had died and uh….I thought about it for a long time, I still, I still do, I´d wonder how somebody that….that seemed to have so much and went so big could in the end lose so bad….and, it seemed like, ended up as lonely as did….this is a song, uh, this is a song I wrote for Elvis Presley, I need a little bit of quiet for it, thanks….´´

04.08.81 Largo, MD, intro to ´´Independence Day´´
´´I remember when I was 16, 17 years old, I used to….I used to come in late, my father´d have the frontdoor locked so me and my sister used to have to come in around the side…. and he´d be sitting there in the kitchen at night, waiting for us all the time, waiting for us to come in….and it seemed that it was the only time he wanted to talk to us about….about…. what we wanted to be or where we thought we were going….and he would always ask me one question, he said ´Bruce, what, what do you think you´re doing?´ (chuckles)….and….. and for 18 years I watched him sit at the kitchen table, by himself at night in the dark…..and ….I used to get angry all the time ´cause I felt he was always….he was always cutting me short….and he didn´t have the faith in me that I, that I wanted him to have, I guess…..and, but as I got older, I realised that I watched him sit there by himself, alone, for all that time and never once asked him what he was thinking about….you know, spent 18 years, six nights a week, seven nights a week sitting in the dark by himself and when I was a kid, I never asked him what he was thinking about all that time…..´´

04.08.81 Largo, MD, intro to ´´This Land Is Your Land´´
´´This song, thank you, this is, uh….this song was written by Woody Guthrie, it´s about the greatest song ever written, I guess, about America., it´s…and Patti, this is for you on your 21st birthday…I need a little quiet for this song, thank you……´´

04.08.81 Largo, MD, intro to ´´For You´´
´´Thank you….this is a song for….for all you guys out there who´ve been with us since the beginning….´´

04.08.81 Largo, MD, middle of ´´Rosalita´´
´´Alright….now we´re coming….to the most important part of the show….I mean the band introductions….that´s right, that´s important….now, beginning to the far left of the stage, the man on that thing we like to call ´a piano,´ I´m talking to you about Professor Roy Bittan, let´s hear it for him….next we got a man, poet of the soul, master of rock and roll, brought you such great hits as ´I Don´t Wanna Go Home,´ ´Sweeter than Honey,´ ´This Time It´s for Real, ´Some Things Just Don´t Change,´ ´Daddy´s Come Home,´ ´Trapped Again,´ I´m talking about the great Miami Steve Van Zandt….now we got a man, drove all the way down here tonight from Neptune, New Jersey, that´s a long ride, I´m talking about on the bass guitar, we´ve got the famous Mr.Garry W.Tallent….now we got a guy back there on the drums, this is, he´s spending his first week in Washington as a married man, that´s right, he´s hitched now….read ´em and weep, girls, I´m sorry, I´m talking about the great Mighty Max Weinberg on the drums….he´s taken, he´s taken….now over on the far right side of the stage, all the way from Flemington, New Jersey, how many folks here from Flemington tonight? (some cheers) I´m talking about Phantom Dan Federici on the organ, come on!….now…. next (crowd cheers) I don´t blame you for being excited….I always have a hard time introducing this next guy ´cause everybody knows he´s the king of the world, he´s the master of the universe, he´s the emperor of all things, probably gonna be the next president of the United States….so tonight I´d like to debut a little thing I wrote during the intermission, in the tradition of all the great poets, when the guy seen the tree and he couldn´t describe it, he wrote a poem, when the guy saw a rose, couldn´t describe it, he wrote a poem, well, I´d like to read here tonight, ladies and gentlemen, my poem for Clarence….C is for cool….that´s only the beginning, which only a foolish man would dispute…..L is for lean and mean and (?)….A is for Ace of the saxophone….R is ‘cause he’s a regular guy even though he’s world reknown….E is for his everlasting love which I hold so dear…N is for nasty - you mess with him and your face he will smear…C is for that C-note he owed me since last year…and E is for everything else, you put that all together and what’s that spell? (crowd: ´Clarence´) what’s that spell? (crowd: ´Clarence´) what’s that spell? (crowd: ´Clarence´) Spotlight on the Big Man!….´´

04.08.81 Largo, MD, intro to ´´Jungleland´´
´´Thanks….thanks….this is….I´d like to thank everybody for coming down to the show tonight, thank you….this is for Cindy Rock and all you guys that camped out waiting for your tickets….´´

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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