Story 1981-08-16 Morrison, CO

16.08.81 Morrison, CO, intro to “Good Rockin’ Tonight” (following “Prove It All Night”) (soundcheck)
“(Ends “Prove It All Night” right after singing the first line)…You’ll get the rest later, now (crowd cheers) that’s all you can get now, the rest comes later (chuckles)…can’t do no more now, it’s too late (chuckles)…here’s one you’re gonna get early…”

16.08.81 Morrison, CO, after “Good Rockin’ Tonight” (soundcheck)
“See you a little later (crowd cheers)…”

16.08.81 Morrison, CO, intro to “Johnny Bye Bye”
“Thank you…you guys doing alright out there? (crowd cheers) this song is, uh, it’s a new song…today’s the anniversary of Elvis’ death and…there’s certain things that everybody marks, marks their lives by…I remember when I was nine years old and my mother had on the “Ed Sullivan Show” and I was sitting there and on came Elvis Presley and…and I remember when I was sitting at home the day that a friend of mine called me and told that, that he’d died…and he was like, for me, I guess, he was like the father of my country or something…you know, he was the, the great big liberator…and it was sad how somebody who had won, won so much could in the end, it seemed, like lose so bad and hurt so bad…so this is a song…this is for, it’s a song for Elvis…”

16.08.81 Morrison, CO, intro to “Trapped”
“It was, I remember when I was growing, I used to…watch my father every night sitting in the kitchen…and at the time when I was about 16 or 17, he was only, he was only a few years older than I am right now…and it was hard to understand how somebody so young could feel so trapped in the, in the life he was living…but I started to…as I grew older, I wondered why that was and I looked back and I realized that my father, he worked in a factory and my grandfather, he worked in a rug mill and…I read this book while I was over in Europe called “The History of the United States”…and in it you can find reasons as to why that happened and how you end up a victim and you don’t even know it…and how you end up trapped…”

16.08.81 Morrison, CO, intro to “This Land Is Your Land”
“Thanks…how’s the water? (chuckles)…this is a song…that, uh, was written by Woody Guthrie…”

16.08.81 Morrison, CO, intro to “Sea Cruise”
“Oh yeah…well…alright, we’re gonna take you on a sea cruise (crowd cheers)…”

16.08.81 Morrison, CO, intro to “Growin’ Up”
“Alright…this is a song for any of you folks that were here the last time we were here (crowd cheers) when it didn’t rain (chuckles) this is the time that it rained but last time it didn’t rain (chuckles) this is for all you veterans out there…
(…) There we were…it was a night…just like tonight (crowd cheers) the wind was blowing…it was raining (crowd cheers) and it wouldn’t stop (crowd cheers) and me and Clarence and Steve were coming home from a show…riding on this dark back road out in New Jersey (crowd cheers) it was dark out there…and sure enough we get a flat tire…Lord…and we ain’t got no spare…now…we were trying to decide which one of us is gonna get out of the car and hitchhike to the gas-station…but it’s so dark out there…we’re in the middle of the woods and I know…I heard some wolves crying out there (crowd howls) and then we heard something that sounded kind of like Frankenstein (crowd roars) and then we heard something that kind of sounded like a Maytag Washer (crowd cheers) so you know we was scared…I wasn’t as scared as the other guys…because I knew one thing…I wasn’t gonna go to the gas-station because…I’m the Boss, baby! (crowd cheers) you guys gotta go, not me…and then, and we also knew that Clarence, he didn’t have to go, did he, Steve?…he didn’t have to go either…so just as we were pushing Miami Steve through the little vent window…up above us, just like in that movie “Close Encounters of the Third Kind,” we saw a blinding light (crowd cheers) and there it was, painted all candy-apple red, Hooker headers, whitewall tires…a space machine that said on the side: “Little Melvin and the Invaders, we play weddings, parties and bar mitzvahs” (crowd cheers) the guy sticks his head out…and he says “Which one of you guys knows the way to the New Jersey Turnpike?” (crowd cheers) we just don’t tell anybody how to get to New Jersey Turnpike…we had to make a deal!…we said “Listen…you gotta give us all one wish, then we’ll tell you how to get to the Turnpike”…that’s pretty slick…so we thought real hard…and just after I give the guy the directions, he goes spinning off into outer space…we didn’t get no wish, didn’t even get no sweet goodbye (emphatic moans from the crowd) we were standing there in the road, disillusioned, to say the least…we had met the first spaceman who probably ever came down to earth and the cat went off without even saying goodbye…I can’t go on with the show, I’m too broken hearted (emphatic moans from the crowd) now, just as he sped off into space, we saw something sparkle down through the sky and land about a hundred yards down the road…and there in the middle of the highway…sitting there in the middle of the night…we found the stuff that we was all thinking about…(crowd cheers) and it was at that moment, we decided to continue our careers in show business (crowd cheers)…”

16.08.81 Morrison, CO, middle of “Rosalita”
“Oh, ladies and gentlemen…now we’re gonna come to the most exciting part of the show…I’m talking about the band introductions (crowd cheers) we’re gonna begin first over here on the far left…a guy that plays that thing we like to call a piano, all the way from Long Island, the only member of the band with a complete high school diploma so let’s hear it for higher education and Professor Roy Bittan (crowd cheers) now, next…we’ve got the only member of the band ever to have a race in his honor, that’s right… yesterday down at the Centennial Race Track there was a Miami Steve race, it was the ninth race…I’m impressed, alright (chuckles) ‘course of all the horses that he’d bet on, they sent over to the Jack-In-The-Box a little bit later (laughs from the crowd) anyway, I wanna tell you…we’ve got a man that brought you such great hits as “I Don’t Wanna Go Home,” “Sweeter than Honey,” “This Time It’s for Real,” “Some Things Just Don’t Change,” “Daddy,s Come Home,” “Trapped Again,” I’m talking about the great Miami Steve Van Zandt (crowd cheers) alright now we got a man all the way from Neptune, New Jersey on the bass guitar, I’m talking about the handsome, the debonair Mr. Garry W. Tallent (crowd cheers) back there on the drums, from South Orange, New Jersey, we’ve got the king of the big beat, the Mighty Max Weinberg (crowd cheers) now we got a man over there on the Farfisa and the Acetone and the Hammond B-3, all the way from Flemington, New Jersey, Phantom Dan Federici on the organ (crowd cheers) and now…and now… comes the most difficult part of the show…because it’s impossible to describe this man with the words from the English language… everybody knows he’s the king of the world (crowd cheers) everybody knows he’s the master of the universe (crowd cheers) everybody knows he’s the emperor of all things (crowd cheers) but I’d like, tonight…to do a little thing that I wrote a few days ago, when men can’t describe something, sometimes they write poems, when a guy saw a tree and he couldn’t describe it, he wrote a poem, when a guy seen a rose, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet,” he wrote that poem so tonight I’m gonna perform for the first time ever outside…“Poem for Clarence” (crowd cheers) let me make sure I’m outside enough, alright…here we go…C is for cool, which only a foolish man would dispute…L is for lean and mean and (?)…A is for the ace of the saxophone…R is ‘cause he’s a regular guy even though he’s world renown…E is for his everlasting love which I hold so dear…N is for nasty, mess with him and your face he will smear…and C is for that C-note he owed me since last year…and E is for everything else and anything that I forgot, so you put that all together and what’s that spell? (crowd: “Clarence”) what’s that spell? (crowd: “Clarence”) what’s that spell? (crowd: “Clarence”) Spotlight on the Big Man!…”

16.08.81 Morrison, CO, intro to “Jungleland”
“Thanks…thank you, uh…I wanna thank, thank everybody for coming down here to the show tonight (crowd cheers) you guys are some troopers…for hanging in there…and if there’s anybody that has tickets for tomorrow night’s show, it’s gonna be inside now at the arena ‘cause we don’t know about the weather, alright? (crowd sounds disappointed) no, should it be outside? (chuckles) anyway, another vote, no (chuckles) (crowd cheers)(?)…”

16.08.81 Morrison, CO, intro to “Born to Run”
“We were talking about it backstage…this is, this is the only outside, outside show we do on our whole tour and (crowd cheers) ‘cause this is, this is really a great place you have here and it’s special for us so tomorrow night, we decided, we’re gonna gamble, we’ll be here tomorrow night (crowd cheers) (?) tomorrow night the show will be here…”

16.08.81 Morrison, CO, middle of “Detroit Medley”
“You gotta be finished now (crowd cheers) you’re all wet…you’re all tired, you gotta be tired now (crowd cheers) then let me see you shake it little bit…(goes into “Shake”)…”

16.08.81 Morrison, CO, intro to “Twist and Shout”
“Are you talking to me? (crowd cheers) are you talking to me? (crowd cheers) are you talking to me? (crowd cheers) sounds pretty good, let’s do “Twist and Shout,” you gotta twist a little bit right now…”

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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