Story 1981-08-21 Los Angeles, CA

21.08.81 Los Angeles, CA, intro to “Darkness on the Edge of Town”
“(Crowd cheers) Friday night, huh? (crowd cheers) thanks… sometimes you come up against something that…you gotta do on your own, nobody can help you out with it…”

21.08.81 Los Angeles, CA, intro to “Independence Day”
“I remember I used to…I used to come in late at night…my dad used to lock up the front door so I had to come in around the side…and…I used to watch him…and every night…for as…long as we lived together…he used to sit in the kitchen by himself…in the dark…I remember I used to get…I used to get so angry all the time ‘cause he never used to wanna listen to the things that I had to say, listen to what I thought I wanted to do…but when I got older, I thought back and I realised that…I watched, I watched my dad sit in the kitchen by himself every night for 18 years and I never…I never asked him what he was thinking about…and…it’s a two-way street, you know…I used to think that he was so, so different from me…that I wanted things that were…that were so much different, so much better than he wanted…but…I found out that…that was all wrong and…I used to…a few years ago, I came out and visited – they live out here in California and (crowd cheers) we talked about the things we should have talked about when I was 17 years old, you know…it took us about 30 years just to be able to tell each other that we, uh, that we loved each other (crowd cheers) that’s too long, that’s too long to wait to hear that stuff…”

21.08.81 Los Angeles, CA, intro to “Two Hearts” (following “Independence Day”
“The trick was two hearts are better than one (crowd cheers)…”

21.08.81 Los Angeles, CA, intro to “This Land Is Your Land”
“This is a song that was, uh…written a long time ago…by a guy named Woody Guthrie (crowd cheers) this is, uh, this is for the Vietnam Vets that are here tonight (crowd cheers)…”

21.08.81 Los Angeles, CA, after “Badlands”
“Thanks (crowd cheers) we’re gonna, we’re gonna take a short break and then we’re gonna be back (crowd cheers)…”

21.08.81 Los Angeles, CA, intro to “Hungry Heart”
“Ladies and gentlemen, Flo and Eddie (?)…”

21.08.81 Los Angeles, CA, intro to “Sherry Darling”
“And then I fell in love…”

21.08.81 Los Angeles, CA, intro to “Johnny Bye Bye”
“This is, this is a song for Elvis (crowd cheers)…”

21.08.81 Los Angeles, CA, middle of “Rosalita”
”Ladies and gentlemen…now…I’m gonna do the band introductions (crowd cheers) now…now, last night many of you guys were here, you know that (crowd cheers) you know that I recited a poem that I wrote for Roy (crowd cheers) well, since last night I got so many cards and so many letters saying that was the favorite part of the show that I feel compelled to do it again (crowd cheers) I know, it’s a killer, isn’t it? alright, here we go…R is for Roy ‘cause that’s his name (crowd cheers) O is for piano ‘cause that’s his game (crowd cheers) Y (some in the crowd: “Because he likes it”) that’s right… Professor Roy Bittan on the piano (crowd cheers) next we got a man on the guitar…all the way from Asbury Park, New Jersey (crowd cheers) poet of the soul, master of rock and roll…he brought you such favorites as “I Don’t Wanna Go Home”…”Sweeter Than Honey”…”This Time It’s for Real”…”Some Things Just Don’t Change”…”Daddy’s Coming Home’”…and that favorite (?) of his, “I Played the Fool” - I’m talking about the great Miami Steve Van Zandt (crowd cheers) next on the bass (?) handsome debonair gentleman all the way from Neptune, New Jersey, I’m talking about the great Mr. Garry W. Tallent (crowd cheers) on the drums we got the king of the big beat, from South Orange, Mighty Max Weinberg (crowd cheers) on the organ, all the way from Flemington, New Jersey, the only member of the band with red hair, I’m talking about the great Phantom Dan Federici on the organ (crowd cheers) and last but not least (crowd cheers) we got a gentleman here that defies explanation…so let me just say…give me a C-L-A-R-E-N-C-E, what’s that spell? (crowd: “Clarence”) what’s that spell? (crowd: “Clarence”) what’s that spell? (crowd: “Clarence”)…Spotlight on the Big Man! …
(…) Because the record company, Honey, just gave me the big smackeroos (crowd cheers)…”

21.08.81 Los Angeles, CA, intro to “Twist and Shout”
“Are you talking to me? (crowd cheers) are you talking to me? (crowd cheers)…”

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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