Story 1984-01-14 New Brunswick, NJ

14.01.84 New Brunswick, NJ, middle of ´Twist and Shout - Hang on Sloopy´
´´(sings ´Hang on Sloopy´) And then…..Sloopy defied her daddy….and she went out…. (someone: ´Where did she go ?´) where did she go ?….she went to Asbury Park…..and she went into a place….and people were doing something strange….something she´d never seen before (chuckles) being that she was such a young child…..and what they were doing (?) was it a bird what they were doing ? (crowd: ´No´) was it a plane (?)(crowd: ´No´) was it the Big Man ? (crowd: ´No´) was it twisting ? (crowd: ´Yeah´) gimme that ´G´-verse….(goes back to ´Twist and Shout´)….´´

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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