Story 1984-07-02 Saint Paul, MN

02.07.84 Saint Paul, MN, intro to ´Open All Night´
´´Oh yeah…..this is a song, uh…..there´s this, uh…..who´s ever been on the New Jersey Turnpike here ? (cheers) I used to come home from New York….late at night all the time, I had a friend of mine who had a…..motorcycle shop like up north and….I´m one of those people I always forget like my wallet, my jacket (chuckles) everything, you know, so I was coming home real late one night…..down the Turnpike…..and uh….I was hoping I was just gonna get home, make myself a peanutbutter-and-jelly sandwich… know, I was gonna turn on the TV, get in bed, man, I was just dreaming away, just cruising along….and then….. I seen those red lights behind me (chuckles)….so, so I pulled over, you know….and I didn´t have my license, I didn´t have my registration….and the guy, you know, I give him, I give him my name and everything and he goes back in the car….and he calls me back over the loudspeaker….I get in the car, he says ´Are you, uh, you the rock and roll singer ?´….I said, I said, I said ´Yeah, that´s me, yeah´, ´You know I got some of your records home´, I said ´You do ?´, he says ´Yeah´, he says ´Son, you´re in a lot of trouble´….I said ´Wait a minute, wait a minute´….so he took me down to the station and…..and I had to sit there till a friend of mine came and got me out…..I don´t know….New Jersey Turnpike, it´s late at night…..riding through the darkness…..”

02.07.84 Saint Paul, MN, end of ´Glory Days´
´´We´re all gonna die someday (giggles)…..”

02.07.84 Saint Paul, MN, intro to ´The Promised Land´
´´This is for Peter who´s going to Africa shortly….have a, have a good and safe trip…..”

02.07.84 Saint Paul, MN, intro to ´Used Cars´
´´This is a song, uh….me and my sister when we were….when we were little, she was like one year younger than me and we used to fight like crazies…..and the only time we used to join together in solidarity was to give my parents a hard time, my father….my father was…. he was the classic Sunday driver, he demanded that we´d all get in the car on Sunday….and we all had to go out for a drive….and me and my sister, we found the exact spot in the backseat where no matter what we did he couldn´t reach us (chuckles) we´d be back there, we´d be going into ´We wanna go home, we wanna stop, we wanna eat´ or ´We wanna go to bathroom´ and he´d be like (chuckles) reaching back and all he could do was threaten, he´d threaten ´I´m gonna get my belt, you´re gonna get the belt when we get home´, uh….and then we´d go home and my sister would always go first….´cause she was so tough….she´d come out, she´d say ´That wasn´t so bad, you know´ and I´d go in and I´d get all, crying and everything (chuckles) oh man….so….the old guy used to take us out in all these wrecks, you know….and one thing we wanted when we were kids was we wanted a convertible, wanted to (chuckles) we wanted a convertible so bad…..this is for anybody that drove down here in a….used car tonight (chuckles)…..”

02.07.84 Saint Paul, MN, intro to ´My Hometown´
´´Thanks…..seems, uh….seems that no matter where you….where you go or…no matter where you go or what you change into, you always, you always carry where you come from with you for the rest of your life…..”

02.07.84 Saint Paul, MN, intro to ´Pink Cadillac´
´´Easy now….now….I was watching a…..a feature on television on Sunday night…..and he said that….that the Russian infiltrators….have so weakened the morals of American society ….that by 1985….they´re planning to have sex on the streets of every streetcorner coast to coast….and the music that they´re playing to ruin the morals of an entire generation is that dirty filth, rock and roll…..”

02.07.84 Saint Paul, MN, intro to ´Bobby Jean´
´´This is for Lisa….and all, all you folks that´ve been sending the, uh…..nice letters over to the hotel, thank you very much…..”

02.07.84 Saint Paul, MN, middle of ´Rosalita´
´´Alright, ladies and gentlemen… the far left of the stage….we got a man on the piano…. not only does he play the piano good tonight but, but…..but tonight´s his birthday….happy birthday, Roy, on the piano, Mr.Roy Bittan…..back on the vocals, from Asbury Park, New Jersey…..Miss Patti Scialfa….on the drums, a best-selling author of the book called The Big Beat, the Mighty Max Weinberg….on the organ, Mr.Phantom Dan Federici…..on the bass, bringing you the thunder from down under, Mr.Garry W.Tallent…..on the guitar, won´t you welcome…..Mr.Nils Lofgren (Nils does his stunt on the trampoline)….and last but not least ….that´s right, that´s right….the master of the universe…..the king of the whole goddamn world….the one, the only, never been one like him, never ever gonna be, Mr.Clarence Clemons on the saxophone….”

02.07.84 Saint Paul, MN, intro to ´Jungleland´
´´This is for, this is for Lee and I think his name was Paul, who I met in a bookstore the other day (chuckles)….”

02.07.84 Saint Paul, MN, intro to ´Born to Run´
´´Thanks….oh, when I was a kid….I lived in a house where there wasn´t, wasn´t many books and there wasn´t many….I didn´t learn, the way they taught the things in school I didn´t seem to learn much from it and so….when I first heard rock and roll music and Elvis, the message it sent me was, uh….was kind of simple, it just kind of said ´Let freedom ring´ and….it said …..´God bless you and good luck to you´….”

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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