Story 1984-07-07 Cincinnati, OH

06.07.84 Cincinnati, OH, intro to ´Glory Days´
´´When I was 15….I used to….well, before I was 15….the only thing I wanted to do besides play the guitar was I wanted to be a baseball player…so….so like I was in like Little League and Colonial League and uh….then when I hit 15 years old, I was in this league called Babe Ruth League….and….but right about that time, when you´re 15, I kind of got interested in the guitar and the girls (chuckles)….girls, then the guitar, right (chuckles)….and, so I started to lose interest in kind of playing baseball but it wasn´t too bad because the games, the games were usually like during the weekdays around 6 o´clock and so on the weekends I used to play…play with my band but….we had this rained-out game one time and they scheduled it for like Saturday morning at 8 o´clock so I played Friday night real late, came home and I gotta confess that I was losing my commitment to the sport pretty quickly (chuckles)…. anyway….so the guys came by to pick me up and I said ´Mom, tell ´em I´m sick and I can´t go´…so like I was laying there in bed….my bed looks just like this (chuckles)….I was laying there and I heard ´em knocking on the door and you know I´m kind of embarrassed and got my head covered up, you know, but I hear ´em, she talks to ´em and they go away….and then about 20 minutes later, they come back and they say ´Mrs.Springsteen, we´ve, we´ve only got 8 guys and if Bruce doesn´t come, we´re gonna forfit the game´….oh, man….so like I hear ´em coming up the stairs and like now I gotta really make like I´m sick (coughs) ´Oh, I feel so bad´ and they´re begging me and stuff so finally I get out of bed, put on my uniform and I go down to the field….and it´s like 8.30 and they put me out in rightfield….that was ok with me (chuckles)….so I´m standing out there, I´m praying that nothing´s gonna come my way…. I don´t wanna be catching no baseball….as soon as I´m standing there, I´m…..I´m sweatting, I´m living and dying with every pitch and so pssshhh….and like here it comes and it kind of disappears into the clouds first and I´m standing there…..and it bounces off my glove and hits me in the head and I fall down….and I´m semi-conscious….I´m embarrassed too and all I hear is ´Throw it in, throw it in !´….no matter what happens to you on the baseball field, somebody´s always telling you to throw it in….anyway…I only brought this up….´cause I met this guy in a bar in Asbury Park….he was pitching that day….”

06.07.84 Cincinnati, OH, intro to ´My Hometown´
´´Oh, this next song….seems like, it seems like the older I got, the more…I used to get drawn to go back to the town I grew up in….and where you come from, I guess it never leaves you no matter how old you get or where you go….and uh….this is a song I guess about just, uh, taking on the responsobility of, uh, the place you live in….”

06.07.84 Cincinnati, OH, intro to ´Used Cars´
´´Oh, thanks, thanks….yeah, this is….everybody always remembers the first car they, they ever had….the first car I bought was in 1974….it was a 1957 Chevrolet….it had orange flames on (?)(chuckles)…I bought it for, uh, I think, 800 dollars, it´s now being sold for 10,000 dollars (chuckles)….oh man….I can remember I used to love going down to the car lot with my, with my mother, it was a family affair, my sister and me, my dad, my mom, we´d all go down and look for the car we were gonna buy….my father´d say we could get anything we wanted as long it didn´t, as long as it didn´t cost more than 300 dollars, that´s right (chuckles)….anyway….so this is to my first car, I hope it´s still running somewhere….”

06.07.84 Cincinnati, OH, intro to ´Pink Cadillac´
´´This is a song….about the redemptive powers of….sex…, supposedly way back when ….there was Adam and Eve….they were there in the Garden of Eden….she had the apple, she gave the apple to Adam, Adam took the bite and here we are….and since then….I often go to bed pondering this question….´Where would I rather be, in the Garden of Eden or on earth ?´ ….I don´t wanna offend anybody out there but I always choose earth (chuckles)….I´m an earth man, goddammit ! (chuckles)….I mean on earth….they got air-conditioning…. convertibles….cheeseburgers….Saturday night…..that´s pretty good (chuckles) but they got a lot of bad stuff too (chuckles) but there´s a lot of good stuff too (chuckles) so I just try to rethink that (?)….if we were in the Garden of Eden, Big Man couldn´t wear that suit he wears all the time (chuckles)…I figure that it had to be something like this….”

06.07.84 Cincinnati, OH, intro to ´Born to Run´
´´I´d like to thank you all for coming down to the shows we´ve done here in Cincinnati…. I wanna thank you for being such a great audience, you guys were really (?)….when I was a kid in….back in my hometown….late at night, I´d my have my radio under my pillow…and it just, it just opened my eyes to so many things….but I guess, I guess these days I feel it was saying just one, one thing to me and that was, uh….´Let freedom ring for everybody everywhere´…but remember, we gotta fight for it….”

06.07.84 Cincinnati, OH, middle of ´Detroit Medley´
´´Wait a minute….hold on….just when…, fun´s fun….but this is a little too much….I´m getting tired now….when I get tired, I get loose….and when I get loose, I do things like….this ….I got it, hold that chord a moment….now, there´s something strange going on here in Cincinnati….every time we come here, and I´m not kidding, this is one of the loudest crowds we play to the whole tour…real loud….it must be something that´s in the water, right, that´s what it is, it´s in the water….goddammit, gotta get some of that back in New Jersey ! (chuckles)….well….we had a good time….and I ain´t got but one last thing to say to you people…(?) and that´s, hey boys….that´s…..I see a train coming down the track…..”

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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