Story 1984-08-06 Brendan Byrne Arena, East Rutherford, NJ

06.08.84 East Rutherford, NJ, intro to ´´Atlantic City´´
´´All night….alright….how you doing out there tonight? (crowd cheers)….´´

06.08.84 East Rutherford, NJ, intro to ´´Open All Night´´
´´Well, there I was….I was riding alone from New York City….I´d been working all night…. it was late, it was about 3.30…..I had the window down a little bit…..there was a nice breeze coming through….and I was feeling pretty good…..I was just driving along, contemplating getting home….making myself a ham-and-cheese sandwich….kissing my girlfriend….making another ham-and-cheese sandwich….kissing my girlfriend….making another sandwich…. making another sandwich….I was humming along, now, I´m one of those people, I never get gas until I absolutely have to….I know the exact amount down from ´E´ that I can drive to….. when my gas gauge is on ´E,´ I don´t even think about it yet….I like to, I like to pass those stations by and say ´I get the next one, I get home faster if I stop at the next one´….so I was riding on, had an eye on the gas gauge, my mind was wandering and then all of a sudden I see those red lights in my rearview mirror….New Jersey highway patrol….now, I´m also one of those people that never has his wallet with him….I always leave it home….I don´t mean to, I just forget….so the trooper comes up, ´License, registration´….I did not have these in my possession….so I give him my name, he goes back to the car, he calls me back in about five minutes and he says ´Are you, are you that rock´n´roll singer?´….I said ´Yeah, yeah, that´s me´….he says ´Yeah?´ he says ´I got some of your albums home´ I say ´Yeah, you do?´ he says ´Yeah,´ he says ´Son, you´re in a lot of trouble´….(?) he said I had all these unpaid parking tickets and speeding tickets which I had already paid….but anyway, he takes me down to the station and they impound my vehicle….and as I was sitting there, I figured that this was a good time to write down the basis of my lifestory… that in case anything happened and if I died or was injured that night, you wouldn´t have to read all about this stuff in the National Enquirer….so I sat there and I said ´How did all this begin?´….
(….) So they finally let me out on my own recognicence….I was walking up the highway 4.30 in the morning, trying to catch a ride…..then I saw this little cafe….and inside there was this ….waitress and she just kind of looked at me and said….´Don´t worry, honey….´cause we´re open all night´….´´

06.08.84 East Rutherford, NJ, intro to ´´Nebraska´´
´´Oh….thanks….this is, uh…..they say that all the new, all the new technology and everything are supposed to be bringing the world….a whole lot closer to you….but, uh, it seems like there´s more people that feel isolated from their jobs and isolated from their family and community and government all the more all the time until you get, uh, you feel a certain sense of powerlessness sometimes… just explode….´´

06.08.84 East Rutherford, NJ, intro to ´´Glory Days´´
´´Oh yeah!….this is about….all those people that come up to you in a bar on the weekend….. who you ain´t seen in about ten years…..and they start telling you about what a great time they had in high school….personally, I had a terrible time in high school….I hated high school ….I don´t like high school….but I´m making up for it now….alright, are you ready, boys?….is the people ready? (crowd cheers)….´´

06.08.84 East Rutherford, NJ, intro to ´´Used Cars´´
´´Thanks….this is a song about….old cars…..´cause old cars never die, they just break down all the time (chuckles)….oh….´´

06.08.84 East Rutherford, NJ, intro to ´´My Hometown´´
´´This is….I remember when I was a kid, there used to be this park near my house….uh, it was over behind the courthouse and there used to be this monument in the middle of it and I can remember when my mother´d ask me where I was going all the time, I´d say ´Well, we´re gonna go play over, over by the monument´ and we´d go over there and I spent a lot of time over there and then, then when I was 15, I was in my first band, we had to get our….had to get out publicity pictures taken and we had, uh, we had these, these like plastic, make-believe snakeskin vests and we had these frilly shirts, uh, like the Kinks used to wear (chuckles) and…and we had all our poses down and we, we went over by the monument and we stood on it and like, you know, this….this….had to look mean all the time, that was the only, you could never smile, that was out, any pictures we found ourselves smiling, we´d throw out (chuckles) so, had to look bad (chuckles) but, uh….it wasn´t till I got pretty old that I even knew what the monument was a monument to and there had been a battle, the Battle of Monmouth, was fought just outside (?)(crowd cheers) let´s hear it for the Battle of Monmouth (chuckles) but, uh, just before we went out on tour, I went down to Washington and I saw Lincoln Memorial, which is really something to see, not far from that is the Vietnam Veterans´ Memorial….and uh….but anyway, I guess it got important to me as I got older to know, to, to know a little more about where I was coming from and where we all are coming from before I could understand and see where we´re going right now….´cause everything that happens here, happens in your name and in my name and we all kind of share the responsobility and the shame and the glory….´´

06.08.84 East Rutherford, NJ, intro to ´´Cadillac Ranch´´
´´Are you talking to me? (crowd cheers)….´´

06.08.84 East Rutherford, NJ, intro to ´´No Surrender´´
´´Thanks….oh….this, uh (?)….this is a song about trying to hold on to something….it gets harder to do….every day, in some ways….but uh….when I think about it, I always realise how lucky I am, I was….real fortunate that when I was young, I found something I liked to do, I dreamed of doing something and, and my dream came true, I guess….that´s pretty lucky (chuckles) but uh….here´s hoping yours does too….´´

06.08.84 East Rutherford, NJ, intro to ´´Pink Cadillac´´
´´Now, this is a song….about the conflict between worldly things and spiritual health…. between sexual desire….and spiritual ecstasy….between the mansion on the hill and the mansion in the sky, between the cynics and sceptics and the true believers, now what I wanna know tonight is how many out there think that if during the show - and I hope this doesn´t happen - you should die from excitement….how many of you think you´re gonna go to heaven? (crowd cheers) now, how many of you believe that if during the final moments of this evening´s performance you should pass away due to cardiac arrest, heart failure or some other fatal disease, that you´re gonna end up taking the down-elevator? (some cheers) well, now, me, personally….I know that I´m gonna go to heaven….now, the band….don´t pack your overcoat….pack your bermuda shorts (chuckles)….you see, ´cause in the beginning, there was a place called the Garden of Eden, there was a man, there was a woman, there was an apple, there was temptation, there was sin….and parked curbside, there was a pink Cadillac….´´

06.08.84 East Rutherford, NJ, intro to ´´Bobby Jean´´
´´Alright….if you´re out there with a good friend, this is for you tonight…..´´

06.08.84 East Rutherford, NJ, intro to ´´Rosalita´´
´´In a little cafe on the other side….of Hoboken…..
(….) Alright….ladies and gentlemen…..and children of all ages and everybody else too….it´s now my honor to introduce to you the members of the E Street Band….beginning with at the piano….the most intelligent man, the most educated member, a man who gave up a scholarship to Harvard University in unusual sexual practises to tour with the E Street Band this year….that´s dedication, dedication….he wrote that scientific study about the lost tribes of Hoboken, his PhD in sexual promiscuity, a man who - as life itself - is both short and sweet, and the only member with a real high school diploma…..Professor Roy Bittan….he´s got the brains, he´s got the brains…, on the bass, bringing you the thunder from down under, Mr.Garry W.Tallent….and in the back, from Long Branch, New Jersey….Miss Patti Scialfa….on the drums, author of the soon-to-be-best-selling-novel The Big Beat, the Mighty Max Weinberg…. on the organ, the inimitable, the immovable, the irreprovable, the unbelievable, the impractical, the incredible, the unfathomable, ladies and gentlemen, the original sinner, Phantom Dan Federici…..lookout, girls, he hates to be alone….and on the guitar….drumroll please….Mr.Nils Lofgren…..(Nils does his trampoline stunt)….that´s (?)…. and now, last but not least….the man….I ran out of words to describe him and as I was sitting at my desk the other night, he moved me to write this verse….´C´ is for Cool, which grows and grows….´L´ for his (?) which comes and goes….´A´ is ´cause he´s the Apple of my eye ….. ´R´ is because he´s the king of the world, he´s still just a Regular kind of guy….C, L, A,R ….´E´ is ´cause he´s Everything near and dear to me…..´N´ is ´cause there´s Nothing like him and there´s never ever gonna be….´C´ is for that C-note he owed me since 1963….´E´ is for Everything else, you put that all together, what´s that spell? (crowd: ´Clarence!´) what´s that spell? (crowd: ´Clarence!´) what´s that spell? (crowd: ´Clarence!´) my buddy, Clarence ´Big Man´ Clemons on the saxophone….I´m humbled….´´

06.08.84 East Rutherford, NJ, intro to ´´I´m A Rocker´´
´´Now, is you or is you not a rocker?….come on, everybody, clap your hands, you´re looking good, gonna sing you a song, won´t take long (?)….´´

06.08.84 East Rutherford, NJ, intro to ´´Born To Run´´
´´I´d like to thank everybody for coming down tonight…..thank you very much…..(?) when I was a kid, I heard the music of Elvis Presley coming over the little radio into my house… opened up a whole new world for me, a whole ´nother different way to, I could see the things around me and all, all it was kind of saying to me was, like, let freedom ring and so….that´s all we´re trying to do here tonight but remember you gotta fight for it every day….´´

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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