Story 1984-09-04 Worcester, MA

04.09.84 Worcester, MA, intro to ´Highway Patrolman´
´´This is uh….this is a song about, uh, about family and about duty….and, uh….sometimes it´s hard to know what the thing to, the thing to do is when it comes to somebody that you love ….”

04.09.84 Worcester, MA, intro to ´I´m Goin´Down´
´´Thanks, now….now, this next song….this is a song about, uh, kind of the rise and fall of relationships….how, you know, when you first meet somebody and you first go out, you´re holding hands every place you go and you´re kissing ´em and they´re kissing you all the time and everything they do is wonderful and everything they say is brilliant and like they come in and no matter what they´re wearing, it´s like ´Oh honey, you look so beautiful tonight´….and, you know, if you´re gonna go out to the movies, it´s like ´Well, what do you wanna see ?´, ´Oh honey, I don´t care whatever you wanna see´….´Do you wanna, you wanna go out or stay home ?´, ´Oh honey, it doesn´t matter to me just as long as I´m with you´…you know…. and you tell ´em, you tell her you love her all the time and she´s telling you she loves you, she says ´Oh, bet you said that to all your girlfriends´, you tell her yeah but you didn´t mean it….but then….but then about six months later, it´s like ´Are we gonna go out tonight or do I have to sit around here and look at your face all night ?´….´Are you gonna take me to the movies or would that break the bank ?´….boom, zoom, you know (chuckles)….ends up in a one cold hard stare…..”

04.09.84 Worcester, MA, intro to ´Glory Days´
´´Oh, this is a song….about old times….now, the older you get….the more old times you got ….I got my share….Big Man, he´s got more than me…..except he wears his so well…..but I was, I was home after the show the other night…and like after the show usually the only stuff that´s on is like ´One Step Beyond´ or ´Twilight Zone´ and I was watching this ´Twilight Zone´, it was about this actor who thought he was having such a great time when he was young and he was moaning about what his life was like now and so you know, all of a sudden…(plays a snippet of ´Outer Limits´) he went into Twilight Zone….and he goes back and everything he thought was so great wasn´t quite as great as he thought it was and, you know, he ends up wishing he was back being as old as he was so in the end he comes out and everything´s better but….why I brought this up is because I always got somebody coming up to me when I´m out in a bar or some, and they´re always going ´Bruce, I went to high school with you, remember all the great times we used to have ?´….you know, I kind of go ´Oh, oh, yeah, yeah´…then one night I kind of sat down about it and realised that I had a terrible time in high school….I hated high school…..I don´t like no high school…..when fall comes around, I´m so glad I don´t gotta go back to high school….well, anyway….this is all about….how all things must pass…..and it ain´t nothing but glory days…..”

04.09.84 Worcester, MA, intro to ´My Hometown´
‘‘This is uh….when I was a kid…..I grew up around this….it was kind of near this park and there was this big monument in the park…..I can remember….when my mother used to ask me where I was going, I would say ‘Oh, we’re gonna go play over by the monument’…and uh….then when I got my first band…..we were gonna get our publicity shots taken…..and like we went down and we got these….like, plastic snakeskin vests and frilly shirts like the Kinks used to wear…and we had our Beatle boots….and we went down to where the monument was and…..and like you know, we had our poses down and…. had to look real mean, though, if we smiled, we threw that picture out….but uh….that’s funny because I grew up around ….. (?) it wasn’t till…..I guess I got up to my late teens that I knew even what it was a monument to….there’d been a revolutionary war battle, it was fought….outside the town I grew up in….. just before this tour, I went down to Washington and….I visited the Lincoln Memorial….and the Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial….and uh…. there’s a lot of….it’s a big walk and a lot of years in-between those two places…..and uh ….(?) the drummer in my first band’s name in the stone down there…..and monuments, I guess, that’s, that’s what they’re for, so that you’ll always remember and you never forget….and this is your hometown….”

04.09.84 Worcester, MA, intro to ´No Surrender´
´´Yeah, thanks….oh…..this is….this is a song, I guess, about trying….to find something that…. you can hold on to….(?)….this is for Little Steven tonight wherever he may be….I think he´s in Europe tonight….he made a record called ´Voice of America´ which if you haven´t heard, you ought to check out….”

04.09.84 Worcester, MA, intro to ´Pink Cadillac´
´´Take it easy now, boys….now, this is a song….about the conflict …..between worldly things and spiritual health….between desires of the flesh….and spiritual ecstasy …. now you may ask when did this conflict begin ?…..well, it began in the beginning in….when there was a place called the Garden of Eden….now, the Garden of Eden was originally thought to be in the Middle East somewhere ….but the latest theological studies have found out that its actual location was ten miles south of Jersey City, off Route 35… an area now occupied by Happy Dan´s Celebrity Used Car Lot….you´re gonna read this in the papers any day now…. now before the tour I made a spiritual journey to Happy Dan´s where he explained to me, he said ´Son, in the beginning God made the heavens and the earth and He sat back and said ´This is good´….and on the First Day, He grew hot so He made air-conditioning….and the Lord sat and back and said ´This is good´…. on the Second Day, He grew hungry and He created the cheeseburger….and the Lord sat back and said ´This is good´ ….on the Third Day, He grew bored and created rock´n´roll…. and the Lord sat back and said ´This is good´…on the Fourth Day, He grew Italian and He made pizza pie and the the Lord sat back and said ´This is good´ and then on the Fifth Day, which was the weekend and for the rest of the time, He wanted to take his baby for a drive…so He created the pink Cadillac….and the Lord sat back and said ´This is wild´….”

04.09.84 Worcester, MA, intro to ´Born to Run´
´´Thanks, I´d like to take a minute and thank everybody for coming down to the show tonight ….I know sometimes you gotta wait a long time for tickets and stuff and I want you to know that we appreciate it….this is uh….I guess when I was a kid, the first thing that seemed to make any impression on me or meant anything to me was when I heard the music of Elvis Presley and uh…and I guess the main thing it did it just kind of set my mind free a little bit to dream about things, to think the things that normally might not´ve come my way and uh, I´ve been real lucky, I get to live a little bit of my dream every night so (chuckles) so….here´s hoping, uh, here´s hoping you get to live a little piece of yours…..”

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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