Story 1984-09-07 Hartford, CT

07.09.84 Hartford, CT, intro to 'Highway Patrolman'
'Yeah…you guys can sit down over there, we're gonna be playing a long time. Those folks behind you can see…yeah that's good, that's good, alright. Yeah…this is a song, uh, kind of about…conflict between duty and family.

07.09.84 Hartford, CT, intro to ‘I’m Goin’Down’
‘This, uh….this next song, this is kind of about the….I guess, the rise and fall of relationships, kind of how quickly sometimes the blush goes off the rose (?)….it’s like, you know, when you first meet somebody, you’re holding hands every place you go….. you´re kissing ‘em all the time….anything they say is brilliant and you know like if you’re gonna, if you’re gonna go out, ‘Honey, you wanna go out tonight or you wanna stay home?’, ‘Oh, honey, I don´t care just as long as I’m with you’….you go to the movies, ‘What movie do you wanna see ?’ ‘Oh honey, anything you wanna see’….and how like, you know, you´re fooling around with ‘em all the time, you can´t keep your hands off ‘em and she goes ‘Honey, not again !’….‘I can’t help it, you just get me so excited!’….you know….you know, you´re telling ‘em you love ‘em all the time and they love you and they say ‘Oh, I know you said that to all your girlfriends’, you say ‘Yeah, but I didn’t mean it’ ….but, but then…but then you come back about four or five months later and you hear ‘Are you gonna take me out tonight or do I have to sit here and look at your face ?’…’Are you gonna make love to me tonight or are we waiting for the full moon again ?’….these things happen (chuckles)….love, how fleeting, how fleeting….anyway, usually in the end ….I could always tell ‘cause in the end it always boils down to just kind of you´re sitting there and she´s sitting there, it’s just a cold hard stare….ends up kind of like….”

07.09.84 Hartford, CT, intro to ‘My Hometown’
‘‘This is uh…..I remember when I was growing up….I lived by this park….and in the park there was a….there was this monument…and I kind of grew up around it ever since, you know, since I was a little, little kid….and I’d tell my mother where we were going and….. tell her we were going over to play by the monument….then when I was in my first band, we had to get our….publicity pictures taken….and we all went out and we got these uniforms, kind of like, uh, these plastic snakeskin vests and….we tried to straighten our hair so we´d like Brian Jones (chuckles)….and uh…we went down to the monument, got our pictures taken, you know, doing all the kind of standard band poses (?)….and you couldn´t smile, if you smiled, the picture was no good, you know (chuckles)….but uh…. it’s funny ‘cause I kind of grew up around it my whole life, I never knew what the monument was a monument to…ended up there was a Revolutionary War battle fought….. just outside of my hometown….but uh…..before this tour I went down to Washington and I visited the Lincoln Memorial and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial….and there’s a lot of ….there´s a lot of years and a long walk in between those two places….and uh….I guess those monuments, they´re there so that you’ll always remember….so that you’ll never forget….that this is your hometown….”

07.09.84 Hartford, CT, intro to ‘Pink Cadillac’
‘Now, this is a song….about the conflict….between worldly things and spiritual health…. between desires of the flesh…..and spiritual ecstasy….now, where did this conflict begin? …well, it began in the beginning in the place called the Garden of Eden….it was kind of like an outside (?)….now, originally the Garden of Eden was believed to be located in the Middle East but the latest theological studies have found that its actual location was ten miles south of Jersey City, just off the New Jersey Turnpike… an area now occupied by Happy Dan’s Celebrity Used Car Lot…, before we started the tour, I made a spiritual journey to Happy Dan’s and he explained to me that, he said ‘Son, if you wanna know how all this started….you see, in the beginning the Lord created the heavens and the earth and He sat back and said ‘This is good’….and then on the 2nd day, He grew hot and He created air-conditioning….and the Lord sat back and said ‘This is good’…on the 3rd day, He grew hungry and He created the cheeseburger and and the Lord sat back and said ‘This is good’…on the 4th day, He created rock and roll and and the Lord sat back and said ‘This is good’….on the 5th day, He grew Italian, He created pizza pie and and the Lord sat back and said ‘This is good’…and then on the weekend the Lord grew bored, He wanted to take his baby for a drive so He created the pink Cadillac…..and the Lord sat back and said ‘This….is….wild’….”

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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