Story 1985-04-10 Tokyo, Japan

10.04.85 Tokyo, Japan, intro to ´´Atlantic City´´
´´It´s nice to be in Tokyo….oh, I….I grew up on….the seashore, on the coast….was a very, kind of rundown little town….and hard times, very hard times, uh….they brought in gambling, legalised gambling down, about 70 miles south….and now you have big….golden casinos a block away from the slums….and the mafia fighting for control….so this is ´Atlantic City´….´´

10.04.85 Tokyo, Japan, intro to ´´The River´´
´´When I was young….my father would come home from work….and he would sit in the kitchen and, uh….with a six-pack of beer….and, uh, he´d sit there all night long waiting for me and my sister to come in….he´d lock up the frontdoor so we´d have to come in around the side and sometimes if, if you came home too late, you were better off waiting till the morning and I used to sleep, uh, I had a sleeping bag I used to keep out on the edge of these woods, sometimes I´d sleep out there or in some of my friends´ cars….or, uh, on somebody´s porch….now when I go home, I go back to those places ´cause they seem more like my own to me than my own house sometimes and uh….this is a song, everybody needs some place to go when they can´t go home….´´

10.04.85 Tokyo, Japan, intro to ´´Glory Days´´
(after the singalong) ´´That´s good…..that´s better than New Jersey….this is a song about growing old….growing up….how time sneaks up on you….now, a certain amount of time has snuck up on me….but more time has snuck up on the Big Man….but as you can see, he has maintained his youthful beauty….no doubt about it….and this is the thing about how all things must pass…..and in the end it ain´t nothing but glory days….´´

10.04.85 Tokyo, Japan, intro to ´´My Hometown´´
´´This, uh….this next song is….about, uh, I guess, when I was young and growing up, there was a…I went through a part of my life where I wanted to get away from the town I grew up in, get away from the people that I´d known there, I thought that I´d go away and I´d never feel lonely again for my family and my friends that lived there….and for a little while that happened….but as I grew older, I started to go back, I´d get home from the road, get in my car and drive back down the streets I grew up on, go see my old friends, see what their lives were like and I realised that the place where you´re raised never leaves you, it´s always in your blood so what I wanna say is… (speaks Japanese)….from my hometown to yours….´´

10.04.85 Tokyo, Japan, beginning of ´´Thunder Road´´
(after the singalong) ´´Oh, you talking to me? (chuckles)…´´

10.04.85 Tokyo, Japan, intro to ´´I´m on Fire´´
´´I always remember…my father telling me that I wasn´t gonna ever amount to anything….he´d sit at the kitchen table and think about all the things that he didn´t have, that he wasn´t ever gonna have ….until he got you thinking that way too…I´d stand down on the corner watching the girls in the cars….until….you felt like you were just gonna….you felt like someday you were just gonna…. like you were just gonna….´´

10.04.85 Tokyo, Japan, intro to ´´Pink Cadillac´´
´´Now wait a minute here….this is a song about the conflict….between worldly things and spiritual health….between desires of the flesh….sexual desire….and spiritual ecstasy….now, where did this conflict begin?….in the beginning….in a place called the Garden of Eden …now in the Garden of Eden, there was Adam, there was Eve and she looked so fine….there was temptation, yuuwaku…. there was sin, sumi…..there was an apple, ringo….and man….there was a pink Cadillac too….´´

10.04.85 Tokyo, Japan, intro to ´´Racing in the Street´´
´´I remember it was right around….the end of summer….when the weather was very warm in the daytime and very cool at night….and I´d bought this old Camaro for 500 dollars….and at night I used to put on a couple of t-shirts, a leather jacket and I´d lock up my house and put the top down and drive down along the coast at the end of summer….and there was this place where we´d all meet on the weekends, it was down by, it was this little strip off the river and, uh….we´d all just go there and talk, sit around, drink some beer…and that was where I first met her…and we started to go out together and at first it´s like, like it always is when you first start going out with somebody, everything is fun….but time passes….and we started to talk less, she would wanna stay home at night and she started to hide my keys so I couldn´t take the car out…it got hard to understand because once I knew….when we were such good friends….and that she understood that when I won, it was the only time I, I felt like something was happening to me….I felt something inside…. in my heart…..and that to have just one thing that you do that makes you feel proud of yourself…. that´s not too much for anybody to ask, anywhere…. (….) Well, that was the night that we….packed up our bags and, and left….we still don´t know where we´re going yet, but I guess that´ll come in time….´cause sometimes it seems like time gets running so short on you….like it´s gonna run out….run out on you….before you get where you wanna go….there´s not much you can do but keep going….and keep searching….and keep going… and keep going….´´

10.04.85 Tokyo, Japan, intro to ´´Born to Run´´
´´Thank you….I would like to thank everybody for coming down to our first show in Tokyo….we appreciate it and we appreciate the support that you´ve shown our band over the past ten years when we haven´t been able to get here… (?) domo arrigato….´´

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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