Story 1985-06-04 Newcastle, England

04.06.85 Newcastle, England, intro to ´´Johnny 99´´
´´Hello…nice to be back in England (chuckles)….´´

04.06.85 Newcastle, England, intro to ´´Atlantic City´´
´´About 50 miles south of where I grew up, they brought in, uh….legalised gambling to try and bring their city back to life….now there´s big gold casinos….a block in from, from the projects….here´s ´Atlantic City´….´´

04.06.85 Newcastle, England, intro to ´´The River´´
´´Thanks….I remember when I was growing up….my old man used to sit in the kitchen every night, he´d come home from work, go right to the kitchen, my mother´d come in and fix him his dinner and he wouldn´t move from the seat all night long, he´d just sit there….and he´d have all the lights out, he wouldn´t like any of us turning the lights on downstairs at night, he´d sit there smoking a cigarette, drinking a beer….and, uh, I remember my mother´d be in the livingroom watching television and she´d have like on, uh, those curlers, pink curlers, like all the ladies used to wear and slippers with big flowers on the toes, you know (chuckles)(?) and my old man used to lock up the frontdoor so he´d always know what time me and my sister was coming in, we used to have to come in around the kitchen….and if you were gonna come in too late, sometimes you were better off staying out, waiting for him to have a chance to sleep a little bit and coming in in the morning….so I used to keep this sleeping bag stashed kind of under somebody´s porch and sometimes if I was really late, I´d pull it out and I´d sleep on a friend of mine´s porch or sleep in somebody´s car….and now sometimes when I go home, them places seem more like my home than my house did to me when I was growing up and, uh, this song is everybody needs some place to go on those nights when they can´t go home….´´

04.06.85 Newcastle, England, intro to ´´Glory Days´´
´´Now, this is a song about….old times….(?) it´s like this nostalgic, it´s sentimental….the older I get the more sentimental I get….I was sentimental when I was young too (chuckles) but this is like when you go out on a Friday night to a bar or something, there´s always somebody that comes up to you who you kind of recognise….´Bruce, Bruce, remember me? ….remember me? high school! back in high school? remember the guy, the guy that dumped the pizza pie on your shirt in study hall? yeah, that´s me! that was me, yeah, how you doing, great to see you´….and they´re always telling you what a great time you had in high school and stuff….like I remember like I hated high school when I was there….couldn´t stand no high school!….didn´t like no high school!….I´m still glad like I don´t have to do no more homework and stuff, I´m 35 (chuckles) it´s still fun when 8 o´clock comes around and I don´t have to look at ´em books….in high school I was only interested in two things, one was playing the guitar….and the other one was….you know, that one, that one….now, of the two, the guitar was the only one I became good at!….that´s why the show is so long - ´cause the other thing happens so fast all the time! (chuckles)….but I´m still looking for some volunteers ….who wanna practise, practise, practise, oh! no, I can´t, I´m married now, I can´t, no more volunteers, no more volunteers (chuckles) alright, you ready, Big Man?…anyway, in the end it ain´t nothing but glory days….and all things must pass….´´

04.06.85 Newcastle, England, intro to ´´My Hometown´´
´´This is a song, I guess I wrote, uh….I was living in California for a while and, uh….I was thinking back to the town I grew up in….I remember when I was 17, 18, I couldn´t wait till I got out of there, I used to get on the bus every weekend and go to New York City, go up to the Village….you could breathe a little freer up there than you could where I lived in the late 60´s….and, uh, I was sure that when I got out of there, I´d never miss the place, I´d never wanna go back, I wouldn´t miss my folks, I got a chance to go on the road when I was 19 and for a long time I didn´t miss anything, I never missed my parents or wondered what my friends were doing….as I got older, I started to come back home, I´d get in my car and I´d drive back down the streets I grew up on, I caught up with some of my old friends to see what their lives had turned out like and I watched the town that they still lived in fall, fall apart around ´em….and I guess this is a song about belonging someplace….no matter where you go or what you become or what happens to you, it´s always in your blood….so this is from my hometown to your hometown…..´´

04.06.85 Newcastle, England, intro to ´´I´m on Fire´´
´´I remember my dad…always sitting around thinking about all the things he wasn´t ever gonna have….day after day….till he´d get you thinking that way too….and I remember standing down on the corner….watching the girls in the cars go by….coming home, laying in bed….staring at the ceiling….and feel….feeling like someday I was just gonna….like someday I was just gonna….´´

04.06.85 Newcastle, England, intro to ´´Pink Cadillac´´
´´Well, alright….wait a minute now….I´m still thinking….now, this is a song about the conflict…..between worldly things and spiritual health….between desires of the flesh…. sexual desire….and spiritual ecstasy…oh yeah….it´s about temptation….who out there hasn´t been tempted? I gotta have it, I want it….but where did all this conflict begin?….well, it began in the beginning in a place called the Garden of Eden….now, the Garden of Eden was originally believed to have been located in Mesopotamia….but its actual location - and you´re gonna be reading about this in the newspapers any day - was ten miles south of Jersey City, off the New Jersey Turnpike….now, in the Garden of Eden, there were none of the accoutrements of modern living….you couldn´t go home and crawl up in a nice, soft, little bed, put your head on a little pillow and put the little Pop-Tarts in the toaster and watch tv…. you couldn’t go out on to the highway and buy a cheeseburger, no Sir!….man, in the Garden of Eden there wasn´t no sin….and there wasn´t no sex either… lived in a state of innocence….now, when it comes to no sex, I prefer the state of guilt that I constantly live in ….but to make a long story short….over here you´ve got the kingdom (chuckles) and over there you´ve got devious sexual practises….over here you´ve got the pearly gates….and over there you´ve got the pink Cadillac….´´

04.06.85 Newcastle, England, middle of ´´Rosalita´´
´´Alright….ladies and gentlemen…. children of all ages….all you English people out there…. any Scottish people out there? (cheering) alright (chuckles) on the piano, Professor Roy Bittan….on the vocals, Miss Patti Scialfa….on the drums, the Mighty Max Weinberg….on the organ, Phantom Dan Federici….on the bass guitar, Mr.Garry W.Tallent….on the guitar, the incredible Mr.Nils Lofgren….and on the saxophone….weighing in at 265 pounds….the handsomest man….the biggest man you´ve ever seen, Clarence Big Man Clemons….´´

04.06.85 Newcastle, England, intro to ´´Born to Run´´
´´Thanks….I´d like to just take a minute and thank everybody for coming down to the show tonight, thank you very much….yes, oh….it´s been a while since we played at the Town Hall? City Hall?….oh….I also….I´d like to thank all of youse for supporting the band over the years when we haven´t been able to get over here that much….we appreciate it so….uh, here´s to you….´´

04.06.85 Newcastle, England, intro to ´´Ramrod´´
´´Now we begin….´´

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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