Story 1985-06-18 Munich, Germany

18.06.85 Munich, Germany, intro to ´´Atlantic City´´
´´Here´s a song about….gangwars in Southern New Jersey….´´

18.06.85 Munich, Germany, intro to ´´Shut Out the Light´´
´´Thank you….this is, uh….back in, uh, it was in late 70´s….I was driving with a friend of mine through Phoenix, Arizona…and uh, I stopped to find something to read….and I found this book called Born on the Fourth of July….and it was a story of a Vietnam Veteran…. named Ron Kovic….he went away to war and came home to find that his home wasn´t there any more….and uh….we drove on to Los Angeles and I was staying in this little motel….and I was swimming in the pool, there was a fellow sitting in a wheelchair underneath an umbrella, I had the book and I got out and he said ´Man, I wrote that book´…and this is a story about coming home….it´s called ´Shut Out the Lights´….´´

**18.06.85 Munich, Germany, end of ´´Working on the Highway´´ **
´´Come on, Sarge….man, gimme some water….working all day long….man, I need something to drink….Big Man, come on and bring me a little water now, man….I want you to bring me a little water…´´

**18.06.85 Munich, Germany, intro to ´´Glory Days´´ **
´´This is a song about….getting old….yeah, man….I mean getting old….like I´m old now, I´m 35…you don´t think that´s old, wait till you get there….now, the Big Man, he´s older than me ….but, but as you can see, he hasn´t lost any of his youthful beauty….he´s still handsome….I don´t feel that old, I feel about….135 or something (chuckles) but this is a song about how you go out into a bar or like you go to one of those, those bars that you guys have here with them beers the size of your head….man, how do you drink them things all the time ? (chuckles) I had about three and I was like ´Oh´….anyway, you go out to, you go out to a bar and somebody comes up to you and always says like ´Remember me, we went to school together ?´….they try to tell you what a great time you had back in school….like I hated school !….I didn´t like no school….didn´t wanna do no homework…..yeah, in school I was just interested in two things….one was the guitar….and the other one was….now, the guitar was the one that I became good at….the other one I´m still practising, practising, practising ….I´m gonna get it down this year, get it perfect (chuckles) anyway, in the end, Big Man, it ain´t nothing but glory days, right….´´

18.06.85 Munich, Germany, intro to ´´My Hometown´´
´´This is a song….I guess it´s about growing up….I remember when I was in my teens….I always felt like I wanted, I didn´t want anything to tie me down….I always wanted to feel like….like I could go anyplace I wanted to whenever I wanted to….I remember I hated the little town I grew up in, couldn´t wait to get out and, uh….and I was lucky in that I, I got to go out on the road and travel a lot….and for a long time I didn´t….I didn´t, uh, I didn´t miss it very much at all….but uh….as I got older, I started to go home and I´d drive down the streets of the town I grew up in….I´d look up some of my old friends and see what their, their lives had become….and I watched parts of my town fall apart….and I guess when I was a kid I was afraid of belonging to something, if you belong to something, that means you got some sort of responsobility to it….and it´s hard to face up to the responsobility of your hometown ….anyway, I´d like to do this song von Meiner Heimestadt an Eure Heimestadt, from my hometown to your hometown….´´

18.06.85 Munich, Germany, intro to ´´I´m on Fire´´
´´I remember…that at night….my father used to sit in the kitchen….and wait for me to come home….and I can remember it was like he was always mad at me….he was always so angry …I couldn´t figure out what, what it was that I´d done…it was like it was for nothing….and I´d watch him sitting there like he was just wasting away….thinking ´bout everything he wasn´t gonna have….until he´d get me thinking like that too….and I´d lay in bed….and I´d feel like….like if something didn´t happen….I felt like I was just gonna….like I was just gonna….like someday I was just gonna….´´

18.06.85 Munich, Germany, middle of ´´Rosalita´´
´´Alright…ladies and gentlemen…children of all ages….all you Bavarian people out there…it´s time to introduce the members of the E Street Band….beginning….to the left of the stage….on the piano….the smartest man in show business….you may be familiar with his theory of promiscuity, the incredible, the undefinable, with an I.Q of 435….I mean 325….how ´bout 110 ?….80 ? oh! Professor Roy Bittan on the piano…what a brain!….on the vocals, an alumni of Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes, Miss Patti Scialfa….on the drums, the Mighty Max Weinberg….on the organ, Phantom Dan Federici….on the bass guitar, Mr.Garry W.Tallent….and on the guitar….Mr.Nils Lofgren….and last but not least….in this corner, weighing in at 365 pounds and 7 foot 10 inches tall, the biggest man, the handsomest man you´ve ever seen, ladies and gentlemen, gimme a C-L-A-R-E-N-C-E, what´s that spell ? (crowd: ´Clarence´) what´s that spell ? (crowd: ´Clarence´) what´s that spell ? (crowd: ´Clarence´) Clarence Big Man Clemons on the saxophone….´´

18.06.85 Munich, Germany, intro to ´´Can´t Help Falling in Love with You´´
´´Thank you, danke schon, thank you….thanks….this song, uh….this is, uh….a song that, uh ….I guess when I was, I was 26, we played in Memphis….it was on the ´Born to Run´-tour… and uh….I had a taxi cab driver take me out to Elvis Presley´s house….and it was very late, very early in the morning and I got out and I stood in front of the gates and I looked in and I saw a light in the window….and I thought for sure that, that Elvis must be up reading or watching television….and I jumped up over the wall and I started to run towards the frontdoor….and uh….I got to the frontdoor and guards came out and they asked me what I wanted and I said ´Is Elvis home?´…and uh, they said ´No, he´s not home right now´….I told ´em that I was a guitar player, that I had my own band, that we played in town that night and that, uh, I guess, Elvis was my inspiration….and I told ´em I had my picture on the cover of Time and Newsweek (chuckles) you know….I did once too! (laughs) but they didn´t believe me (chuckles) they didn´t believe me and they took me and put me back out on the street…. but, uh, it wasn´t too long after that a friend of mine called me and told me that Elvis had died, and it was hard to understand ´cause he was so young….it was hard to figure how somebody whose music had taken away so many people´s loneliness and given people a reason for living and….could´ve died so, so tragically and so lonely, anyway, this is my favorite Elvis´ song and this is for Eva and Fritz, Jackie and Jimmy and this for all you guys out there, I wish you all the longest life with the best of everything….´´

18.06.85 Munich, Germany, end of ´´Ramrod´´
´´We ain´t done yet….I´m just getting going now, baby….´´

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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