Story 1985-07-06 London, England

06.07.85 London, England, intro to ´Seeds´
´´Now when you….travel down through Texas….down through the Southwest….a lot of people came down there from up north, the Midwest, Detroit….looking for work in the oil fields and in the oil refineries….and when the price of oil dropped, they started shutting them all down, people´d come down there with everything that they had, their wives, their kids, they had no jobs, no place to go, nowhere to sleep….they´d be sleeping in tents pitched out on the highway or in their cars…..this is called ´Seeds´….”

06.07.85 London, England, intro to ´Highway Patrolman´
´´Oh….this is a song about, uh….I guess the conflict between what your heart tells you to do and….what your duty is sometimes….”

06.07.85 London, England, end of ´Working on the Highway´
´´Man, it´s hot out here… that hot sun beating down on my back…..(?) I need some water, man….I´m telling you I need some water….”

06.07.85 London, England, end of ´Darlington County´
´´He got arrested for, uh….drunken disorderly, resisting arrest….failure to give a good account of himself….and impersonating a human being….”

06.07.85 London, England, intro to ´Glory Days´
´´(after the singalong) Sound good….alright (crowd: ´Alright´) Wo ! (crowd: ´Wo !´) sssh ! (crowd: ´Sssh !´) wait a minute now (crowd: ´Wait a minute now´) no, no, not now (crowd: ´No, no, not now´) wha, now wait just minute (crowd: ´Wait just a minute´) you´re messing with me now (chuckles)(crowd chuckles) well, this is a song about getting old now (crowd: ´Well, this is a song about getting old now´) that´s right (crowd: ´That´s right´) you´re gonna be getting old pretty soon (crowd: ´You´re gonna be getting old pretty soon´) Now, Roy just turned 36….that´s over the hill (crowd: ´That´s over the hill´) I´m 35….I can still live….I´ve got my whole life ahead of me….try this (chuckles)(crowd: ´Try this´)….”

06.07.85 London, England, intro to ´My Hometown´
´´Oh, this is uh….wrote this song, I was living in California for a little while….I hadn´t been home in a long time, I was thinking back to my town…..and uh, what was going on there, wondered what had happened to my old friends, what their lives´d become like….. and uh….for a long time I remember I didn´t wanna feel like I was a part of that place at all, you know….it is uh….I guess, I bought a house and….it had a flagpole out in front and I remember I´d sit out there and I´d try to decide whether to raise a flag or not….because I felt so many….so one morning I got up and I went out there and I put it up….and uh, this is a song about responsobility, taking some responsobility for what happens underneath the flag that you live…´s hard to do because there´s a lot of things that happen, I know, back in my hometown that I´m ashamed of and there´s things that I´m proud of….and uh ….you gotta live with the both of them and do the best that you can, do the best that you can for the folks around you, I guess that´s what growing up´s all about….anyway, this is from my hometown to your hometown…..”

06.07.85 London, England, intro to ´I´m on Fire´
´´I remember….my old man sitting in the kitchen at night waiting for me to come in…..and he´d call me back to sit down and talk to him…..and we´d both end up just sitting there across the table…..not saying nothing…..he´d be sitting there thinking about everything that….he wasn´t ever gonna have….until he´d get me thinking like that too….and I can remember laying up in bed….feeling like I was just gonna….like if something didn´t happen that someday I was just gonna…..feeling like I was just….just gonna…..”

06.07.85 London, England, middle of ´Rosalita´
´´Alright, ladies and gentlemen….boys and girls…..children of all ages….and all you English people out there….it´s time to introduce the E Street Band….to my left, on the piano, a man that gave up a scholarship to Oxford University…to join the European tour with the E Street Band….he gave up higher education for rock´n´roll dedication…. ´Professor´ Roy Bittan on the piano….on the vocals, Miss Patti Scialfa….on the drums, the Mighty One, ´Mighty´ Max Weinberg….on the organ, the mysterious one,´Phantom´ Dan Federici….on the bass, the man that brings you thunder from down under, Mr.Garry W. Tallent….on the guitar, Nils Lofgren… know who I´m talking about now….ladies and gentlemen, this next man… known around the world as the master of the universe…..
the king of the world….the emperor of everything…..but these titles do not do him justice ….in this corner, weighing in at 265 pounds, the undefeated champion of the world….
gimme a C…L…A….R….E….N…C…E, what´s that spell ?….what´s that spell ?….who´s that man ?…..Clarence ´Big Man´ Clemons on the saxophone….”

06.07.85 London, England, intro to ´Can´t Help Falling in Love with You´
´´Thank you, thanks a lot….this is uh….this is our last show here in London and I´d like to just take a minute and thank everybody for coming down tonight, for coming down to the other two shows we´ve done here…..I just wanna say you´ve been great to us, you know, you´re a great crowd (chuckles) and I´d also like to thank you for the support that you´ve shown our band over the past ten years….when we haven´t gotten over here as often as we´d liked….this was, uh, I remember coming here when I was, I guess I was 25 the first time I ever came here….a long time ago (chuckles) it seems like….but uh….I´d like to do this song for youse, this is one of my favorite Elvis songs….and uh….well, whenever we come back to London here, it´s always kind of…..I guess when I was, about ten years ago I had a real important moment here that I learned a lot from (chuckles) and lived to tell the tale (chuckles) but uh….anyway, I´d like to do this song for you, this is an Elvis song, back when, back in ´76, we were traveling in the States on the…..´Born to Run´-tour….we were playing in Memphis and we´d never been to Memphis before and we played in this little auditorium and me and my guitar player, Steve, we were…..we were sitting around the hotel, it was late, late at night and we called a taxi to come and take us out to Elvis´ house… the cab came and he drove us out to Graceland and it was about 3.30 in the morning and we got out and we stood in front of those gates with the guitar players on the front….and when we looked in, we could see a light on in the second story window and it seemed like it was so close, I said ´Steve´, I said ´Man, I gotta, I gotta try it´ and he says ´Ok´, I jumped up over the wall and I jumped down on the other side and I started running up the driveway towards the house…..and uh…..I don´t know what I was gonna say, you know, like if Elvis came to the door in his bathrobe or something (chuckles) what are you gonna….but I got to the door and I was about to knock and a guard came out and he asked me what I wanted and I said ´Is Elvis home ?´ and he said ´No, no, Elvis is in Lake Tahoe´ so I tried to tell him that I was a guitar player too and that I had my own band and that we played in town that night and I remember that I told him that I had my picture on the cover of Time and Newsweek (chuckles) and uh (chuckles) trying to pull out everything I could but….I don´t think he believed me and he took me by the arm and he brought me back out onto the street…..and I never got to meet Elvis so it wasn´t too long after that that a friend of mine called up and told me that he´d died…..and uh….I can remember thinking how it was hard to understand how somebody whose music came in and took away so many people´s loneliness and gave you such a feeling for living and such a feeling for the promise of life could´ve died as tragically as he did, you know….and uh….I guess, uh….I guess it´s easy, it´s easy to let the best of yourself slip away….but uh, I´d like to do this song for you wishing all of youse the longest life with the best of everything you can get your hands on…..”

06.07.85 London, England, intro to ´Street Fighting Man´
´´Alright, this is especially for London…..”

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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