Story 1985-09-24 Denver, CO

24.09.85 Denver, CO, intro to ´Seeds´
´´When we were down….in Houston, Texas, on the….first part of our American tour….we´d see a lot of folks down there that´d come from the Northeast….out of Youngstown, out of Pittsburg….out of Detroit….that´d gone down South looking for work in the oil fields or in the oil rigs….but when they got down there, the price of oil dropped….they´d end up down there with their wives and their kids….and everything they had, with no work, no place to go, sleeping in tents on the side of the highway….or sleeping in their cars at night….with nothing to do but move on….This is called ´Seeds´….”

24.09.85 Denver, CO, intro to ´Used Cars´
´´Thanks….singing in (chuckles)….yeah….this is, uh, when I was a kid….it was always a big deal (?) once a year my Pop´d go down to the used car lot….and uh….pick out a new car…. so he could have anything….as long as it was under 200 dollars, I guess….and uh… was the only time I think that me and my sister used to get together on anything, we used to fight all the time….and she was always like, she was always a year younger from me and uh….but she always did everything first, you know, like, uh….uh, like she threw away her bottle first and stuff (chuckles)….(?) but this time of year we´d always, we´d always get together and we´d start begging my Dad for a convertible….and we used to have that whine that kids have, we used to have it down perfectly, ´Please, Daddy, please, we´ll be good for the rest of the year´….there´s two things that, two things every kid knows is how to whine like that and that exact spot in the backseat where no matter what they do when you´re driving you can´t reach ´em….(chuckles) he used to have a fit….but uh….anyway….my Dad just had his birthday, he turned 61….finally got a convertible too (chuckles)….yeah….here we go….”

24.09.85 Denver, CO, intro to ´I´m Goin´Down´
´´Oh, this next song is a song about the vicissitudes of love….is there anybody in love out there tonight ? (cheers)….(?)….”

24.09.85 Denver, CO, intro to ´Glory days´
´´I gotta slow down now, man….I´m gettíng up there….had my birthday yesterday…. wanna thank everybody for all ´em birthday presents I got backstage….yeah, 36….but I feel good ….man, yes indeed, bring it down, guys….now, I´m always glad to get my birthday over, you know….like, every year it starts coming around, I start looking in the mirror for them wrinkles and to…see if I still got my hair….but now like the Big Man, he´s always my inspiration, you know, ´cause he´s 44….yeah and like, Clint Eastwood, he´s in his fifties, man, Clint Eastwood, he´s in his fifties….and Paul Newman, he´s 60 years old….yeah, I got a little time left, what do you say ? Yeah ? I mean….I mean, uh, I got a little bit left (?)…. anyway, here´s to anybody my age out there….are you out there, my brothers and sisters ?…. alright, ´cause in the end anyway ….it ain´t nothing but glory days….and besides tonight I feel very young….that´s right, last night too….”

24.09.85 Denver, CO, intro to ´My Hometown´
´´Thank you, uh….when I was growing up, I always remember….how I grew up in a real small town, about 10,000 people, I guess….and a real small-minded kind of place….and I remember thinking that….I could wait to get out of there….and uh….finally I got to be about, I got, I turned 18 or 19, I….I got a chance to travel around on the road and….and for a long time I didn´t miss it….I guess I did never really expect to….but as I got a little older I´d find myself coming home and getting in my car….and driving down the streets that I grew up on ….past the houses that I used to live….I´d see the lights on at night and I´d wonder who lived in there now, what their lives were like….looking up some of my old friends….and uh…..I guess everybody kind of has a love-hate relationship with the place that they´re raised….but in the end, uh….I guess where we grow up and how we grow up and the people we grow up with stay with us forever, forever remains in our blood….and as I got older I realised that one of the things I think I was afraid of when I was young was I was afraid of admitting that I belonged to anyplace or to anybody….´cause if you say you belong someplace, that means you´ve got some responsobility to it….but it´s kind of funny ´cause every place we go, I was telling the folks last night that whenever you mention the name of that place people cheer like crazy….(?) we´ll give it a try, alright….Denver (cheers) Colorado (cheers) that works all the time (chuckles) that happens every place, everywhere you go….I got to thinking about it and I realised that I guess people cheer when they hear the name of their hometown because they´re proud of where they come from…..and if you say, guess if you say you´re a Coloradan, that means you´ve got some responsobility to….to Colorado…and tonight in the audience we´ve got some representatives from the Colorado Food Clearing House…..that’s a foodbank and they also serve, uh, work with foodbanks in Boulder, in Cheyenne in Wyoming….and Colorado Springs….in Fort Collins….(?)….and what a foodbank does is every year 20 percent of all the food that gets produced in the United States ends up getting wasted or thrown away and meanwhile in every city and in every town there’s old folks whose social security checks don’t get ‘em through the month, they have to decide between buying medicine and food, there’s single mothers raising their kids on their own, there´s people that been hit hard by unemployment…..there´s kids that ain’t getting the right nutritious kind of food….and a foodbank gets that food that would normally be wasted and gets it out to the agencies that serve those people…..and uh….I guess what I´m trying to say is that these are the folks that are out there every day in the real life making some of these ideas that I´m singing about tonight a reality….without them what I´m doing up here don´t amount to much more than words so….I guess what I´m trying to say is that the foodbank here in Denver, they need volunteers, they need financial support and tonight when you go out into the lobby you´ll see a phone number for the foodbank that´s nearest you….and uh, you can write it down, they will be nobody collecting money out there tonight so if one of your neighbors happens to ask for a donation keep your money in your pockets (chuckles) but uh, the phone number will be out there so get it, write down and if you get a chance, give ´em a call, find out what they´re about and do something for Denver, do something for Colorado and do something for yourself too….´cause in the end this is your hometown…..”

24.09.85 Denver, CO, intro to ´I´m on Fire´
´´I remember….my folks always working so hard when I was a kid… I remember my Mom getting up early in the morning….and going to work….and I remember when she´d come home at night, she´d always bring me some, some, like, a little present or something….I remember going down, her going down to the finance man…..borrowing money for Christmas and getting it paid off just in time to borrow money for Easter….and getting it paid off just in time to buy school clothes for us….and then….it seemed like it never bothered her, she never let on like it did, but I remember it bothered my Dad….and he´d sit in the kitchen at night….and he looked like he was dying….and as I got older I remember feeling like there was something….something dying inside of me….and I remember feeling like if something didn´t change that I was just gonna….someday I´d just….someday I was just gonna….feeling like I´d just….like I was just gonna….like I´d just…..”

24.09.85 Denver, CO, intro to ´Can´t Help Falling in Love With You´
´´I´d like to just take a minute and uh…..thank everybody for coming down to the show tonight (?)….and uh, I´d like to apologise if, uh, we caused too much inconvenience by cancelling the first night….hope it didn´t put you too much out of your way….and uh….oh man, I guess….that´s funny, I guess I just…..well, I wanna do my favorite Elvis song for you ….back in, uh, back in ´75….we were on the ´Born to Run´-tour and uh….I was down in Memphis….we played in a little auditorium in Memphis one night….and I got a taxi cab driver to take me and my guitar player Steve in the middle of the night out to Elvis´ house….. and I guess it was about 3.30 in the morning and I got out of the cab and I stood in front of those gates that had the guitar players on ´em and I could look in and see the house and I saw a light on in the second-story window….and I looked at Steve and I said ´Steve, man, I gotta try´….and I jumped up over the wall and I jumped down on the other side and I started running up the driveway which, as I look back on it now, I guess it was kind of a stupid thing to do because I hate it when people do it at my house (chuckles) but, but, uh, at the time I was filled with the enthusiasm of youth and uh (chuckles) I ran up and I got to the frontdoor and I was about to knock on the frontdoor and the guards came out of the woods and they asked me what I wanted and I said ´Is Elvis home ? ´….and they said ´No, he´s in Lake Tahoe´ and uh, I told ´em that I was a guitar player and that I had my own band and that we played in town that night and uh, I told ´em I had my picture on the cover of Time and Newsweek too (chuckles) I was pulling out all my cards, you know (chuckles) trying to make an impression but uh, I don´t think he believed me ´cause he took me by the arm and he walked me back down the driveway and put me back out on the street….and uh, it wasn´t too much longer after that that a friend of mine called me and told me that Elvis had died…. and it was hard to understand how somebody whose music came in and took away so many people´s loneliness and gave so many people an idea of the promise and the possibility of life ….could´ve….could´ve died as lonely as he did….and uh, I guess in the end when you´re alone, you ain´t nothing but alone….and uh….anyway, I´d like to do this, do this for youse…. reminding you that it´s easy to let the best of yourself slip away and wishing youse all the longest life with the best of absolutely everything…..”

24.09.85 Denver, CO, intro to ´Stand on It´
´´(?)….you´re gonna miss them Kojak-reruns now….your mama´s gonna be mad at me for all you guys catching cold out here tonight, we can´t go on… you think you can outlast us, huh ? (cheers) so you think you´re tough, huh ? (cheers) so you think you´re bad as hell ? (cheers) so you think you´ve got the stamina, huh ? (cheers) oh yeah ? (cheers) oh yeah ? (cheers) oh yeah? (cheers)….”

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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