Story 1986-10-13 Mountain View, CA

13.10.86 Mountain View, CA., intro to¨´Born in the U.S.A´
´´This is a….song about…..uh….the, uh, fix this….yeah….about the snake that….came around and began to eat its tail….yeah, gimme a little….the other monitor there…..”

13.10.86 Mountain View, CA., intro to ´Seeds´
´´Oh God….Big Man, where are you (chuckles) when I need you ?….yeah….come on Danny ….(?)….here´s a song that we were doing on the tour a little while and uh….on the first part of the tour we got down into Texas, down around Houston…..where, uh…..(?) the dropping oil prices, there was a lot of people out of work, people that´d come down from Pittsburg where the steel mills had closed down, they´d gone down south looking for jobs and couldn´t find them down there….people from Gary, Indiana….and you´d see people in, sleeping in their cars and sleeping in tents pitched out on the highway….this is, uh, this is called ´Seeds´….”

13.10.86 Mountain View, CA., intro to ´Darlington County´
´´Well…this is a song, it´s kind of a….I guess, it´s a road song….and….sometimes I´d be coming home late out of New York City, heading south….back in the early, not too long ago….and like when I drive, like I´m one of those people like I always leave my wallet home and I leave my license home all the time so…I´d get pulled over and I used to get a lot of tickets for like, you know, no I.D, no license and I also like to drive where that needle is, is, is right on ´E´, like I know the exact amount that my car has, I don´t even think about getting gas till it´s right around ´E´, you know….´cause you make it home faster like that, you see (chuckles)….you stop at the next place, you know….(?) driving south, I get pulled over….by a state trooper one night and he comes up to the car and asks for my license and registration and I didn´t have any original excuses, you know, like ´I left it in my other pants´or ´I left it at home´, I said ´Well, gee, I forgot it, Sir´….and he goes back to the car and ….he´s working on the radio, I give him my name….and he comes back about ten minutes later and he looks at me and he says ´Are you….are you….are you that rock and roll singer?´….I said ´Yeah´, I said ´Yeah, that´s me´, you know, he says ´Are you the guy that made that, that, uh, Born To Run-song ?´, ´Yeah, yeah´, I´m going ´That´s me, that´s me´….he says ´Yeah, I got, I got some of your records home´, I´m going ´Oh, great, great´, ´Yeah, yes, Sir, yes, Sir, that´s, that´s my record´, you know….he says ´Well, Son, you´re in a lot of trouble´ (chuckles)….”

13.10.86 Mountain View, CA, intro to ´Mansion on the Hill´
´´This is uh….here´s a song of when I was a kid….when I was small, I always remember my father, when it´d get late at night, he….I´d be sitting and watching television and he´d come in and he´d say ´You wanna take a ride ?´, I´d say ´Yeah´… and we´d get in the car…..and there was this house that was on the out….outskirts of town that he would always ride out to….(?) I always remember him doing that….and we´d get out there and he´d park and he´d sit….and uh….at the time it seemed, I remember it was a place that seemed….so distant and so unreachable….and uh…. anyway….this is, uh….”

13.10.86 Mountain View, CA., intro to ´Fire´
´´Yeah, uh, ah….hmm, rock and roll….I don´t know, I can´t get too excited (chuckles)…. (start the song but Nils´ guitar is out of tune) uh, Danny, a little bit more, we´ll be right with you (Danny plays a bit of ´Satin Doll´) aah, how sweet it is (chuckles)….
(….) No, no, this is, I gotta stay calm, this is acoustic….”

13.10.86 Mountain View, CA., intro to ´Follow That Dream´
´´Oh, I´d like to, uh….do this song and….dedicate to Neil and Pegi….and uh….and to you folks….for your, uh….for your support and kindness that are gonna help, help those kids out ….this is for you guys….”

13.10.86 Mountain View, CA., intro to ´Hungry Heart´
´´Where are those old timers ? (chuckles)….come on guys….(broocing) what if my name was Ralph, what´d happen then ? (chuckles)….wouldn´t work as good (chuckles)….”

Compiled by Johanna Pirttijärvi

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