Story 1987-09-25 Philadelphia, PA

25.09.87 Philadelphia, PA, intro to ´´Stand by Me´´
(Bono: ´´Anybody else like to play my guitar? (Bruce walks onstage) Bruce Springsteen´d like to play my guitar! (cheers) I guess you guys know him….is he a local boy or something? ….alright!´´
(….) Through the rain (Bono: ´´Through the snow´´) through the wind (Bono: ´´I will go´´) won´t you stand (Bono: ´´I will stand´´) won´t you stand by me?….if you´re in trouble (Bono: ´´I´ll stand´´) if you´re in trouble (Bono: ´´I´ll stand´´) if you need somebody (Bono: ´´I´ll always need you!´´) come on and stand by me!….´´

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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