Story 1987-12-13 New York City, NY

13.12.87 New York City, NY, ‘Born to Run’
´´I think everybody´s, uh….everybody´s earliest memories….go back to their homes and uh….I remember when I was…when I was a kid….the first thing I remember is the livingroom in my grandparents´house where we lived….my grandfather had this big stuffed chair, he used to sit next to a gerosine stove….and I´d come running home from school….you know, I´d get in the house and I´d smell that livingroom, I remember how safe I felt….then I remember when I was out on….when me and my band first went on the road, we…we were out in the middle of the country somewhere and we were broke and didn´t have much money to get back….I remember calling my mom….and she said, uh, she said those magic words ´You can always come home´, you know….I didn´t wanna go but it was nice to know I could….so it´s, uh, it´s sad to think that there´s a generation of children out there whose memories….of their home… gonna be a welfare hotel or a shelter….and uh….nobody who´s gonna provide real badly needed medical aid and some comfort…..but these kids are gonna end up….living their….living out their childhood in what amounts to being refugees in their own land….and in the end whether you´re, uh….I guess rich or you´re poor, you spend so much of your life trying to get home and I wrote this song about 15 years ago, it was about a guy and a girl….that I thought….that wanted to run and keep on running and never stop….and I guess, at the time I thought ….I thought that was me….and maybe it was but….I woke up one morning and realised that, that I wanted to have a home and that nobody wants….or deserves to be homeless ….”

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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