Story 1988-03-04 Dean E. Smith Student Activities Center, Chapel Hill, NC

Intro to “Tunnel of Love”
“All dressed up, ready to go? (crowd cheers)…”

Intro to “Be True”
“How you doing? (crowd cheers)…”

Intro to “All That Heaven Will Allow”
“(?) how you doing, what’s happening?…haven’t seen you in a little while…for a couple of years almost, you know…what’s you been up to?…oh-oh, here come the baby pictures now (chuckles)…Clarence got a little Big Man out there now (crowd cheers) guy looks good… he’s big – how old is he?…three years old…he’s got a little saxophone…he’s got a little sharkskin suit (chuckles) man, I can remember when, ten years ago we used to sit on this bench…and like when the girls would get out at lunch hour, we used to watch ‘em come by every day (crowd cheers) we used to hustle down here, make sure nobody got this bench…what time you got?…oh, man, they’re coming now…oh…blue business suit walking this way- what, check…here she comes…(chuckles)…”Born in the U.S.A” (?)(chuckles) it’s not working…we used to bring our records down here and set ‘em on our laps and like make believe like we dropped ‘em or something (chuckles) oh, so you’ve been married for six years? I remember I was with you the night you met your wife, we were overseas and she came walking in this room, Clarence would fall in love at the drop of a hat all the time and he’d always be coming back to my room and saying “Bruce, Bruce, I met this girl, I’m in love, we’re gonna get married” but that time…that time you really meant it, you know, and you did…that’s nice, that’s nice…you know how you feel like the first time when somebody really, really right comes walking in the room and you’re checking them out, waiting to see if they’re checking you out and…you kind of come up to ‘em a little bit – feels kind like, uh, do it, Ritchie, what’s it feel like, man…straight out of New Jersey (crowd cheers)(horn section starts harmonizing)(chuckles) feels kind of like that…man, I gotta, I gotta make it home soon, I can’t be late for dinner now, dinner’s 6.30, bed 11 o’clock, you wouldn’t believe it, it was good to see you, check you later (crowd cheers)(horn section sings “Here she comes walking)…here she comes now…”

Intro to “Seeds”
“We were driving down through Texas on, uh…on our last American tour…we got down around Houston, there was a lot of folks down there from Pittsburgh and Detroit…who’d come down there looking for work…and when the oil prices went bust, they ended up sleeping in their cars…sleeping in tents on the side of the highway… no place to go, no jobs…this is called “Seeds”…”

Intro to “Roulette”
“This is called “Roulette”…”

Intro to “Spare Parts”
“So how you doing out there? (crowd cheers) that’s good…how you guys back there, huh? (crowd cheers) that’s good (?)…it’s funny (?) …I guess me and my band, we’ve been playing together for, oh, 15, 18 years now (crowd cheers) and, uh…one of the first things we do when we get back together if we haven’t seen each other in a long time is we start telling all the old stories, talking about the past… and, uh, I guess there’s parts of the past that sort of bind you together with each other…and then in your life there are parts of your past that hold you back and keep you down…and this next song…in this next song I was trying to write about a woman…who was trying to leave parts of her past that hold her down behind… who was trying to understand the importance of her own individual existence…and the value of her child and her own life…and those are things that seem to always be hard to hold on to no matter who you are or where you come from…it’s always hard to understand just what you’re worth…so…I guess that’s something that we struggle with our whole lives…”

After “Born in the U.S.A”
“Thanks, we’re gonna take a break and then we’ll be back (crowd cheers)…”

Intro to “You Can Look”
“You got that Home Shopping Network down here? (crowd cheers) they try to sell you stuff over TV – they got that down here yet? (crowd cheers) I hate that damn thing (crowd cheers) you turn on the TV, they toot that little damn horn if somebody buys something …but I always like shop around and bring back souvenirs from my travels…little keepsakes…things you can hang a memory on…some religious memorabilia…”

Intro to “I’m a Coward”
“Are you out there tonight? (crowd cheers) are you alive out there tonight? (crowd cheers) that’s good because I’ve got a question, I wanna know…are there any brave men in the audience tonight? (crowd cheers) are there any He-Men out there? are there any macho men out there? (crowd cheers) because I’ve seen men that would swim rivers…they climbed mountains…they’d get down on their knees and they wrestled with grizzly bears…there was one thing that they was afraid of…there was one thing that scared them to death…there was one thing that got their knees to shaking…I’m gonna tell you what that one thing was…I’m talking about L-U-V – love ! do you hear what I’m talking about? (crowd cheers) love scared them to death…whenever they got near it, they ran like little babies…and now women…women…I’m talking to you too (crowd cheers) I’m talking to the girls tonight too (crowd cheers) ‘cause I’ve seen women that would jump out of airplanes at 10,000 feet, they’d get in a little canoe and they’d go to that Amazon River, wrestling alligators and crocodiles, wrestle with the big king snakes …I’ve seen women that would date the horn section of this band (crowd cheers) but there was one thing that they was afraid of and that one thing was love…love scared them, love terrified them…now I’m down here tonight ‘cause I’ve got a confession to make…and what I wanna say is I have sinned! (crowd cheers) and I don’t need no Pat Robertson to forgive me (crowd cheers) Pat Robertson can kiss my ass! (crowd cheers) ‘cause I’m gonna lay my burden down now and I’m gonna testify…you can bring Hulk Hogan down here, you can bring the Road Warriors down here, you can bring George “The Animal” Steele, you can bring Andre the Giant, I’ll take ‘em all on right here (crowd cheers) but there’s one thing I’m afraid of and what I wanna say is…I ain’t afraid of all those things but…I’m a coward when it comes to love…save me, boys!…”

Intro to “Part Man Part Monkey”
“I was reading a newspaper the other day…came across this strange story…it’s true, it actually happened…seems like…They prosecuted some poor sucker…”

Middle of “Dancing in the Dark”
“Now, have you ever felt lonely? (crowd cheers) everybody’s been lonely sometimes…now, when I used to get lonely (?) I put on my favorite records…and I’d sit there and pout…then my mom’d come up and say “Bruce, what are you doing in there?”…throughout my teenage years my mother used to have one question…”Bruce, what are you doing in there?” (crowd cheers) and that’s when I, when I, I wanna find somebody…when you get lonely, you gotta find somebody that makes you feel like a, like a real human being (crowd cheers) that’s when I wanna say…hey, baby, hey, baby, my baby…oh, come on, sugar…(crowd cheers)…”

Middle of “Light of Day”
“On the piano, Professor Roy Bittan (crowd cheers) on the drums, the Mighty Max Weinberg (crowd cheers) on the vocals and guitar, Miss Patti Scialfa (crowd cheers) on the guitar, the great Nils Lofgren (crowd cheers) on the bass, Mr. Garry W. Tallent (crowd cheers) on the organ, Phantom Dan Federici (crowd cheers) and the horn section, on the baritone Eddie “Kingfish,” Richie La Bamba, Mark “The Love Man,” we got Mike and Mario Cruz – the Horns of Love (crowd cheers) and last but not least (crowd cheers) you know who I’m talking about…the king of the world…the master of disaster …weighing in at his new weight of…pretty lean and mean…do I have to say his name? (crowd: “No”) do I have to say his name? (crowd: “No”) gimme a C-LA-R-E-N-C-E, what´s that spell? (crowd: “Clarence”) what´s that spell? (crowd: “Clarence”) what´s that spell? (crowd: “Clarence”) what´s that spell? (crowd: “Clarence”) what´s that spell? (crowd: “Clarence”) what´s that spell? (crowd: “Clarence”) what´s that spell? (crowd: “Clarence”) Clarence “Big Man” Clemons on the saxophone (crowd cheers)…”

Intro to “Born to Run”
“Thank you (crowd cheers) oh, this is, uh…this next song is a song I’ve been doing, I guess, since I was about 24 years old (crowd cheers) and, uh…this time we came out on tour, I said “Gee, how am I gonna do this now?” ‘cause I feel like I’ve changed a lot…it’s not that you’re not that person in that song anymore but I guess that the person in that song isn’t as much of you as it once was and so you leave things behind and you get new things…that’s what you gotta do…but, uh, this song was, I wrote this song when I was 24 about a guy and a girl who wanted to run and keep on running (crowd cheers) and as I sang it over the years, I realized that what they were doing was they were out there searching for something better and searching for something that they could call home…and I guess that’s what most people do throughout their entire lives is that they search for something that they can call home…and in the end, I guess, you gotta dig it up from down inside you somewhere …so…home is a hard thing to find and a hard thing to hold on to… but this is for you, wishing you good luck in your search (crowd cheers)…”

Intro to “Glory Days”
“This is for all you old suckers out there in the audience tonight (crowd cheers)…”

Intro to “Can’t Help Falling in Love”
“Just wanna take this opportunity to thank everybody for coming down to the shows that we did here (crowd cheers) thank you (crowd cheers) thank you for the Southern hospitality (crowd cheers) that’s nice…and I wanna do this for you and the one you love, may you always have the best of everything…”

Intro to “Rosalita”
“And now to sum up the questions for the night…does the hero get the girl?…does her mama come down and stop ‘em?…does her daddy come in and wring his neck?…does he end up broke, busted and disgusted?…does he end up rolling and looting off down the highway?…the answer to these questions and other mysteries will now be revealed…”

Intro to “Detroit Medley”
“We ain’t quitting yet (crowd cheers) I just broke a sweat here…”

Middle of “Detroit Medley”
“(The “I see a train”-part)…There’s a conductor dressed in black… says “Alright, boys, we’re gonna take you from your mamas and you ain’t ever coming back”…we’re going to Memphis…all aboard… going to Dallas…I said it’s all aboard…picking up Houston – it’s all aboard…going down to Kansas City – then it’s all aboard…getting to Chicago – then it’s all aboard…going out to Frisco – it’s all aboard… we’re moving on to Boston – all aboard…then down through New Jersey (crowd cheers) then it’s all aboard…we’re gonna take the night train, I said it’s all aboard…on to Chapel Hill in North Carolina (crowd cheers) said it’s all aboard…then it’s all aboard…then it’s all aboard…are you ready to go? (crowd cheers) are you ready to go? (crowd cheers) are you ready to go? (crowd cheers) are you ready to go? (crowd cheers)…
(…) I feel that spirit coming on me (crowd cheers) at this time of night (crowd cheers) this is where I get my second wind (crowd cheers) I’m warning you…I’m warning you…are you ready? (crowd cheers) can you stand it? (crowd cheers) are you sure? (crowd cheers) are you sure? (crowd cheers) then I got a question to ask you…Do you like good music?…
(…) You probably think I’m done, don’t you? (crowd cheers) you probably think I can’t do no more, don’t you? (crowd cheers) you probably think I’m all tired out, don’t you? (crowd cheers) you probably think it’s all over now, don’t you? (crowd cheers) one, two, three, Listen while I talk to you…”
(…) I’m just a prisoner…of rock and roll! (crowd cheers) and I just can’t stop myself (crowd cheers)…”

After “Detroit Medley”
“Thanks, we love you and we’ll be seeing you (crowd cheers)…”

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi.
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