Story 1988-05-03 Mountain View, CA

03.05.88 Mountain View, CA, intro to ‘Tunnel of Love’
‘‘Are you ready for a date?…..”

03.05.88 Mountain View, CA, intro to ‘All That Heaven Will Allow’
‘‘How you doing out there? (crowd cheers)….man, looks like we picked the right night, you know….oh, that´s nice… you doing back up there on that hill? (crowd cheers)….oh yeah, man, I love….I like this kind of weather best….you know, when it’s not, when it’s not too hot or too humid….back home we get this kind of weather….man, everybody starts coming out….girls leave their winter clothes home….changes your whole way of thinking, you know, it feels like something’s gonna happen (chuckles)…. you feel real in a romantic mood and all that stuff, you know (chuckles)….we get days like today, that’s when I like to take a walk out in the park and see if any of my old friends are still around….hey, man, yo! how you doing? alright, good to see you, yeah, ok, haven’t seen you on this bench in a long time, you know, I don´t get to see you too much anymore, now that you moved to California and everything, you know….they’re dying in New Jersey tonight! (chuckles) you know….what you been up to, huh?….yeah, you´re still carrying this thing around with you, huh?….jeez (chuckles) you don´t still sleep with this, do you ?….sometimes, on the off-nights (chuckles) what do you got ? oh, alright, got baby pictures of the little Big Man here….he was doing some singing this afternoon, yeah (chuckles) he´s got a little saxophone that he plays, he’s got a little suit, he’s three years old ….he’s got this own apartment….his own car… he’s got some girlfriends too already….he looks good….man, remember when we used to sit on this bench in ‘75 and watch them girls come out of that big office building down on the corner?…well, me and Clarence would come down here and we’d get some like, I’d get boloney-and-cheese, you had pastrami…..two cans of beer and we’d wait for the girls to get out of work, you know….and try to impress them (chuckles)…. they used to get out right about this time, man… they come, look there she is, remember her? she still looks good too…check her out, the girl in the white blouse…. stop, stop (chuckles) check her out…..used to walk right down this street…..ooh, come back! (chuckles)….oh, alright (chuckles) man, it’s the weather, you know….I was with you, I remember I was with you the night you met your wife….we were overseas and Clarence’s wife comes walking in this little party…..and Clarence gets all nervous and excited and he runs into the bathroom to make sure he´s looking his best…..and you used to have that, uh, that cologne or that, that, what was that?….Halston Z-14? that sounds like motor oil, man, that don´t sound like cologne, used to have something to make him smell real good, it was nice (chuckles)….and then, and then he comes out and I’m listening to him talking to her, and he´s acting like a whole lot nicer than he really is, you know (chuckles) but it worked, you know, it works (chuckles) anyway, you gotta do that, you know, that’s part of the whole…..back in Jersey, when you first see that girl that you’re looking at, man, what is it like, Richie?….oh yeah….oh, do it, man….man, I gotta, I gotta get going….remember we used to stay out till 4 am?….no more, bubba (chuckles)….I go home, I gotta go to bed at midnight now, yeah I do (chuckles) I’ll see you later, it’s good to see you (chuckles) take care, I’ll see you….”

03.05.88 Mountain View, CA, intro to ‘Spare Parts’
‘‘Staying warm out there? (crowd cheers) it’s cool now….oh, there was this fella and there was this girl, they met in a little bar down along the coast…..and uh, he was a house painter and kind of young, a little, little reckless…..and she was a, she was a little older than he was…..and uh, I remember she met him, she really, she really liked him, he was….he was kind of sweet tempered…..telling jokes all the time and, and gentle….and uh….they, they moved into a little apartment, it was a little garage apartment, a couple of, couple of blocks in off the beach in the wintertime…..and they got along real, real good, she was happy, she was looking for somebody to love her….and she got pregnant and they made plans to be married…. went down he, he saved his money, the only money he’d ever saved…..went down, saved his money and he got her a ring and she went down and picked out a dress….and then something happened, I guess maybe he was a little, little too young, he got a little scared and he took off….but she never really let him go, she kept him in her mind and she kept him in her heart every day and she thought about him at night when she got in bed…..and the sad thing was that he wasn´t ever, ever coming back….and so his memory was something that the world took and just broke her heart every day with over and over again….because there comes a time when you gotta take the past and you gotta put it away….and so this song, this is a song about a woman struggling to understand the value of her own individual existence…..and the value of the life of her child…..trying to take those old dreams that just hold you back, put them down…..and trying to find something new and beautiful and alive in her life now…..”

03.05.88 Mountain View, CA, after ‘Born in the U.S.A’
“Thank you (crowd cheers) thanks…thanks…we’re gonna take a half-time break, the marching band from San Mateo high school will be out there to entertain you, we’ll be back in a little while to inflict severe damage upon you (crowd cheers) in the name of love, of course…see you in a little while, alright (crowd cheers)…”

03.05.88 Mountain View, CA, intro to ‘You Can Look’
‘‘Oh yes!….I like to, uh….I get up early, you know, when I gotta do some shopping…. go down to the mall before everybody gets down there….I went down to buy one of ‘em little beatboxes one morning….went into the….stereo department….looked around, a woman came up to me and said ‘You wanna buy that thing?’ …..and then she looked up at me and said ‘Ain’t you, uh…..ain’t you, uh…..ain’t you that rock’n’roll singer?’ ….and she said ‘You wanna buy that thing ?’….was a nice saleslady….and she said, you know, ‘I really, uh, I really like your videos, you know the one where the, where you get that girl and you dance with her?’….she says ‘So tell me, did, uh, did you pay her or was she really in the audience?’….and she said ‘Do you wanna buy that thing?’ ….I said ‘Lady, right now I wanna smash this fucking thing’….”

03.05.88 Mountain View, CA, intro to ‘I’m a Coward’
´´Is there anybody alive out there tonight? (crowd cheers)….is there anybody that can feel the spirit out there tonight? (crowd cheers)….that´s good….because what I wanna know….is do we have any rough, tough San Francisco men out there tonight? (crowd cheers)….I ain’t talking about none of you old hippy boys out there… we have any brave, macho, northern California men out there tonight ? (cheers)….let me see your hands….oh yeah, oh yeah….‘cause I’ve known men that would swim rivers, that would climb mountains, that would wrestle with a grizzly bear…..but there was one thing they was afraid of …. and I’m gonna tell you what that one thing was…..what they were afraid of was L….U…V, I’m talking about love… scared ´em to death, when they got close to love, when they got next to love, when they felt it in their hearts, they started to run home like little babies to their mommies….now, do we have any brave, courageous San Francisco women out there tonight? (crowd cheers)….do we have any sweet, sexy northern California girls out there tonight? (crowd cheers)…..let me hear you, girls (crowd cheers) ….because I’m talking to you too tonight ….that´s right…’s the same thing with you, girls….you get close to that thing you love and what do you do?….you run away, women that would jump out of an airplane at 30,000 feet….scared when they get next to love…, I’m down here tonight because what I got to say is….I have sinned!…. and I ain´t ashamed to admit it!….and I ain´t here to beg for no damn forgiveness either, baby, Jimmy Swaggart, Jim Baker, Pat Robertson, them suckers can kiss my ass, pal….and that Jerry Falwell, he can kiss me twice, both cheeks ….because I don´t care who you bring down here, bring down the Road Warriors, bring down King Kong Bundy, bring down Andre the Giant, I’ll take ‘em on ‘cause I am not afraid of those things but what I´ve got to confess to here tonight…..I must confess that I’m a coward …..when it comes to love….”

03.05.88 Mountain View, CA, intro to ‘Part Man Part Monkey’
‘‘Well, now, there´s thems that believe that we come from Adam and Eve….and then there’s thems that, uh….are like this….”
03.05.88 Mountain View, CA, intro to “Backstreets”
“This is for all our old fans out there (crowd cheers)…”

03.05.88 Mountain View, CA, intro to ‘Dancing in the Dark’
‘‘Alright, let’s get a little blood circulating now (crowd cheers)…
(…) Sometimes I feel… very lonely….have you ever been lonely out there ?….I mean… so lonely you wanna cry now…..that’s when you gotta reach out….to somebody who reminds you that you´re a real human being….that’s when a boy….that’s when a boy ….needs his mother (Bruce’s mother comes on stage to dance with him)(….) That´s where I got all my moves!….”

03.05.88 Mountain View, CA, middle of ´Light of Day´
“On the piano, Professor Roy Bittan (crowd cheers) on the drums, the Mighty Max Weinberg (crowd cheers) on the guitar and vocals, Miss Patti Scialfa (crowd cheers) on the guitar, the great Nils Lofgren (crowd cheers) on the bass, Mr. Garry W. Tallent (crowd cheers) on the organ, Phantom Dan Federici (crowd cheers) back on the horns we got Eddie “Kingfish” Manion, Richie La Bamba, Mark “The Love Man” (?) Mario Cruz – the Horns of Love (crowd cheers) and last but not least…..the man that makes my life complete….Clarence ´Big Man´ Clemons on the saxophone…..´´

03.05.88 Mountain View, CA, intro to ‘Born to Run’
‘‘Oh, thank you….I was sitting home thinking, uh….what I wanted to do when we came out on tour this time, I knew I wanted to sing a new song, felt that that was my job….and uh, but this is a song I’ve sung, I guess every night we’ve played for the last 15 years or so… was a song that seemed to open up as I sang it over the years and kind of let the time in….and it seemed to kind of age along with me, gracefully, I hope, you know (chuckles) but hey, man…..I’m a youngblood still (chuckles)….and uh, when I wrote this song I guess I thought I was writing about a guy and a girl that wanted to run and keep on running…..never come back….that was kind of a nice romantic idea but uh….like I was telling the folks last night, I put all those people in those cars and I figured, uh, I had to figure out some place for ‘em to go….because, uh, in the end, I guess, that that individual freedom, in and of itself, ends up feeling kind of empty and meaningless….and I realised that those two people that I put in that car 15 years ago were out there somewhere trying to make a connection….trying to….trying to find out where they fit in….trying to find some place that, I guess, they could stand for a little while and call ‘home’….and as I got older I realised that that home really isn´t out there but that it’s buried deep inside of here someplace….and I guess if you search for it and fight for it, maybe you´ll end up with a little piece of it….and this song has, uh, kept me good company on my search, I hope it’s kept you good company on yours…. and I’d like to do it for you tonight wishing that you may all have….happiness and find a little piece of your home…..”

03.05.88 Mountain View, CA, intro to ‘Glory Days’
‘‘And this is for all you high school graduates out there…..”

03.05.88 Mountain View, CA, intro to ‘Rosalita’
‘‘Oh, it’s nice being back up in this area…I’ve spent a lot of time out here ‘cause my folks live out here…and uh, now, for my mother, the greatest love song I ever wrote…”

03.05.88 Mountain View, CA, intro to ‘Have Love Will Travel’
‘‘I have only begun to rock… there anybody out there tonight?….is there anybody in trouble out there tonight?….is there anybody out there that needs a little love, a little affection, a little personal attention because we´ve come all the way from New Jersey ….and we have a mission in mind….and I’m gonna tell you what that thing is….we came 3,000 miles and our motto tonight is one thing and that’s ‘Have Love Will Travel’….”

03.05.88 Mountain View, CA, intro to ‘Sweet Soul Music’
‘‘This is where….people think I’m gonna get a little tired, you see…..this is right where it is, you see….but uh, I always fool ‘em, you see….because being out in the fresh air like this….I find it very invigorating….see, I’m a nature boy at heart, you know what I mean….now, I feel just fine….but you look a little on the tired side to me….oh yeah, you wanna run home and climb in that little bed, get out that little bag of potato chips and watch them old Kojak re-runs, don’t you?….is that not the type of people we’ve got here tonight?….are you sure? (crowd cheers) do you think you can stand it? (crowd cheers) …..are you all fully insured? (crowd cheers)….don´t sue me if there’s any heart attacks out there, baby, because I´ve got a question that I wanna ask you…..”

03.05.88 Mountain View, CA, intro to ‘Raise Your Hand’
‘‘Are you trying to tell me something? (crowd cheers)I mean, do you wish us to continue, is that it? (crowd cheers) well, I’ve worked my ass off for three hours, you better yell louder than that, baby (crowd cheers) are you talking to me? (crowd cheers) are you talking to me? (crowd cheers) are you talking to me? (crowd cheers) well, then are you ready for a little religious liberation? (crowd cheers)are you ready for a little spiritual affirmation? (crowd cheers) are you ready for some sexual consummation? (crowd cheers) then just get up and raise your hand one time…..(….) Now, before I leave ‘Frisco or wherever the hell I am…..there´s something that I’ve got to know….is there something you want? (crowd cheers) is there something you need? (crowd cheers) is there something you´ve got to have? (crowd cheers) then just raise your hand…..”

03.05.88 Mountain View, CA, intro to “Little Latin Lupe Lu”
“You guys have been great…thank you (crowd cheers) we love you, thank you (crowd cheers) no mas! (crowd cheers)…well, one for the road, you know what I mean (crowd cheers) gimme that “Little Latin Lupe Lu”-thing, Max, come on (Max starts drumming) yeah, we’ll do it in the key of E, alright, key of E…sing what feels good, alright…”

03.05.88 Mountain View, CA, end of ‘Little Latin Lupe Lu’
‘‘Now I don´t really know what to do right here….’cause we haven´t played this song in about ten years, you see (chuckles) but I´m gonna think of something in a minute…. Little Latin Lupe Lu…..and I’m afraid of what it´s gonna be, I know what it´s gonna be ….it’s a song that….what should it be, boys?…..what, Bubba ? no, no, let’s not do that, let’s do, uh, we did that, right?….Little Latin Lupe Lu….I got to do something that’s gonna inspire me…’s got to feel good, it’s got to send these people home rocking. baby….it’s got to send ‘em home nice and toasty, you know what I mean…. so, bring this thing up and then follow me, boys….you better watch me now….I’m about to get real good…oh, I’m about to be so good….I can´t stand myself, baby….you know what I mean?….let´s stop this thing right here…..and now a little guitar, please, what can I say? (goes into “Twist and Shout”)….”

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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