Story 1988-09-19 Philadelphia, PA

19.09.88 Philadelphia, PA, intro to ‘The River’
´´Gonna bring out a little help out on this song….ladies and gentlemen, the handsomest man in show business…..come on out, Sting (chuckles)….”

19.09.88 Philadelphia, PA, intro to ‘My Hometown’
´´How you doing tonight ? (cheers)….looks like we just caught the end of summer…. when I was a kid….I got a sense of so many things from rock and roll music….got a sense of life….of what living could be about….got a sense of, uh, of fun and good times….got a sense of sex…..but I think….I think the thing that….I think I got most of all a sense of freedom….for me, the best rock and roll always gave me a sense of freedom and of expanded awareness of myself…..well, tonight we’re here for Human Rights….the Human Rights’ violations aren´t just something that´s happening thousands of miles away in a country halfway around the world…..but the wealthiest country of, of this world, when its streets are filled with homeless people, that’s a Human Rights’ violation ….. when people aren’t granted their economic and their social rights, that´s a Human Rights’ violation….tonight you have an opportunity…. to let the voice of your hometown be heard all around the world… can use your freedom to help win the freedom of others and you have an opportunity to let the simple voice of freedom and human decency ring a little louder….so….won’t you take that stand and join Amnesty International and let freedom ring….”

19.09.88 Philadelphia, PA, intro to ‘Jungleland’
´´We’re gonna try something we haven’t done in a long time….´specially for Philadelphia ….”

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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