Story 1990-11-17 Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles, CA

17.11.90 Los Angeles, CA, intro to ´Mansion on the Hill´
´´I remember when I was a kid, we lived in a….it was this small house, we lived kind of in the third of it….and, uh, the address was 39 ½….I always remember kids saying ´What´s a half ?´…. and uh….there was, uh….at night my Pop would take me and we´d all ride in the car and uh….we would drive around the town, it was funny we lived there…..always but yet we´d go sightseeing …..and he´d always, you know, drive past , like, the big nice houses and it always seemed like really mystical and I did not understand what those people…. had to with me or my Dad or who we were….”

17.11.90 Los Angeles, CA, intro to ´Reason to Believe´
´´This is a song about, uh….blind faith and illusions and….I guess everybody, we all live with our illusions, that´s how we get through, through the day most of the time …. and uh, little ones, they can be bad, they can cut down on….your ability to enjoy your life and the big illusions, they can be really dangerous….everybody starts believing those big illusions and ….you end up with the….government that we´ve had for the past decade…, uh…..this is a song about the price you pay….”

17.11.90 Los Angeles, CA, intro to ´Red Headed Woman´
´´Yeah, this is, uh….it´s funny , about 20 years ago Jackson and, and Bonnie and I met, I was playing in Max´s Kansas City, Jackson was playing at the Bitter End and uh …. Bonnie was playing in Cafe Au Go Go and this guy David Blue saw me at Max´s and said ´Hey, kid, come here´ and brought me down to the Bitter End and Jackson had his first record out….at the time I don´t think I had a record out yet….I got up and played and Bonnie came across the street from Cafe Au Go Go and….you know, so….I was telling the folks last night that back when, uh….it was hard to get a job, Bonnie Raitt used to let me open up for her, she said she thought I was cute… gotta watch those redheads (?), wow… know, Bonnie´s got that sexy thing going and Patti came down tonight and like (?) two redheads together….now,when they both wear their hair up high, they kind of have that Miss Kitty thing going….it´s nice….but uh, anyway….this is, uh….this is to my favorite redheads….if I can remember how to play it….”

17.11.90 Los Angeles, CA, intro to ´57 Channels´
´´I was, uh….was reading the paper the other day and I came across a Bob Dylan interview, a woman asked him about this movie that he just put out…. and it was funny ´cause she says ´Bob, this could be the worst movie, you know, rock and roll movie ever made´ and Bob was very nonplussed and says ´Yeah, could be´…(?) and he says ´Yeah, I was trying to, I asked the director what I should do….and he said ´Just be yourself´….and he says ´I was wondering ´Which one ?´´, I knew just what he meant …so this song, this next song is the real me so (chuckles)….wrote about my actual life (chuckles)….alright (?)….just in case you were wondering….”

17.11.90 Los Angeles, CA, intro to ´The Wish´
´´Last night I, uh….did a song about my dad….tonight….I´m gonna do something different….I, I had this, I wrote this song quite a while ago….and uh….I never….really recorded it, it´s a song about my mother…and uh….it was a funny thing because, uh…. you have this song and I said ´Gee, in rock music, in rock´n´ roll….ain´t nobody sings about their mother out there´….so I said ´Well, gee, why is that ?´, it´s against all that macho posturing you have to do and stuff….so I said ´Wait a minute, wait, wait, wait a minute´…so, you know, it´s uh….this was a real problem so I wanted to figure it out so I went to see this psychiatrist….it´s a true story….and I told him what the problem was I had this song about my mother and I hadn´t sung it….because of all the macho posturing that I have to do….so he said he understood….he says ´Well, you have to see, you see, all men are afraid of their mothers, they say a boy´s best friend is his mother but really all men are afraid of their mothers´….I had to pay for this, you´re gonna get it for free, right….so, you know, I said ´Well, men are afraid of their mothers ….yeah….that´s why….that´s like when a man and woman, when they get arguing, the woman´s always going : ´Do I look like your mother ?….I´m not your mother….am I supposed to be your mother ?´….you know, that´s why the men are always going like : ´Stop mothering me….ah, my mother used to do that´….that kind of thing….so realising the truth of this thing, I said ´Wait a minute….I´m man enough to sing about my mother´ (chuckles)…I think (chuckles)….I ain´t afraid, you know, only a little bit which is why I´m talking so long before I sing this song…..but uh, I´m gonna leap into the void and the great line of mother lovers : Richard Nixon, Elvis Presley, Merle Haggard and every country and western singer you ever knew (chuckles)….so….Mom, if you´re out there (chuckles)….this better be good…..”

17.11.90 Los Angeles, CA, intro to ´Nebraska´
´´This is, uh….this is a song about….disconnection and isolation and….I think….it seems harder, it´s harder to stay connected to things, it seems like it´s a lot of….it´s a lot of work, you know, uh….most of my life, it´s funny that….uh, I´ve always had, uh, I´ve always been fighting between feeling really isolated and….looking to make some connection or some….find some community to belong to or something….I guess that´s why I picked up the guitar initially….in the beginning….and uh….don´t know if I´ve, well, I haven´t done it, I haven´t done it (chuckles), I spend enormous periods of time feeling very isolated, you know….and uh….I guess this is a song about what happens when that side of you gets really set loose….and you don´t feel the connections and you don´t feel what sense….laws make or, or morality makes….and you´re gone….”

17.11.90 Los Angeles, CA, intro to ´When the Lights Go Out´
´´Wanna do this for Danny Sheridan…and the people of the Christic Institute who…. watch what´s going on when the lights go out….”

17.11.90 Los Angeles, CA, intro to ´My Hometown´
´´Thanks, uh….I have my, have my kid down here tonight (cheers)…hey, let´s roll him out, you know (chuckles)….you know, oh, I was telling the folks last night….you know, about going through the thing of having a baby, going through lamaze and…. you know, you´re waiting and you´re waiting and uh….you know, Patti started getting the contractions and….and so, uh….they, first they were short and then they were longer and then they were shorter and uh….you call the doctor and he says, you know, ´Wait, wait, you know, don´t , don´t come down here´….and, uh so we´re waiting and we rented some movies, you know….and we walked around Beverly Hills for a while (chuckles)….and, uh, uh, finally, you know, we go to the hospital and I´m, you know, thinking : ´Ok, I don´t wanna faint, that´s my main concern´…that´s disgusting, right (chuckles) Patti, oh, (?) I don´t wanna faint (chuckles)(?)….anyway we get there and it´s night and….and it was nice and the baby came pretty quick….and I stood down there looking at him….took him home and it was amazing because I seen the first time he cried and I caught, caught his first tear on the tip of my finger….and seen his first smile and cleaned his first shit….all those things I think you keep on doing, I guess (chuckles)…but uh….I don´t know, anyway…´Tremors´, we watched ´Tremors´…to spiritually prepare us for the occasion (chuckles)….but uh, here´s….here´s to you and all your kids and….God bless them….kid´s, like, he´s a little franchise on, on future and uh, I guess that´s a part of what this song´s about….”

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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