Story 1992-06-17 Stockholm, Sweden

17.06.92 Stockholm, Sweden, intro to “Better Days”
“Alright, Stockholm, coming to get you (crowd cheers)…”

17.06.92 Stockholm, Sweden, intro to “Local Hero”
“This is a true story this song…way down in Louisiana, ‘cross New Orleans…back up in the hills along the Jersey pines…there’s a little cabin made of earth and wood…”

17.06.92 Stockholm, Sweden, intro to "Darkness on the Edge of Town"
“This is a song I wrote back in…1977, I think (crowd cheers) when I was five years old, that’s right…and uh…it’s kind of a song about letting it all go to find it again…let’s check it out …”

17.06.92 Stockholm, Sweden, intro to "If I Should Fall Behind" (following "Darkness on the Edge of Town")
”I guess if you…if you took that guy…and you caught up with him a whole lot of miles and further on down the road…he turned into the guy that’s in this next song (chuckles)…this is, uh…I’ve been away a long time and these are my first shows in about four years at least, I guess (crowd cheers) and…I’d like to say it’s great to start here in Stockholm (crowd cheers) and, uh (crowd cheers even louder) that always works (chuckles) just the name of the city, that’s it (chuckles) but uh…I wanna say that, you know, since I came here way back in ’76 (people yell “’75”) we’ve always been real warmly received and treated, we appreciate it…’75, see, I’m old (crowd cheers) I’m old and my memory’s gone, that’s right…anyway, this is a…this is a song about…after you’ve, uh…kind of stripped everything away to re-find yourself, this is about…finding that thing you were looking for…so…”

17.06.92 Stockholm, Sweden, intro to “57 Channels”
“We just came out of the States…out of Los Angeles…where, uh…it’s a real hard, hard and violent time in the United States right now and, uh…there’s a lot of people been left without any stake in the society in which they live, they’ve been left just burned and left behind…(?)…(intro music starts)…little more than a month ago…you could see the whole city on fire in Los Angeles…”

17.06.92 Stockholm, Sweden, intro to "My Hometown" (following "Living Proof")
”Thanks (crowd cheers) I…wrote that, uh…wrote that song a while after…let me see…it was, uh, right before I got married (crowd cheers) again, you know (chuckles) (crowd cheers) and uh…a while after my son was born and we were waiting for my little girl so (crowd cheers) I was telling the folks last night, you know, once you have those little babies, everything looks different…and uh… you take a look around and you look a little harder at the world around you and kind of at your place in it…I think that…you know, most of my music over the years…over the years has been about trying to find your place…in the world and in the community in which you live…and uh…it’s real scary, I think, bringing…bringing little babies into the world right now, you look around…and it’s a pretty, pretty frightening place…uh…I guess when I wrote this song I, it’s, it’s funny ‘cause this song…always struck me as, as, as feeling sad but I think I meant it, when I wrote it, as a song of hope…anyway, this is from my hometown to your hometown (crowd cheers)…”

17.06.92 Stockholm, Sweden, intro to "Leap of Faith"
”Alright…you sing pretty good (crowd cheers) what I wanna know is have you ever lost your faith in love before? (most of the crowd yells “No!”)(chuckles) no, we have some truly innocent folks down in the front here (chuckles) you mean you’ve never lost your faith in love before? (again most of the crowd yells “No!”) well, let me speak to some of the older folks then (chuckles)…have you ever lost your faith in love before? (more “Yes”s this time) hell, everybody did (?) did somebody come along and give you faith back in love again? (crowd cheers) did they show you where your courage lie? (crowd: “Yeah”) did they teach you how to be brave? (crowd: “Yeah”) that’s what I like to hear….this is for Pats…”

17.06.92 Stockholm, Sweden, intro to “Man’s Job”
“Gonna bring Bobby King down now…from Louisiana…are you ready, Mr. King? (chuckles)…(?)…”

17.06.92 Stockholm, Sweden, middle of “Roll of the Dice”
This is for that very special one…who’ll bring you up when you’re down…now I wanna hear some faith out there tonight (crowd cheers) I wanna hear some faith in the good things (crowd cheers) the things that keep you going through the day now…the things that keep you going through the darkest night…now I wanna feel some hope out there tonight (crowd cheers) some faith, some hope in what things might be (crowd cheers) and I know what I want…I want…I want…I wanna feel some love out there tonight (crowd cheers) keep it rolling, keep it rolling…keep it rolling on…keep it rolling…we’re just a kiss away…(…) hey, Bobby, are you feeling lucky man? (Bobby: “Feeling lucky”) we’re just a roll away

17.06.92 Stockholm, Sweden, after “Roll of the Dice”
“Come back out here (crowd cheers) let me hear it for the band one time (crowd cheers) and the singers (crowd cheers) we’re gonna take a short break, then we’re gonna be right back, we’ll see you in a little while (crowd cheers)…”

17.06.92 Stockholm, Sweden, intro to “Real Man”
“Alright, uh…let’s bring out the singers…we’re gonna try out some songs we ain’t played yet (chuckles) let’s do “Real Man”…”Real Man”…alright…we’re gonna…fly by the seat of our pants a little bit, alright (?)(crowd cheers)…do we have any real men out there tonight, that’s what I wanna know (crowd cheers) do we have any real women? (crowd cheers) kick it off, Zak…”

17.06.92 Stockholm, Sweden, intro to “Thunder Road”
“(Crowd cheers)…Alright, what do you say?…uh, hey, Kevin (crowd cheers and some people yell for “Thunder Road”)…(crowd cheers) so you want some of that old shit, huh? (crowd cheers) alright, but you’re gonna have to be quiet, you’re gonna have to be quiet…”

17.06.92 Stockholm, Sweden, middle of “Light of Day”
“I’m getting a little closer now…but I ain’t there yet…I drove five hundred miles…I drove six hundred miles…I drove eight hundred miles…I drove nine hundred miles…I drove a thousand miles…I drove three thousand miles…all the way to Memphis…and all the way back…but I’m going…and then…six hundred miles out of the great state of New Jersey…I got a flat…and I looked for a little help along the roadside…and I looked for a little help…and all I heard back was the wind whistling through the trees (crowd cheers and whistles)…”

17.06.92 Stockholm, Sweden, after "Light of Day"
"(Crowd cheers) Roy Bittan…Tommy Simms….Zack Alford on the drums…Shane Fontayne….Crystal Talifiero…Bobby King…Carol Dennis…Gia Ciambotti…Angel Rogers…Cleo Kennedy…did we rock you? (crowd cheers)…"

17.06.92 Stockholm, Sweden, intro to “Glory Days”
“Well, somebody told me that, uh…Sweden just beat England two to one* (crowd cheers) here’s to you…a little glory days…
(…) Come on down, everybody…’cause this is where the party is, right here (crowd cheers) now…I wanna say…we had a great time here in Stockholm (crowd cheers) you treated us fantastic…but now there’s a train coming and we’ve got to move on…we’ve got to go on…we’ve got to keep going out into that big world…because we’ve got a message we’ve got to send…there’s a message we’ve got to send out there…I’m not sure what it is…but I know it and I can feel it…and I can feel it right now…is everybody ready is the band ready?…are the singers ready? (singers: “Yeah”) are the people in the back ready? (crowd cheers) are the people on the side ready? (crowd cheers) are you ready?…are the people in the front ready? (crowd cheers) alright, everybody, it’s time to get… real silly…I don’t know what I’m gonna do but, uh, but, uh…I don’t know what I’m gonna do…I feel something coming on, uh…let’s rock!…”
[* The European Championships of football were taking place at the time.]

17.06.92 Stockholm, Sweden, intro to “Working on the Highway”
“(Crowd cheers) I gotta get up with them little babies in the morning (crowd cheers)…I can’t do this all night no more (crowd cheers) I got to get up with them little babies (crowd cheers) get back on them instruments (crowd cheers) well, I got to get, I’m telling you, man…”

17.06.92 Stockholm, Sweden, middle of "Working on the Highway"
"Happy birthday to Alex right there!…"

17.06.92 Stockholm, Sweden, intro to “Hungry Heart”
“(Crowd starts singing the first verse and the chorus) That’s right (crowd continues) not bad (chuckles) this is a song about, uh…that thing in you that always keeps you heading over the rise a little bit …which is okay ‘cause you can take your family, you can take your friends…(?)…sing a little bit…here we go…let me hear you…(the singers start singing the chorus) once more (the singers repeat the chorus)…
(…) I wanna thank everybody for coming down to the shows here in Stockholm (crowd cheers) I wanna say thank you very much, I appreciate your support of my old music, my new music, thank you …all you folks that have been here since 1975 (some cheers) you don’t look that old, you don’t look that old…thanks for making me feel like about, uh…oh, sixteen or seventeen (crowd cheers)…”

Compiled by Johanna Pirttijärvi

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