Story 1992-07-28 East Rutherford, NJ

28.07.92 Meadowlands, NJ, intro to ´Local Hero´
´´There I was….took the long way….down along the Shore….through Asbury (?)…Route 33 ….came in through the (?) entrance to Freehold…..past J.J.Newberry´s….when it used to be there…..”

28.07.92 Meadowlands, NJ, intro to ´Dancing in the Dark´
´´Did you ever wake up and, uh… wanna change everything about yourself ?….wanna change your hairstyle….I´m just hoping mine hangs in there……”

28.07.92 Meadowlands, NJ, intro to ´If I Should Fall Behind´ (following ´Dancing in the Dark´)
´´Thank you….this is a song about trying to walk it like I was talking in that last song (chuckles)….oh !….it was a lot easier to write the song (chuckles)….this is a song about that one thing that, uh….that´s hard to face (?)….here we go….do we have any lovers out there ? (cheers) oh, there´s gotta be more than that (bigger cheer)….”

28.07.92 Meadowlands, NJ, intro to ´57 Channels´
´´It´s 1992…..American cities burning again….a lot of people been left for dead…..ain´t given the modest respect that it takes to make sure your kids are safe when they walk to school or step out on to the porch….what it takes to be a dad….a good husband and a father….to find a job, a decent job for yourself or a place for yourself….so you….reap what you sow….”

28.07.92 Meadowlands, NJ, intro to ´My Hometown´
´´Thank you…..thank you…..yeah….gonna do this song for all the moms and pops out there tonight….(chuckles) oh, yeah….well, a lot, a lot´s happened since I seen you last….I´ve got a beautiful little boy, a beautiful little girl….and uh, I guess I wrote this song when I was….you know, I was reading a book that said nothing you ever do for a child is wasted….and I think that´s true because, you know, sometimes you´ll be laying in bed and you´ll think back to some….(?) riding on the highway in the snow, the smell of fields or smell of trees, the way it smells in the summertime and it´ll take you back to something that happened when you were ten or eight years old…..I always remember one thing that me and my dad used to do….and uh, I started to write this song about it and in this song I was remembering what it was like when I was a kid and I was dreaming…..what it would be like to be a father….and you can ever dream it, it´s a whole shitload of lot more work (chuckles)….but it´s good (chuckles) it´s good, a lot harder than making those records, let me tell you (chuckles)….oh God, anyway, this is a song, I guess, about the legacy that we leave our children, what kind of world do we leave ´em, what are we doing out there, what are we doing to them or with them, how are we filling their, their little spirits….because, uh…..(?) so anyway….without going on and on about it (chuckles) and sounding like a presidential candidate or something…..I´m just gonna do this tonight….from my kids to your kids, wishing ´em all the best…..”

28.07.92 Meadowlands, NJ, intro to ‘Leap of Faith’
‘‘Thank you, thank you….yeah…..this is the part of the show where I stop and I explain to the crowd that we´ve got a sponsor tonight….we’ve got a sponsor….that´s right, we caved in and got a sponsor now….but I ain´t gonna try to sell you no beer, I’m not gonna try to sell you no sneakers, I’m not gonna try to sell you no soda pop….there are a few items in the concession stands during intermission but I’m not gonna mention those right now either…. because our sponsor tonight is (crowd : ‘Love!’) that’s right, it´s love, now, who´s been stepped on, crushed, had (?) straight through their heart, been ground into dirt, been kicked on, spit on, been beat (?) for love ? (cheers)….thank you for your candor and your honesty, thank you very much, but you keep coming back…..and to keep coming back, that takes faith (chuckles) and it takes some hope and this is a song about love, faith, hope and my own personal sexual practises….disguised in only thinly veiled imagery….so listen close….because you´ve got love, you’ve got fear and the only thing that gets you through to here is a…..”

28.07.92 Meadowlands, NJ, middle of ´Glory Days´
´´Oh yeah….it´s starting feel good now….I´m starting to loosen up….come on down everybody….oh yeah….(introduces the band)….that´s right….oh yeah….I´m feeling real good tonight, like…..this is the part of the show where I kind of like, uh….you know…I shot my mouth at that radio broadcast, you know, about how like my records were gonna go zooming back to the top of the charts and all that stuff….I think I got, I got a little in front of myself, you know….you know, but, but that´s ok, ok….(?) the press and the record company´s here tonight, you know….(?) I know that…´s down there at like 105, you know, you know, one´s like in the 70´s but, but they got all these computers now and I got big news, big, big, big, big, big news, are you ready for this, band ? it´s gonna be good, alright, that he told me now tha, that since we like started playing, like, the records this week, the records, they´re going up….not like, not like, you know, like Top Ten (?) they´re still, way, way, way down (?) but uh, they´re going, going up, uh….a little bit, they´re going up and all I got to say is, is ….we´re on our way !…..”

28.07.92 Meadowlands, NJ, intro to ´Thunder Road´
´´Thank you….gonna do, uh….gonna do this song for a special special friend tonight ….(?) this is uh…..when I was 16, he ran the West End Park in Long Branch (chuckles) (cheers) you were there… (chuckles)….”

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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