Story 1992-08-14 Worcester, MA

14.08.92 Worcester, MA, intro to “Atlantic City”
“A little crime and punishment from the great state of New Jersey (crowd cheers)…”

14.08.92 Worcester, MA, intro to “Growin’ Up”
“Hello, how you doing? (crowd cheers) haven’t seen you in a long time (crowd cheers) hell, I haven’t been anywhere in a long while (chuckles) alright…nice to be back in the Boston area (crowd cheers) alright…did this one at the Paul’s Mall a long time ago…”

14.08.92 Worcester, MA, intro to “57 Channels”
“1992…you see American cities on fire again…you reap what you sow…”

14.08.92 Worcester, MA, intro to “My Hometown”
“Thank you (crowd cheers) oh…I wanna do this for all the moms and the pops out there tonight (crowd cheers)(chuckles) we got any moms and pops out there tonight? (crowd cheers) I’m a big daddy now so (crowd cheers) oh yeah…this is, uh…kids are funny, you know, they…you play the guitar for so long, you end up living inside your head all the time – I guess a lot of people do – you spend a lot of time inside your own head, kids come along and they, they make you come out all the time, they don’t let you hide in there, they make you come out and play in the real world (crowd cheers) it’s good, it’s a good thing and uh…so, uh, I read a book that said “Nothing you ever do for a child is wasted” and uh…I think that’s true, you know, sometimes you’ll be lying around in bed at night and you’ll think back to something that your dad did or your mom did when you were ten or eight years old, something that just stays with you for ever and ever till the day you die…and this song was about that kind of memory, it was about the kind of world that we’re leaving to our, leaving to our kids, it’s about the legacy that we leave our children…and uh…so I wanna do this for, uh, for all the moms and pops out there tonight saying “Be strong” (chuckles) (crowd cheers)…

14.08.92 Worcester, MA, intro to “Leap of Faith”
“Oh yeah…this next song, this is, uh, actually the next section of this show is, is, uh, is kind of the romantic section of the show (crowd cheers) just to compete with that Neil Diamond-ticket somewhere and, uh…the next few songs are about romance, about love, uh – is anybody out there in love tonight, that’s what I wanna know? (crowd cheers) is anybody out there that believes in love tonight? (crowd cheers) that’s how you know…has, has anybody out there ever been stomped on, had their, had their heart pierced with a stake (crowd cheers) had their pride stripped away, been humiliated, been, been kicked in the dirt, trashed all around by love? (crowd cheers) but you keep coming back (crowd cheers) you meet that new guy, the new girl, it’s gonna be different this time and that takes faith (crowd cheers) and where there’s faith, there’s hope and where there’s hope, there’s sex, that’s right (crowd cheers) this next song is a very thinly dis-, thinly disguised diary of my own personal sexual habits and uh (crowd cheers) because if you got love here and you’ve got fear here, the only thing that’s gonna get you from here to there is a leap of faith (crowd cheers) …”

14.08.92 Worcester, MA, middle of “Roll of the Dice”
“I can feel it coming, baby…I can feel it coming now…oh yes…I can feel it…(?)…’cause when it comes…it comes way up out of the silence…that you’re feeling inside…when all you wanna do…is cry… when it comes, it comes way up out of the darkness…when you can’t see the light…and all you got in this life…have you ever been so downhearted…that you’ve lost all faith in yourself, have you been so downhearted?…have you ever been so lonely?…well, that’s when you need a little help…that’s when you wanna reach out to somebody…you wanna take your hand and you wanna reach out to somebody…you came walking on in, looking so fine, walking on in, I knew you’d be mine, walking on in (?)…’cause everybody needs a little kindness…everybody needs somebody to have a little trust in them sometimes…somebody to tell you have it…oh, it’s just a kiss away…”

14.08.92 Worcester, MA, middle of “Glory Days”
“We got Crystal Talifiero on the guitar and vocals and percussion (crowd cheers) Angel Rogers singing (crowd cheers) Miss Gia Giambotti, lovely Carol Dennis (crowd cheers) Miss Cleo Kennedy (crowd cheers) Mr. Bobby King (crowd cheers) Shane Fontayne on the guitar (crowd cheers) the incredible Zak Alford on the drums (crowd cheers) Tommy Simms on the bass (crowd cheers) and last but not least (crowd cheers) Professor Roy Bittan on the keyboards (huge cheers from the crowd) let’s hear it for college education (crowd cheers)…”

14.08.92 Worcester, MA, intro to “Thunder Road”
“I wanna take a second and thank everybody for coming down to the shows we did here in Worcester (crowd cheers) thank you very much…uh…I’ve been doing this a long time now and, uh, I want you to know that I appreciate all your long-time support (?)(crowd cheers) a song ain’t no good unless you have somebody to sing it to you so (chuckles)…anyway, this is for my, this is for my old fans (crowd cheers)…”

14.08.92 Worcester, MA, intro to “Follow That Dream”
“You don’t got to get up for work tomorrow, do you? (crowd: “No”) alright…let’s do something else…this was a song, an Elvis Presley-song and uh…I changed a lyric or two a little bit, switched the words around…”

Compiled by Johanna Pirttijärvi

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