Story 1992-08-17 Auburn Hills, MI

17.08.92 Auburn Hills, MI, intro to ´Local Hero´
´´Now, there I was….driving down through the town I grew up in….past the old pizza parlor ….past the drugstore….and over on the right, I looked into the window of J.J.Newberry´s and I saw, I saw a vision…..”

17.08.92 Auburn Hills, MI, intro to ´If I Should Fall Behind´
´´Long time no see….good to see you…..haven´t been in a long time (?)(chuckles) but uh ….here´s a song about, uh, oh, the kids are good (chuckles)….here´s a song about that one thing that you just can´t face, hard for everybody (?) uh….took me such a long time to write this song, you know, and uh….it was even worse living it (chuckles) but, but uh….uh ….I made it through (?)….”

17.08.92 Auburn Hills, MI, intro to ´My Hometown´
´´This next song, this is a song I wrote, uh, about ten years ago, I guess, and uh ….it´s a song I think I was, I guess I was thinking back on my own childhood and, and at the same time imagining what it would be like to be a father….and uh… a beautiful little baby boy and a beautiful little baby girl (chuckles)….yeah, and I read, I read a book that said ´Nothing you ever do for a child is wasted´….and uh, I think that´s true because, uh…. when I wrote this song I was thinking back to some very small thing that my dad used to do for me, something that probably was just, he didn´t even think about and it stayed, it stayed in my head my whole life so you kind of create these little permanent works of art in all your children´s head, you know, so….make ´em good (chuckles)….and uh….and I guess in that song I was trying to think about what kind of legacy we´re leaving our kids, what kind of world we´re leaving ´em, how we, how we try and nurture their little spirits and all that stuff, you know, so, uh…..I´ll stop before I sound like a presidential candidate and uh (chuckles) and uh….gonna do this anyway for all the moms and pops out there tonight….from my kids to your kids, wishing them all the best….”

17.08.92 Auburn Hills, MI, intro to ´Leap of Faith´
´´Thank you, thanks a lot….this next part of the show, this is the part of the show I like to call the love part of the show, here´s where I….get to compete with Neil Diamond a little bit and uh, for that Neil Diamond ticket and uh, let me start off by saying that before we get into it, I got to announce that we have a sponsor tonight (boos) oh, we have a sponsor tonight (bigger boos) wait, wait, wait, I´m not gonna try to sell you any beer, not gonna try to sell you no sneakers, I´m not gonna try and sell you no, uh, uh, uh, there are a few items in the hall during intermission but I´m not gonna mention those right now, so tonight our sponsor is love, that´s right !….now what I wanna know is there anybody out there who´s had their face stomped, who´s had a spike shoved right through their heart, who´s had their pride stripped away, who´s been completely humiliated, kicked in the dirt (?) by love ? (cheers) of course, who hasn´t ?….ah, but you keep coming back and that takes faith….and where there´s faith, there´s hope, and where there´s hope, there´s sex….this next song´s got all those things in it plus a thinly disguised diary of my own personal sexual habits, uh, ´cause you got fear and then you got love and the only way you get between the two is you got to move….”

17.08.92 Auburn Hills, MI, middle of ´Light of Day´
´´How lucky are you feeling ?….´cause I know what you´re thinking….´Did he fire five shots or six shots with that guitar ?´…. ´Five shots or six shots ?´….is there a shot left in there ?….well, how lucky are you feeling ?….how lucky are you feeling ?….well, let me see you reach for it….Well, I got thrown out of work on the Kokomo….”

17.08.92 Auburn Hills, MI, middle of ´Glory Days´
´´Oh yeah, I´m feeling good now….matter of fact I´m feeling strong right now….now….I know on that radio broadcast we did, anybody hear that radio broadcast we did ? (cheers) yeah, yeah, yeah, I predicted like my records were gonna go like, you know, back to the top of the charts, be number 1 and number 2 and….that didn´t, that didn´t exactly happen, I, I got a little (?) of myself a little bit, that´s alright, that´s alright, but uh….I also heard that, that there´s actually some seats left for the show tomorrow night, huh ?….that gets me down, that really gets me down, I tell you, and so I´m gonna little extra (?) attraction, I plan to wrestle a grizzly bear on this stage in about a minute and a half right here….not only can he rock all night long but the man is about to wrestle a grizzly bear, keep the rhythm, boys….(?) I think I still got a few of my moves left (a crew member dressed as a bear comes onstage and Bruce wins him in a wrestling match - according to the Backstreets Magazine)…felt good, now….of course we´re here tonight for bigger reasons than selling records, bigger reasons than flying all around the country and making the big bucks….can you tell me what those reasons are ? (backup singers: ´No´)….let´s rock !….”

17.08.92 Detroit, MI, intro to ´Thunder Road´
´´Thanks a lot….I wanna thank everybody for coming down to the show….this has always been a great town for us, a great town to come and play, uh….I wanna say thanks to all my old fans for the long and enduring support, I appreciate it….(?)….this is a song I wrote when I was, when I was 24 years old, I guess….(?)…when I play it now it sounds kind of like a dream or like a prayer or something (?)….”

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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