Story 1992-08-21 Cleveland, OH

21.08.92 C leveland, OH, intro to ´Local Hero´
´´I was driving past the old pizza parlor….past the drugstore….when I turned and looked into….a window of the J.J.Newberry´s….and that´s when I saw a vision…..
(….) First we gotta get on the ´Geraldo´….we gotta get you, uh, some interviews….then you….you got to have t-shirts, got to have t-shirts….”

21.08.92 C leveland, OH, intro to ´Dancing in the Dark´
´´How´ve you been out there ? (cheers) long time no see….alright, Jane….”

21.08.92 C leveland, OH, intro to ´Spirit in the Night´
´´(?) haven´t been to Cleveland in a while, this is something for, uh…..anybody from the old, uh, Agora days or….Allen Theatre, this is uh, stage is out of control (chuckles) come on down, help me out….”

21.08.92 C leveland, OH, intro to ´57 Channels´
´´1992….you can see American cities in flames again….you reap what you sow….”

21.08.92 C leveland, OH, intro to ´If I Should Fall Behind´
´´This is uh….this next son, this is a song about that one thing that you just can´t face…. uh….took me such a long time to write this song….(?) it was even worse living it (chuckles) so, anyway….here we go….”

21.08.92 C leveland, OH, intro to ´My Hometown´
´´Thanks….man….well, a lot happened since I seen you last….let me see…..oh, I had to go get my driver´s license renewed, yeah, uh….what else, uh ? (chuckles) got a nice little baby girl and a baby boy….yeah, that´s a lot harder than making those records, taking care of those kids (chuckles) but uh….this is a song that, uh, it´s a song I wrote I guess about ten years ago when I was writing, at the time I wrote it, I think that, uh….I was sort of imagining what it would be like to be a dad and I was thinking about something that my dad used to do for me….I read a book that said ´Nothing you ever do for a child is wasted´….and,.yeah….you know how you´ll, you´ll be laying in bed at night or you´ll be out driving someplace and you´ll think of something that your parents did for you or, or…. that it was probably nothing to them, you know, but it was something that stays in your head like a little permanent work of art for ever and uh….this was, this song´s about something that my, some, some small thing that my dad used to do, probably didn´t mean anything to him but something that I always think back on….anyway, gonna do this for all the moms and pops out there…..and all the babysitters too (chuckles)….yeah, I´ll do this from my kids to your kids so….”

21.08.92 C leveland, OH, intro to ´Leap of Faith´
´´Alright…this is uh, this next part of the show, this is the love section of the show, this is where I kind of try and compete with those Neil Diamond tunes out there and uh….we got any lovers out there in the crowd tonight ? (cheers)(?) that´s nice, that´s nice, that´s, uh, you know that, love´s a funny thing, you know, it´s a very funny thing, very difficult to completely trust love, of course, everybody knows that….now, ´cause I know that there´s definitely some people out there who at some time have had their pride stripped away, being humiliated completely, had a stake shoved right through their heart, been ground into the dirt, had their faces (?) in the mud, been all fucked over by love at some time !…. of course, of course (chuckles) but you keep coming back (chuckles) and that takes faith and where there´s faith, there´s hope and where there´s hope, there´s sex…..(chuckles) this is a song, this is about love, faith, hope, sex, uh, it´s a very, it´s a thinly described description of my own sexual habits and likes in very thinly disguised imagery and so, uh ….alright, let´s go, ´cause you´ve got fear and you´ve got love and to get from here to there, it takes a leap of (crowd: ´faith´)….”

21.08.92 C leveland, OH, middle of ´Light of Day´
´´How lucky are you feeling now ?….´cause I know what you´re thinking, I know what you´re thinking, you´re thinking ´Did he fire five shots or six shots with that guitar ?´…. ´Did he fire five shots or six shots ?´, you tell me how, how lucky are you feeling ?….is there a shot left ?….if you´re feeling real lucky….let me see you reach for it….Well, I got thrown out of work on the Kokomo….”

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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