Story 1992-08-29 Philadelphia, PA

29.08.92 Philadelphia, PA, intro to ´57 Channels´
´´1992….you see American cities in flames again….well, you reap what you sow….´´

29.08.92 Philadelphia, PA, intro to ´If I Should Fall Behind´
´´So how´ve you been doing out there ? (cheers) nice to be back in Philadelphia, let me tell you….oh….yeah…..I missed you while I was away (chuckles)….I got two nice little babies now (chuckles) it´s good…..a lot more work than those records, ooh…..anyway, this is a song about, uh, I guess it´s a song about giving (?) your love…..something that´s, I guess, hard for everybody to do and uh, it´s a song about kind of, uh….accepting some of the compromises that it takes to learn (?) and about enjoying the blessings that those compromises bring (chuckles)….in rock and roll, no compromises, in real life (chuckles) anyway….I´ll let the music do the talking (chuckles)…. ´´

29.08.92 Philadelphia, PA, intro to ´Leap of Faith´
´´Thank you….alright….do we have any fiances and fiancees out there tonight ? (cheers) do we have any divorcees out there tonight ? (cheers) ooh, this is a song about, uh, let me see, this is a song about love, faith, adultery, divorce, hope, sex…..all the shit that´s on ´Geraldo´ tomorrow night (?) oh, damn, it´s about second chances (chuckles) ´cause you´ve got fear over here and love over there and the only way you get from here to there is you gotta take a leap of faith….´´

29.08.92 Philadelphia, PA, intro to ´All or Nothin´At All´
´´Let me check that time….it´s Saturday night, right ?….(?)….alright, we´re gonna do something else….alright, we ain´t done this (?) but we´ll do it now….´´

29.08.92 Philadelphia, PA, intro to ´Working on the Highway´
´´Oh, we´ve got some road work to do now….we got some road work, we gotta go all across the U.S.A….´´

29.08.92 Philadelphia, PA, intro to ´Darlington County´
´´(?) number one and two, it says ´In Philly´ only, however * (chuckles) let me check that clock ….shit, it ain´t even 12 o´clock yet (?)….´´
(* Bruce is probably referring here to a sign that says ´Billboard Top 200´ and has ´Lucky Town´ and ´Human Touch´on number 1 and 2 spots and the text ´You´ll always be Philly´s Chart 1´ - a photo of which can be seen in Backstreets Magazine # 41, page 23).

29.08.92 Philadelphia, PA, intro to ´Follow That Dream´
´´I know, I know, two minutes left (?)….alright, here we go (chuckles) what´d I get myself into ? (?)….here we go….´´

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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