Story 1992-09-28 Los Angeles, CA

28.09.92 Los Angeles, CA, intro to ´´Better Days´´
´´Good evening, my friends….´´

28.09.92 Los Angeles, CA, intro to ´´Local Hero´´
´´Good evening….how you doing tonight? (crowd cheers) hello….yeah, this is, uh….this is a song, when I was driving back through the town I grew up in and uh….I looked into J.J.Newberry´s window and I saw a picture of a, was a German shepherd, rendered lovely on black velvet, a doberman, me (chuckles) then Bruce Lee looking like he was gonna, you know….underneath it was a big sign, said ´Sale 19.99´….in my own hometown (chuckles) kind of put the whole job into perspective, you know (chuckles) let´s do it, let me hear it, Zak….´´

28.09.92 Los Angeles, CA, intro to ´´Lucky Town´´
´´Alright….this is for Los Angeles tonight….it has been my lucky town….´´

28.09.92 Los Angeles, CA, intro to ´´Atlantic City´´ (followed by ´´The Big Muddy´´)
´´Thanks, oh….here´s a song about when you´re a kid, you´re - the next two songs are about when you´re a kid, you´re brought up and you´re kind of taught these absolutes, there´s good, there´s evil, there´s the right thing to do, the wrong thing to do….and uh, then you get older and you get pushed out into the real world and you find that there´s a lot of little cracks it´s easy to slip into along the way and….these are two songs about slipping in-between those cracks….the other lucky town….´´

28.09.92 Los Angeles, CA, intro to ´´57 Channels´´
´´1992, you see American cities in flames again, see L.A burning….you reap what you sow …´´

28.09.92 Los Angeles, CA, intro to ´´If I Should Fall Behind´´ (following ´´Living Proof´´)
´´Thank you….oh….yeah….I wrote that song after my, after my son was born, got a little boy, a beautiful little daughter - thank you, Patti (chuckles)….yeah, kids, they, uh, that cliché about you have those little babies and everything looks different….or maybe things just look more intensified or more… start feeling your own temporiness, the fact that, you know, your afterlife´s really, you know, the good things, the spirit you leave behind and your children and you start thinking about the kind of world you´d like to see ´em grow up in…. and….I think, you know, these are dangerous times, hard, hard times in the country, dangerous times, I think that what you, one of the things you feel out there is this longtime legacy, legacy of fear and legacy of dread that we´re leaving to our children….and when the murder rate gets compounded every day, all those spirits are still out there and uh….you know, certainly everybody knows about it in this town, if you lived through the riots….and uh….how that on any given day, it doesn´t matter who you are or what you feel in your heart or where you stand, that only comes down to what do you look like….well, I don´t want my, I don´t want my kids growing up in a city like that or in a world like that….so are you registered out there? (crowd cheers) it´s voting time….you know, we can, uh, it´d be nice to have an administration that at least shows some interest in all of the people….anyway…. anyway….let me continue….´´

28.09.92 Los Angeles, CA, intro to ´´Leap Of Faith´´
´´Thank you….woo!….do we have any divorcees in the crowd tonight? (some cheers) oh, that´s a mess, ain´t it? (chuckles) well, this is a song about, uh, second chances (chuckles) everybody deserves a second chance….so….this is about, uh, to get a second chance, you gotta have faith….you´ve got to have that faith, where there´s faith, there´s hope, where there´s hope, there´s sex….all that kind of, the good things in life (chuckles) but, anyway, fear´s over here and love´s over here and the only way of getting from there to there is you gotta take a leap of faith so….´´

28.09.92 Los Angeles, CA, intro to ´´Man´s Job´´
´´Let´s bring on the king, come on, Bobby….woo!….alright….thanks for the ride, are you ready? (chuckles)….´´

28.09.92 Los Angeles, CA, after ´´Roll Of The Dice´´
´´Yeah….we´re gonna take a short break and we´re gonna go outside and run around the building a few times, lift some weights and we´ll be right back in a little while with a lot more rock´n´soul entertainment for you….we´ll see you in a little while, ok? (crowd cheers) ….´´

28.09.92 Los Angeles, CA, middle of ´´Light Of Day´´
´´I came all the way here to California 19,000 miles across the United States, from the great state of New Jersey….I came here via Sweden, via France, via Italy, via Rome, via Spain, via Milan, via London, England…I came all across the great Midwest, up Chicago, down to Dallas, Texas, all the way out to Phoenix, Arizona, coming to the great city of Los Angeles, spent a shitload of money on a real fancy house now….but I´m here because tonight there´s one thing I wanna know….I´m here tonight because there´s one thing I´ve got to know….I know you´re downhearted….I know you´re disillusioned….I know you´re diseffected….I know you´re depressed….I know there´s 57 fucking channels and nothing on….and so what I wanna know is there anybody alive out there? (crowd cheers)….´´

28.09.92 Los Angeles, CA, intro to ´´Glory Days´´
´´Patti Scialfa….alright….Danny!….alright, alright, alright, Danny Federici gonna join us on this one….Phantom man….just moved to California….alright, let´s do it….´´

28.09.92 Los Angeles, CA, intro to ´´Thunder Road´´
´´Thank you….I wanna thank everybody for coming down to the shows we did here in Los Angeles, thank you very much….this is uh….this has always been a real great town for me and I´d like to thank you also for, uh, I´ve been doing this a long time now and I appreciate your longtime support, I really do….here´s a song I wrote, uh, I was 20, I was 24….and uh…. I´ll do this tonight for all my longtime fans, thank you…..´´

28.09.92 Los Angeles, CA, intro to ´´Born To Run´´
´´All my wardrobe changes, it takes a long time (chuckles) alright, let´s do it….´´

28.09.92 Los Angeles, CA, intro to ´´Working On The Highway´´
´´Blue Monday, a bonus track, alright….let´s get a little traveling music going, come on, Zak ….Danny!…are you still down there?….tell him come on up….come on down….´´

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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