Story 1992-10-13 Seattle, WA

13.10.92 Tacoma, WA, intro to ´Better Days´
´´(There´s a strike going on outside the venue) Thanks, before we, uh….before we start I´d just like to say something, I know there´s a little controversy going on outside the building tonight and I´d like everybody to know that I´m not here to play in the interest of the city, I´m not here to play in the interest of the management in this building or of anybody else….I hope that the issues that are being debated come to a conclusion to everybody´s benefit and uh…..if the folks outside get some free publicity off, off-a me or on my account, I think that´s great…..I know a lot of you folks came a long way so tonight I´ve got a commitment to be on this stage and to rock this place tonight and that´s what we´re gonna do so let´s go….”

13.10.92 Tacoma, WA, intro to ´Local Hero´
´´How´ve you been ? (cheers)….alright….this next song, I was driving through my hometown and….and there was a, they had a J.J.Newberry´s that was always there and I looked in the window and I saw a picture of, uh, this German shepherd and a doberman, then there was me, then there was Bruce Lee, all rendered wonderfully on black velvet, you know…. underneath it said ´Sale 19.99´…kind of puts the whole job right in perspective, you know….”

13.10.92 Tacoma, WA, intro to ´Lucky Town´
´´Alright, let´s get lucky, here we go….”

13.10.92 Tacoma, WA, intro to ´The Big Muddy´
´´Thank you….thank you….yeah….this is a song, I think when you´re, when we´re brought up, we´re brought up to believe kind of in….in absolutes all the time, you know, there´s good and there´s evil and there´s a right thing and there´s a wrong thing….and uh….I think as you get older, you realise about all those places in-between….as you keep walking into ´em….. this is a song about, uh, slipping through those cracks….”

13.10.92 Tacoma, WA, intro to ´57 Channels´
´´It´s 1992….you see American cities in flames again….well, you reap what you sow….”

13.10.92 Tacoma, WA, intro to ´If I Should Fall Behind´ (following ´Living Proof´)
´´You guys alright down there ?….this is uh….I wrote that last song, I wrote that a little while after my son was born….yeah, I got a beautiful little boy, a beautiful little girl now….it´s nice ….we got some babysitters at home tonight out there ? (chuckles)(cheers)(chuckles) but uh, now, kids are funny, you know, they´re good for you because I grew up kind of living inside my head, a lot of people do, I think….and they always make you, you know, they want you to come out, you know, come out into the real world and play with them, you know….and uh, they won´t let you stay in there and hide….but uh, you know, all the cliches, you know, after you have the kids, all the cliches that people talk about, you know, that really bore you before you have kids….after that ´Oh, oh´ everything´s, you know, so wonderful….and uh…. but they´re all true, you know, you start thinking about gee, you know, the kids, they´re really, they´re your afterlife, they´re gonna, they´re gonna be left here with whatever it is we leave ´em, you know, and uh….yeah, you know, it´s uh…..that´s pretty scary, it´s, it´s pretty scary bringing kids into the world, I think, these days, now, if you lived through the Los Angeles riots, as everybody did thanks to TV, uh… know, you got a glimpse of a world where on, on, on a particular day it doesn´t matter who you are, doesn´t matter what you feel in your heart, doesn´t matter where you stand, doesn´t matter what you believe, all that matters is what you look like as to whether you´re gonna live or die….and uh, that´s a scary country, I wouldn´t wanna bring my kids up in that country or in that city like that….so are you registered ? (cheers) yeah…..I know….I´m registered, I didn´t, I haven´t voted in a long, long time, I´m gonna vote this year, I think, uh….you know, I´m…..I´m kind of, I feel like I´m too old to believe in either, uh, put my faith in either politicians or rock stars (chuckles) but uh, but it´d be nice to, uh, have an administration that´s at least interested in all the people so …..I don´t know, so that maybe our, maybe our kids won´t have to grow up looking over their shoulder all the time like we have to…..anyway, let me continue…..”

13.10.92 Tacoma, WA, intro to ´Leap of Faith´
´´Thank you, thank you, alright….alright….do we got any divorcees out there tonight ? (cheers) yeah, you gotta watch out for them (chuckles)….this is about love, you´ve got to have faith, where there´s love, there´s faith, where there´s faith, there´s hope and where there´s hope, there´s sex, you see, that´s uh (chukles)….always works like that (chuckles) anyway, this is a song about all those things and also it´s a close, uh, personal diary of my own sexual habits in thinly veiled imagery so listen closely….”

13.10.92 Tacoma, WA, middle of ´Light of Day´
´´I came 3,000 miles all the way from the great state of New Jersey just to be here tonight…. I came via Stockholm, Sweden, via France, via Italy, via Rome, via Spain, via London, England, via the great city of Chicago down through the Midwest, down through San Francisco, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Arizona to the great city of Tacoma….now, I´m here tonight for just one reason because there´s something that I´ve got to know….I´m here tonight because there´s something that I wanna know….now I know you´re downhearted out there….and I know you´re depressed….I know you don´t feel so good tonight….I know you´re disillusioned….I know there´s 57 fucking channels and nothing on….so what I wanna know is, is there anybody still alive out there? (cheers)….”

13.10.92 Tacoma, WA, middle of ´Glory Days´
´´I´m too old, I can´t keep doing this shit like I used to do it….I don´t think I can make it….I don´t think so….don´t be like sueing me if you get a heart attack or something….I think….I think….I think…..hey, how often am I in Tacoma, alright ?….”

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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