Story 1992-10-18 Edmonton, AB

18.10.92 Edmonton, Canada, intro to “Better Days”
“Good evening, my friends (crowd cheers)…”

18.10.92 Edmonton, Canada, intro to “Local Hero”
“Hello, Edmonton (crowd cheers) woo!…nice to be here…this, this next song, I was driving through my hometown and I, I looked over in the department store window and there was like a picture of this German shepherd, then one of a Doberman, then there was me and then there was Bruce Lee, all rendered beautifully on black velvet… and underneath, underneath it said “Sale 19.99”…kind of puts the whole job in perspective for you, you know (chuckles) so, anyway, let me hear it, Zak…”

18.10.92 Edmonton, Canada, intro to “Lucky Town”
“Alright…woo!…yeah…feeling the luck with me tonight, here we go…”

18.10.92 Edmonton, Canada, intro to “The Big Muddy”
“Thank you (crowd cheers) thank you, this, uh…I think when we’re kids, you know, we’re all kind of brought up to believe that there’s good, there’s evil and there’s wrong and there’s right and, uh, absolutes, absolutes…and I guess as you, as you go through life, you get a little older, you find out about all those spaces in-between…which, I think, is where most of us end up living so…this is a song about all that territory…”

18.10.92 Edmonton, Canada, intro to “57 Channels”
“It’s 1992…at my home there’s American cities burning again…well, you reap what you sow…”

18.10.92 Edmonton, Canada, intro to “If I Should Fall Behind” (following “Living Proof”)
“Alright (crowd cheers) thank you…thanks…I wrote that song about, I wrote that song just a little while after my son was born…yeah, I got a beautiful son, I got a beautiful little daughter (?)…you know, it’s, you wait a long time, it’s funny, you have those kids and all those clichés that everybody, you know, they’re always telling you about come true, it changes the way you look at everything…and, uh, they’re good because, I think if you’re a songwriter or, I guess, all of us spend so much time kind of living inside our heads, you know, and the kids, well, they make you come out, they won’t let you stay in there, they want you to come out into the real world and play with them (chuckles) (crowd cheers) that’s good (crowd cheers) yeah…but, uh…oh, it’s a scary world, a scary world to bring kids into…you know, if you lived through Los Angeles riots back in America it was scary to see how close we were to a society where on any given day it didn’t matter what you felt or where you stood, what you believed or what you felt in your heart, all that mattered was what you looked like as to, uh, whether you were gonna live or die…and, uh…you know, I can be, I can be pretty apathetic sometimes, I guess we all get caught into it, you know, but I guess it’s a time when, these days it’s a time you can’t really afford your despair or you can’t afford your hopelessness, you gotta – kids are good, they make you rise above yourself because they’re, they’re the afterlife so…it’d be nice if they had a world where they could grow up in without having to look over their shoulder all the time (crowd cheers) so I guess that now qualifies me for running for President and uh (chuckles) (crowd cheers) anyway (crowd cheers) it’s hard, you get older, it’s harder to, it gets a lot harder to believe in either the politicians or rock stars, you know (chuckles) but, anyway, this is, uh, I guess this is a song I wrote about, uh, about connection, about people trying their, trying their hardest to (?) with each other so I’ll do this for all the moms and pops out there tonight, (?)(crowd cheers)…”

18.10.92 Edmonton, Canada, intro to “Leap of Faith”
“Oh yeah, alright…this, uh, this next part of the show is kind of the romantic part of the show so…it’s where I kind of try to compete a little bit for that Neil Diamond-ticket and uh (laughs from the crowd) it’s, uh…it’s kind of like, do we have anybody, does anybody believe, really believe in love out there? (crowd cheers)(?) who’s ever had like their…a stake crushed through their heart, had their pride stripped away, had their name run through mud, been kicked down into dirt by love? (crowd cheers) yeah (chuckles) but people keep coming back all the time, you see, and that takes faith…and, uh, where there’s faith, there’s hope, and where there’s hope, there’s sex (chuckles) (crowd cheers) it goes just like that, in that order all the time (chuckles) so this is a song about all those things: love, faith, hope, sex – any divorcees?…it’s about divorce, uh, adultery, second chances, all the things that make life such a big fucking mess (chuckles)(crowd cheers) but…alright, ‘cause you got love here, you got fear over here, and the only way to get between the two is you gotta take a leap of faith somehow…”

18.10.92 Edmonton, Canada, intro to “Man’s Job”
“Come on down, Bobby…oh…thanks for the, the support over there …let’s do it…”

18.10.92 Edmonton, Canada, middle of “Roll of the Dice”
“Oh, bring it down now…bring it way, way down…bring it way, way down now…(?)…well, have you ever felt so lost and lonely?…have you ever felt so empty inside?…let’s make it darker…because when it comes, it comes way up out of the darkness…up out of the night… when there’s no hope in sight…have you ever felt so lonely?…have you ever felt so lost inside?…lost like…like you weren’t, weren’t sure of who you were any more…or…or what you were doing or…or
the things that you loved…have you ever felt so lonely?…have you ever felt so lost inside?…have you ever felt so lonely?…well, it’s just a kiss away…”

18.10.92 Edmonton, Canada, after “Roll of the Dice”
“Bobby King! (crowd cheers) Miss Cleo Kennedy (crowd cheers) Carol Dennis, my band…the lady in the balcony (crowd cheers) this is just halftime now so don’t tire yourself out…we’re gonna take a short break, gonna go backstage, lift some weights, get on the treadmill, run a few miles, then we’re gonna be back out here with some more rock’n’soul entertainment for you (crowd cheers) so we’ll see you in a little while, ok? (crowd cheers)…”

18.10.92 Edmonton, Canada, middle of “Light of Day”
“I came three thousand miles all the way from the great state of New Jersey just to be here (crowd cheers) I came via Sweden, via France, via Rome, via Italy, via London, via Chicago, via New Jersey, via Texas, via California to Vancouver, to Calgary, to make it here to Edmonton tonight (crowd cheers) I’m here tonight because there’s just one thing that I’ve got know…I know you’re downhearted…I know you’re depressed…I know you’re disillusioned …I know you’re disenchanted…I know there’s 57 fucking channels and nothing on…but I’m here tonight because there’s just one thing that I’ve got to know…just one thing that I need to know…is there anybody still alive out there? (crowd cheers)…”

18.10.92 Edmonton, Canada, middle of “Glory Days”
“On the guitar and vocals and the percussion, Miss Crystal Talifiero (crowd cheers) on the vocals Miss Angel Rogers (crowd cheers) Miss Gia Giambotti (crowd cheers) the lovely Carol Dennis (crowd cheers) Miss Cleo Kennedy…soul man, Mr. Bobby King (crowd cheers) the great Shane Fontayne on the guitar (crowd cheers) mad man Tommy Simms on the bass (crowd cheers) the incredibly cool Zak Alford on the drums (crowd cheers) and last but not least …aah…Professor Roy Bittan on the keyboards (crowd cheers)…”

18.10.92 Edmonton, Canada, intro to “Thunder Road”
“Thank you…I’d like to take a second and thank everybody for coming out to the show tonight, thank you very much (crowd cheers) I guess it was, hell, about ten years ago now – I gotta think a minute… I got a petition from this city, it was signed, I think it was like 47,000 names or something asking me to come up here (crowd cheers) I don’t know if any of you folks out there were a part of that but, uh, I guess what I wanna say is thanks, Pete, and thanks for the invitation, sorry it took me so long to get here but, uh (crowd cheers) it won’t take me so long to get back, I promise (crowd cheers) so I’d like to do this song tonight for, for all those folks and thank you for your long-time support, it means a lot to me, thank you very much (crowd cheers)…”

18.10.92 Edmonton, Canada, intro to “Born to Run”
“Thank you (crowd cheers)(?)…alright…can’t send you home without this one so let’s do it…”

Compiled by Johanna Pirttijärvi

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