Story 1992-11-06 Toronto, ON

06.11.92 Toronto, Canada, intro to “Local Hero”
“How we doing tonight? (crowd cheers) come on, Zak (?)…

06.11.92 Toronto, Canada, intro to “Atlantic City”
“Thank you (crowd cheers) here’s another lucky town, sort of lucky town-story…”

06.11.92 Toronto, Canada, intro to “Spirit in the Night”
“Thanks (crowd cheers) alright…here’s for all you old suckers out there like me (crowd cheers)(chuckles) gonna test your memory now…I wrote this when I was 22, I was sitting on a beach in New Jersey…”

06.11.92 Toronto, Canada, intro to “57 Channels”
“It’s 1992…you see American cities in flames again…you reap what you sow…”

06.11.92 Toronto, Canada, intro to “If I Should Fall Behind” (following “Living Proof”)
“Thanks (chuckles) thank you (crowd cheers) I was telling the folks last night I wrote that song a little while after my son was born (crowd cheers) got a beautiful little boy and a beautiful little girl (chuckles) it’s nice, but, uh (chuckles) I need a babysitter (laughs) (laughs from the crowd)(?) but, uh, it’s funny, you have those kids…and I think before, I don’t know, it’s like (?) a world full of fear comes rushing in along with a world full of love and, and, uh, I think you find, you find yourself thinking of a lot of things that you haven’t thought of, thought of before, I think you find some faith that you never felt like you had before because (crowd cheers) you’ve got to (chuckles) you can’t afford not to, you know (chuckles) those kids, they make you rise above yourself, they’re like your, you can see your afterlife kind of…right there in front of you, you know, peeing on your knee or something (laughs)(laughs from the crowd)(laughs) so it’s a good thing but, uh, I was telling the folks last night, you know, I lived through those Los Angeles riots and, uh, as everybody got a chance to do thanks to television, you get a glimpse of a world or a city or a society where on a particular day it doesn’t matter what you feel or where you stand or, or who you’ve worked hard to be, all that matters is what you look like as to whether you’re gonna live or die…and that’s a scary, that’s a scary thought, that’s not the kind of world I want my son or my daughter growing up in (crowd cheers) you know…but, uh…I guess this is a song about trying, trying to make some, some good connections, some connections, connections that bring out your own faith and your own hope and the love that you hide all the time (laughs) hey, that’s why we’re here so (crowd cheers) anyway (chuckles) before I start blubbering or something (chuckles) here’s a song about getting the small things right and hoping that the big things will follow (crowd cheers)…”

06.11.92 Toronto, Canada, intro to “Leap of Faith”
“Thank you (crowd cheers) alright, this is, uh…this next part of the show, this is kind of the, uh, this is the romantic part, if you came with your date or, uh, this is where I kind of try and compete for that Neil Diamond-ticket out there…this is, uh…(?) a song about like second chances and…and, uh, I guess it’s about…you know how once you, when you kind of, you fall in love and you get kind of stabbed through the heart and ground into dirt and your pride stripped away and humiliated in front of all your friends and (crowd cheers) and all that stuff…but you kind of keep coming back, after a while you say “No, shit, that’s it for me, I’m flying solo” (chuckles) but you keep going back, you keep coming back over and over again…well, this is a song, this is kind of, kind of about that, I guess, this is a song about second chances, it’s a song about, uh, no matter how bad you fucked it up, you get one more shot (chuckles)(crowd cheers)(chuckles) it’s good to know (chuckles) so, anyway, it’s about divorce, love, faith, hope, sex, a diary of my own personal sexual habits (crowd cheers) this is my kind of, uh, you know, alright, Madonna, look out, here we go, are you ready?…”

06.11.92 Toronto, Canada, intro to “Man’s Job”
“Alright, Bobby!…do we have some real women out there tonight? (crowd cheers)(?) alright, help me out here, one, two (crowd: “One, two, three, four”)…

06.11.92 Toronto, Canada, middle of “Roll of the Dice”
“Oh, bring it down now…bring it way, way down…let’s make it darker now…let’s make it darker…because when it comes…it comes way up out of the darkness…up out of the night…you feel like there’s no hope in sight…and you can’t feel nothing but your own emptiness…and you feel so brokenhearted…well, have you ever felt so lonely?…have you ever felt so lost inside?…have you ever felt so lonely?…lost like you’re…you weren’t sure of any of the choices you were making…or…or who you were any more or any of the things that you loved…you just weren’t sure…of the things that you depended on…well, have you ever felt so lonely?…have you ever felt so lost inside?…have you ever felt so lonely?…well, it’s just a kiss away…”

06.11.92 Toronto, Canada, after “Roll of the Dice”
“Alright (crowd cheers) this is just half-time, we’re gonna take a short break and we’re gonna be back in a little while with some more rock’n’soul entertainment for you (crowd cheers) so we’ll see you in a little while, ok? (crowd cheers)…”

06.11.92 Toronto, Canada, middle of “Light of Day”
“I’m driving one hundred miles, two hundred miles, three hundred miles, still ain’t where I’m going, going four hundred miles, five hundred miles, six hundred miles, the train kept on rolling, seven hundred miles, eight hundred miles, nine hundred miles, one thousands miles, two thousand miles, three thousand miles, four thousand miles, five thousand miles, the train, it kept on going, going seven hundred miles, eight hundred miles, nine hundred miles, one thousand miles…I came thousands and thousands of miles just to be here tonight (crowd cheers) I’m here tonight because I’m on a mission, there’s one thing that I’ve got to know… I came via Sweden, via France, via Italy, via Rome, via London, England…via New York City, via Detroit, via San Francisco, via Los Angeles…via Chicago, via Denver…via Phoenix, Arizona…came all the way here to Toronto tonight for one reason (crowd cheers) I came here tonight for just one reason…there’s one thing I’ve got to know…there’s one thing I need to know…I know you’re downhearted…I know you’re disillusioned…I know you’re disappointed…I know you’re depressed…I know you’re distressed…I know there’s 57 fucking channels and nothing on…so what I’ve got to know…what I’ve got to know is…what I’ve got to know is…is there anybody still alive out there? (crowd cheers)…”

06.11.92 Toronto, Canada, intro to “Glory Days”
“Thank you (crowd cheers) alright (crowd cheers) told the folks last night we can’t get through the night without congratulating you on the World Series-victory (crowd cheers)(?)…alright, so this is for Toronto, here we go…
(…) On the guitar and vocals and percussion, Miss Crystal (?) Talifiero (crowd cheers) Angel Rogers on the vocals, Miss Gia Giambotti (crowd cheers) the lovely Carol Dennis (crowd cheers) Miss Cleo Kennedy (crowd cheers) soul man, Mr. Bobby King (crowd cheers) the great Shane Fontayne on the guitar (crowd cheers) mad man Tommy Simms on the bass (crowd cheers) Zak Alford on the drums (crowd cheers) and the only member of the band with a complete high school and college education: Professor Roy Bittan (crowd cheers)…”

06.11.92 Toronto, Canada, intro to “Thunder Road”
“Thank you, I’d like to…thank everybody for coming down to the shows that we did here in Toronto (crowd cheers) thanks a lot… I’ve been coming up here quite a while, not as often as I’d liked (chuckles)(crowd cheers) I just don’t get out of the house very much (chuckles) gotta work on that but, uh, I wanna say the past two nights here was, uh, I haven’t been out on the road in a long time and it’s just been a tremendous reception and I wanna thank you (crowd cheers) anyway, this is, uh…this is for all my long-time fans out there, thanks for sticking with me (crowd cheers)…”

06.11.92 Toronto, Canada, intro to “Born to Run”
“Yeah, we can’t send you home without this one so (crowd cheers)…”

06.11.92 Toronto, Canada, intro to “Working on the Highway”
“Thank you (crowd cheers) we love you, God bless you (crowd cheers)(chuckles) midnight right on ahead, Saturday night…we got to play some traveling music before we leave here, come on (crowd cheers) alright, let’s get some highway music going (crowd cheers) come on, Zak…”

Compiled by Johanna Pirttijärvi

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