Story 1992-11-10 Uniondale, NY

10.11.92 Uniondale, NY, intro to ´Local Hero´
´´This is for the local hero out there, alright….”

10.11.92 Uniondale, NY, intro to ´The Big Muddy´
´´This is a song about, uh….I think we spend so much of our lives trying to find a few things that we´re sure of, you know, that we know are…..always gonna be a certain way and uh….. you know, when we´re kids, we´re brought up, you know, your mom says ´This is good and that´s bad´….you go ´Ok´ and uh….´This is right, that´s wrong´….and I think as you get older, you find out about, uh… start slipping and sliding around in all those places in-between ….and uh….you surprise yourself by some of the things that you´re capable of….down there in the Big Muddy….”

10.11.92 Uniondale, NY, intro to ´57 Channels´
´´Cities on fire again….30 years passed, it´s the same old thing….well, you reap what you sow….”

10.11.92 Uniondale, NY, intro to ´Leap of Faith´ (following ´Living Proof´)
´´Oh, thanks….this, uh…..I was telling the folks last night I wrote that last song a little while after my son was born….I´m a big daddy now, a little boy, a little girl….with more on the way, I know, I know, I know (?)….but uh, kids are good, you know, they….they kind of…. they kind of give you some faith, you gotta… can´t afford not to have faith when you have those kids ´cause….I was telling the folks last night you´ve got your afterlife, you got your future, you got your hope sitting right there pissing on your leg for you so (chuckles) so ….anyway, this is, uh, this next song kind of….this is kind of (?) you don´t think, you know, you´re gonna make it, kind….getting up and dusting yourself off and uh….taking a second shot, everybody gets a chance to fuck up, you know, so (laughs) I´m not talking about me (laughs) oh, shit….now, this is a song about love, uh, faith, hope, sex, uh…..romance, faith in romance….in your sexual ability, uh (chuckles) this song is kind of my, it´s like my Erotica, you know, this is my version of it (chuckles) it´s a (?) diary of my own personal sexual habits ….that I´m willing to share with thousands of people right now, alright….hey, you gotta, you gotta open up your soul up here, that´s all I can say, that´s what the job´s all about, alright (chuckles) anyway, if you wanna get from here to here, you got fear over here and love over there, it takes a leap of faith….”

10.11.92 Uniondale, NY, middle of ´Light of Day´
´´I came thousands and thousands of miles just to be here tonight….I came here via the great state of New Jersey…I came here via Sweden, via France, via Italy, via Rome, via London, England….via Chicago, (?), via Houston, via Austin….via New York City…via Philadelphia ….via San Francisco, via Los Angeles, spent a whole shitload of money on a real fancy house ….via San Diego….via the great Southwest….via Canada….I traveled thousands and thousands of miles just for one reason….I´m here tonight because there´s one thing I´ve got to know….there´s one question I need an answer to…..there´s one question I need an answer to ….I know you´re downhearted….I know you´re disillusioned….I know you´re disenchanted ….I know you´re disappointed….I know there´s 57 fucking channels and nothing on….and so what I wanna know is…..what I wanna know is…..what I need to know is despite all of that ….is there anybody still alive out there ? (cheers)….”

10.11.92 Uniondale, NY, middle of ´Glory Days´
´´….on the drooling keyboards….a couple of Long Island men….Professor Roy Bittan….and, uh, uh, uh, what was it ? oh ! Billy Joel !….”

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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