Story 1992-11-17 Chapel Hill, NC

17.11.92 Chapel Hill, NC, intro to ´The Big Muddy´
´´Thanks….thank you…..this is a song, uh….(?)(chuckles) that, uh….I think when we´re brought up, you know, we´re all kind of brought up to….to believe that there´s, that there´s and that there´s evil and that there´s right and wrong….and uh….we´re all kind of brought up to believe in, in absolutes, I think….and then as you get out into the world that….you realise, you kind of stumble across…..all the spaces that are in-between those things….and uh….you always end up having to make some hard choices so….this is a song about, uh, about those spaces you find yourself….down there in the big muddy….”

17.11.92 Chapel Hill, NC, intro to ´57 Channels´
´´It´s 1992, you see American cities in flames again…..well, you reap what you sow….”

17.11.92 Chapel Hill, NC, intro to ´Living Proof´
´´Thanks….when I wrote that song, I was sort of….it´s a song about going out and trying to find some sort of relief or some sort of blessing when you feel like, you know, there´s nothing left….and uh, this is kind of, this, this next song, I guess, is a song about finding that so, let me hear it, Zak…..”

17.11.92 Chapel Hill, NC, intro to ´If I Should Fall Behind´ (following ´Living Proof´)
´´Thanks (?)….I wrote that song a little while after my little boy was born and uh (cheers) yeah ! I have a beautiful son and I have a beautiful daughter now (chuckles) it´s nice….it´s a good thing, you know, it´s uh….but uh….it´s funny, I think you spend so much, people spend so much time living sort of inside their heads….I know I always did when I was growing up ….and uh, kids come along and they kind of pull you outside of yourself, forcing you to come out and live in the real world because it´s like looking at your afterlife or looking at your future kind of sitting there pissing on your leg, you know (chuckles) so, so it´s a startling awakening, you know (chuckles) but it´s good (chuckles) and uh… know, it´s always…. it´s always kind of scary, I think, to bring kids, kids into the world, when you lived through the Los Angeles riots there, as everybody got a chance to do thanks to television, and you got a glimpse of our society, on a particular day it didn´t matter who you really were or it didn´t matter what you believed in, or, or where you stood or what you felt in your heart or ….all that mattered is what you looked like as to whether you were gonna live or die….and uh….(?) it seems we´re awful closed sometimes, a lot of people live with that every day….so, uh…..and you get a little older, it´s hard to put too much faith in politicians or in, uh, in rock stars (chuckles) but uh… get those little kids and you can´t afford to despair, you can´t afford too much cynicism, you gotta dig down and find your hope somewhere so I´m gonna do this next song tonight for Bill, Bill Clinton, this is for you (chuckles) yeah, and uh (?) (chuckles)….let me give it a shot here…..”

17.11.92 Chapel Hill, NC, intro to ´Leap of Faith´
´´(?)…people, I think, keep coming back, it´s something where, this next song is kind of a song about second chances….(?) after love kind of stomps you all over you and sticks you in the heart and throws you in the mud and strips away your pride and humiliates you in front of all your friends and….but you keep going back….if you´ve got love, you have to find faith, you find faith, there´s hope, hopefully sex isn´t too far behind all those things….alright, this next song, this song is kind of, I guess, this is sort of my Erotica, if you know what I mean, uh (chuckles) this is kind of a song that, where I kind of deal with a lot of my own personal sexual habits in, uh, very thinly disguised imagery….uh, then I´m gonna put out one of those books too pretty soon and….(?) kind of like, uh, it´s gonna just be like, uh, a bunch of shots of me in my wide collection of leopard skin underwear that I´ve been saving up all these years but uh….I´m not gonna have any title or anything, I´m just gonna call it like ´50 Bucks, Please´, I think that´s (chuckles) so anyway (laughs) alright !….it takes a leap of faith to get where you´re going…..”

17.11.92 Chapel Hill, NC, middle of ´Light of Day´
´´I drove thousands and thousands of miles just to be here tonight….I came thousands of miles with one question in mind….I came via Sweden, via France, via Italy, via Rome, via London, England….via Spain, via Chicago, via New York City….via the great Southwest, Phoenix, New Mexico, San Diego, Los Angeles….spent a shitload of money on a real fancy house….I went through San Franciso up into Canada….all across Canada, down, down, down, down to Philadelphia….out from Philadelphia all the way down to North Carolina now ….I´m here tonight with just one question….I´ve got something that I´ve got to know….I´ve got something that pushes me out here every night….I know you´re downhearted….I know you´re disillusioned….I know you´re disenchanted….I know you´re disappointed….I know there´s 57 fucking channels and nothing on….so what I need to know is… there any life in North Carolina now ? (cheers)….”

17.11.92 Chapel Hill, NC, intro to ´Glory Days´
´´Thank you….Donnie, gonna do this for you, man….”

17.11.92 Chapel Hill, NC, intro to ´Working on the Highway´
´´One for the die-hards….alright….all I´m gonna do is go sit in the hotelroom anyway, come on….”

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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