Story 1992-11-23 Orlando, FL

23.11.92 Orlando, FL, intro to ´´Better Days´´
´´Good evening, my friends….´´

23.11.92 Orlando, FL, intro to ´´Local Hero´´
´´How you doing tonight? (crowd cheers) alright….woh!….here´s a song, I was driving through my hometown, looked over at J.J.Newberry´s window, saw a picture of me and Bruce Lee and a German shepherd on sale for 19.99 on black velvet (chuckles) that kind of puts the whole job right in perspective for you so….let´s do it!….´´

23.11.92 Orlando, FL, intro to ´´Lucky Town´´
´´Thank you….alright, let´s get lucky, here we go….´´

23.11.92 Orlando, FL, intro to ´´The Big Muddy´´
´´Thank you….thank you….uh….woo!….oh, it´s nice to be back down in Florida, thank you…. thanks for waiting (chuckles)….this song, this is a….song that, uh….I think when we´re all brought up, we´re kind of….you know, our folks kind of bring us up to believe that there´s good and that there´s evil, that there´s a right thing to do and there´s a wrong thing to do…. that kind of leads you to believe that those choices are always a little easier to make than they ended up being….and I think that, uh, they sort of leave out all, anything about all those spaces in-between and as we get older, I think that a lot of us find that, find ourselves living there so uh….I guess this is a song about hard choices, this is, uh, ´bout finding yourself down there in the big muddy….´´

23.11.92 Orlando, FL, intro to ´´57 Channels´´
´´It´s 1992, you see American cities in flames again….well, you reap what you sow….´´

23.11.92 Orlando, FL, intro to ´´If I Should Fall Behind´´ (following ´Living Proof´)
´´Thank you….thanks, I wrote, uh….wrote that song a little while after my son was born, that last song….yeah….have a little boy and a little girl now (chuckles) it´s nice… know, it´s funny, the kids, they…you know, they get you sort of thinking about a lot of things that you usually put off if you´re sort of by yourself out there….I think it´s, you know, nobody ever kind of really believes like that tomorrow´s gonna come or the future´s gonna, gonna get here and I think that, uh….you know, the world seems like such a hard place that as you get older it´s easy to kind of slip into just some cynicism or despair, then you have those little babies and like, you know, you´ve got the future kind of sitting there pissing on your leg so (chuckles) hello! that´s real! (chuckles) that´s real….and, uh, you can´t really afford to, can´t afford too much faithlessness so kids are good for you like that….but uh….I guess, this next song, this is a song that kind of has faith that you´re gonna, eventually gonna figure it all out somehow, whether it´s been men and women or us and our neighbors….uh….you get a little older it´s hard to, hard to put too much faith in politicians or….or in rock stars, for that matter (chuckles) but uh….I´m gonna do this tonight, oh….for, uh, for Bill Clinton, I´ll do this for Bill Clinton (some people boo, some cheer)(chuckles) hey, that´s what makes it the U.S.A ….let me see, uh….´´

23.11.92 Orlando, FL, intro to ´´Leap Of Faith´´
´´Thanks….thank you….this, uh….this next song is kind of, I guess it´s a song about second chances, you know, everybody sort of deserves a second shot after they´ve completely fucked it up the first time, whatever it is (chuckles) so….you know, let´s take love, everybody gets, you know, who hasn´t been in love and hasn´t had love stab you through the heart or run you into mud or have your pride stripped away and been humiliated in front of your peers but you keep going back….that takes faith and where there´s faith, there´s hope, and where there´s hope, sex isn´t very far behind so….so….with that in mind (chuckles) let´s be hopeful (chuckles) and uh, this song is kind of my version of, of ´Erotica,´ I guess, my version of the Madonna tune, if you listen closely, my own personal sexual habits are catalogued in only thinly disguised imagery so….alright, it takes a leap of faith (chuckles)….´´

23.11.92 Orlando, FL, intro to ´´Man´s Job´´
´´It´s dangerous out there tonight!….come on, Bobby King….alright, woo!….my wallet! (chuckles) get the girl! (chuckles) good Lord….´´

23.11.92 Orlando, FL, middle of ´´Roll Of The Dice´´
´´Have you ever been so lonely?….have you ever felt so lost inside?….have ever felt so alone?….lost like….you aren´t sure the choices you are making are….are the things that you love….you don´t even know who you are any more….well, have you ever felt so lonely?…. have you ever felt so lost inside?….have you ever felt so alone?….well, it´s just a kiss away ….´´

23.11.92 Orlando, FL, middle of ´´Light Of Day´´
´´I came thousands and thousands of miles just to be here tonight….I came via Sweden, via France, via Italy, via Rome, via London, England just to get here tonight….via New York City, via Boston, via Chicago, via Detroit, via San Francisco, via Los Angeles, where I spent a shitload of money on a real fancy house, via San Diego….just to get here tonight….and I´m here tonight because there´s one thing I´ve got to know….I´m here tonight because there´s one question that I need an answer to….there´s only one reason why I came here tonight….I
know you´re downhearted….I know you´re depressed….I know you´re disappointed….I know you´re disenchanted….I know there´s 57 fucking channels and nothing on….but I´m here for just one reason tonight….I ain´t here to see no Mickey Mouse….I ain´t here to see no Donald Duck….I´m here because what I wanna know is, is, is there life in Florida out there now? (crowd cheers)….´´

23.11.92 Orlando, FL, intro to´´Glory Days´´
´´Thank you….alright….here´s for all my friends from New Jersey out there tonight…..
(….) On the guitar and vocals and the percussion, Miss Crystal Talifiero….singing in the back, Miss Angel Rogers….Miss Gia Giambotti….the lovely Carole Dennis….Miss Cleo Kennedy….soul man, Mr.Bobby King….the great Shayne Fontaine on the guitar…and the man that got out of bed with a 102-fever just to be here tonight, (?) Tommy Sims on the bass ….and another man that got out of bed in the middle of his favorite ´Gilligan´s Island´-re-run just to get here tonight, the incredibly cool Mr.Zak Alford on the drums….and of course…. Professor Roy Bittan on the keyboards (crowd cheers)….´´

23.11.92 Orlando, FL, intro to ´´Thunder Road´´
´´Thank you….well, I haven´t….I haven´t been out touring in a long time and I just wanna say this was a really incredible reception tonight and I wanna thank you (chuckles)(crowd cheers) I´d´ve gotten down here a little sooner (chuckles) if I´d have known….but, uh, I just wanna take a second and thank you all for coming out to the show….I wanna thank you for, all my old fans for longtime support, it means a lot to me….thanks for sticking with me…. thank you….´´

23.11.92 Orlando, FL, intro to ´´Born To Run´´
´´I don´t get down here that much so I can´t send you home without this one, I guess, here we go….´´

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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