Story 1992-12-07 Philadelphia, PA

07.12.92 Philadelphia, PA, intro to “Better Days”
“Good evening, my friends (crowd cheers)”

07.12.92 Philadelphia, PA, intro to “Local Hero”
“Well, there I was (chuckles)…in the department store in my own hometown (crowd cheers) on sale for 19.99…the vicissitudes of fame (chuckles)…”

07.12.92 Philadelphia, PA, intro to “Lucky Town”
“Hello, Philly (crowd cheers) I’m glad we got back to see you here (crowd cheers)…”

07.12.92 Philadelphia, PA, intro to “The Big Muddy”
“Thank you, alright (crowd cheers) this is, uh…this song, I think when we’re…when we’re little kids, I think our parents always sort of…teach us that there’s good and that there’s evil and that there’s the right thing to do and there’s a wrong thing to do…and uh…that, it sort of leads you to believe that those lines will always be easily discerned…I think that as you grow up and get out into the world a little bit, you find out about all those spaces in-between where things are never so clear and were all the hard choices of real life usually are so…anyway, this is about finding yourself down there in the Big Muddy…”

07.12.92 Philadelphia, PA, intro to “57 Channels”
“It’s 1992…you see American cities in flames again…well, you reap what you sow…”

07.12.92 Philadelphia, PA, intro to “If I Should Fall Behind” (following “Living Proof”)
“Thank you (crowd cheers) Yeah, I’ve been, uh…telling folks I wrote that last song a little while after my little boy was born (crowd cheers) I have a beautiful little boy and a little girl now (crowd cheers) that’s nice…but, uh, you know, I’ve been telling folks that all the clichés after you have those kids, they kind of got true, before you have the kids, the future is a funny thing, it always ends up seeming like it’s never really gonna come or it feels sort of abstract…and then, uh, once you have those kids, you know, you got, the future’s right there sort of pissing on your leg, you know (crowd cheers) and it brings it home real, real clearly (chuckles) oh yeah (chuckles) argh! (chuckles) it’s like (crowd cheers) but uh, I know, I know how to change those diapers, I do all that stuff (crowd cheers) anyway, uh, I’m ‘90s, I’m a ‘90s man now (chuckles)(crowd cheers) oh God (chuckles) but it’s funny, you know, it’s…(?) you look out there, you…we lived through the Los Angeles riots there, as everybody sort of had a chance to, thanks to television…I’ve been telling the folks that you got glimpse of…of our own country where on a particular day it doesn’t matter what you believe or where you stand on anything or, you know, what you feel in your heart, all that matters is, is what you look like as to whether you’re gonna live or die…and uh…I don’t know, seems like such a big problem now, it’s a scary…scary world, a scary thought of bringing your kids up, you know, in a society that feels so close, so close to the line like that, and a lot of people live with that every day…but, anyway, (?) I guess, you know, as you get older, it gets hard to put too much of your faith in politicians or in rock stars, for that matter (chuckles) but uh (crowd cheers) I’m gonna do this tonight for, uh, this is a song about working real hard to get the small things right and hoping that big things will follow so I’m gonna do this tonight for your kids and I’m gonna do this tonight wishing Bill Clinton good luck too (crowd cheers)…”

07.12.92 Philadelphia, PA, intro to “Leap of Faith”
“Thanks (crowd cheers) this is, uh (chuckles) (crowd cheers) are you ready? (chuckles) this next song, this is a song about second chances…uh, got any divorcees out there tonight? (some cheers) (chuckles) yeah, yeah, you know, it sort of like, you know, once… (?) you get a divorce, you kind of get that cold feet for a little while, you know what I mean?…but you keep coming back because, uh…sort of like no matter how much you…’cause that’s where it is, I guess, you come back looking for that love and looking for that faith, looking for that hope…and, uh, you know, with the intention that sex is sure to follow all those things (chuckles)(crowd cheers) but anyway, this song, this, this next song is kind of my own, uh, this is, I like to think of this song as my version of “Erotica,” you know (chuckles) (crowd cheers) it is, uh, it’s like my own, it’s like a little diary of my own personal sexual habits (crowd cheers) in thinly disguised imagery…a book will shortly follow (chuckles) it’ll be in, uh, a collection of my, my wide collection of leopard skin underwear (crowd cheers) it’s not gonna have any title, it’s just gonna be, it’s just gonna say on the front “50 bucks please,” that’s all (crowd cheers) gotta, gotta make that dough up somehow now that those records ain’t selling so well so look for it in your bookstores, ladies and gentlemen, huh? (crowd cheers) but you got fear here and love here and to get between the two, it takes a leap of (crowd: “faith”)…”

07.12.92 Philadelphia, PA, after “Leap of Faith”
“Thank you for your support! (crowd cheers)…”

07.12.92 Philadelphia, PA, intro to “Man’s Job”
“Come on down (?)…walking with the King…it’s Philadelphia audience participation time (crowd cheers) here we go, one, two (crowd: “One, two, three, four”)…”

07.12.92 Philadelphia, PA, middle of “Roll of the Dice”
“Oh, bring it down now…bring it way, way down…and let’s make it darker now…let’s make it darker than this…because when it comes, it comes way up out of the darkness…up out of the night…where there’s no hope in sight now…well, have you ever been so lonely?… have you ever so lost inside?…have you ever felt so lonely?…lost like…you weren’t sure who you were any more or what you were doing or the choices you were making…what I wanna know is… have you ever felt so lonely?…have you ever felt so lost inside?… ‘cause like my hero Solomon Burke said… everybody needs somebody, everybody needs somebody…someone to love, someone to squeeze…someone to need…let me hear it, Zak…it’s just a kiss away (starts repeating “it’s just a kiss away” and “it’s just roll away”)…

07.12.92 Philadelphia, PA, after “Roll of the Dice”
“Thank you, Philly (crowd cheers) ok…this is half-time (crowd cheers) we’re gonna take a short break, we’re gonna go backstage, lift a few weights, get on the treadmill, run five or six miles and we’ll be back out here for some more rock and soul entertainment for you (crowd cheers) so we’ll see you in a little while, ok? (crowd cheers)…”

07.12.92 Philadelphia, PA, middle of “Light of Day”
“I’m driving one hundred miles…two hundred miles…three hundred miles, still ain’t where I’m going, four hundred miles…five hundred miles…six hundred miles (?) I’m going seven hundred miles…eight hundred miles…nine hundred miles…one thousand miles…two thousand miles…three thousand miles…four thousand miles…I drove thousands and thousands of miles just to get here tonight…I’ve come around the world and then some just to get here tonight…I came here via Sweden, via France, via Italy, via Rome, via London, England to get here tonight…via New York City, via Chicago, via Detroit, via Los Angeles…via San Francisco, via San Diego…via the great state of New Jersey (crowd cheers) just to get here to Philadelphia tonight (crowd cheers) now I’m here for one reason… I’m here with one thing in mind…I ain’t here for no cheese steaks… I ain’t here for Ed Sciaky…I’m here with one thing in mind, I know you’re downhearted…I know you’re disappointed…I know you’re depressed…I know you’re hurt down in your spirit…I know there’s 57 fucking channels and nothing on (crowd cheers) and I’m here tonight because I wanna hear a D-flat minor from the band when I call it out – I’m here tonight because I…I…I…I…I…I’m just a prisoner (crowd cheers) of rock’n’roll! give me an E (crowd cheers) is there anybody alive out there? (crowd cheers)…”

07.12.92 Philadelphia, PA, middle of “Glory Days”
“On the guitar and vocals and percussion, Miss Crystal Talifiero (crowd cheers) the beautiful Angel Rogers singing (crowd cheers) Miss Gia Giambotti (crowd cheers) lovely Carol Dennis (crowd cheers) Miss Cleo Kennedy (crowd cheers) Soul Man, Mr. Bobby King (crowd cheers) Shane Fontayne on the guitar (crowd cheers) Mad Man, Tommy Simms on the bass (crowd cheers) the incredibly cool Mr. Zak Alford on the drums (crowd cheers) and last but not least (crowd cheers) Professor Roy Bittan on the keyboards (crowd cheers) he’s so close to Philadelphia (crowd cheers)…
(…) Ah, keep on rocking now…how’s everybody been doing out here? (crowd cheers)(?)…keep on going…let me see your moves (crowd cheers) let me see some moves out there – are they looking good?…they’re looking good down here…(?)…that man right there, he’s good, very good…I wanna see some wild Philadelphians now (crowd cheers) put your hands in the air…wave ‘em like you don’t care…show the person next to you your underwear…ah, let’s go down and see ‘em…
(…) Too old now (crowd cheers) oh, too fucking old now, man…no, too old, too old, too old…oh, too fucking old, man…I can’t do it like I used to do, no…I´m too fucking old…(goes back into the song)…”

07.12.92 Philadelphia, PA, intro to “Thunder Road”
“Thank you (crowd cheers)…I’d like to just take a minute and thank everybody for coming out to the show tonight, thank you very much (crowd cheers) we’re kind of…coming close to the end of this part of our tour and I just wanna say I’m glad we got a chance to come back here because, uh (crowd cheers) let me see, I just, what I wanna say is that I’ve been coming to Philadelphia for a long time and that the kind of support and the kind of reaction that I’ve got here from the beginning means a lot to me (crowd cheers) I just wanna say thanks, thanks for sticking with me (chuckles) (crowd cheers)(?)…”

07.12.92 Philadelphia, PA, intro to “Born to Run”
“Alright, this is for you, Philly (crowd cheers)…”

07.12.92 Philadelphia, PA, intro to “Santa Claus Is Coming to Town”
“[People throw Santa Claus-caps on to the stage]…Hmmm (crowd cheers) this reminds me of something (crowd cheers) what was it now?…got a little Christmas present for you (crowd cheers)…
(…) Here he comes now…come on, Santa…oh, he’s got all his little elves…and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer…oh, here he comes… Frosty the Snowman…has everybody been good? (crowd cheers) nobody’s been cheating on their baby? (crowd cheers) here we go…
(…) Ah, here he comes now…I mean there he goes (chuckles)…
(…) Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays…Happy Hanukkah, Happy New Year, Philadelphia! (crowd cheers) we love you (crowd cheers) thanks, you’re the greatest (crowd cheers)…”

Compiled by Johanna Pirttijärvi

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