Story 1994-03-21 Los Angeles, CA

21.03.94 The Academy Award Acceptance Speech
´´Thank you.This is the first song I ever wrote for a motion picture, so I guess it’s all downhill from here….But, Neil, I gotta share this with you. You do your best work and you hope that it pulls out the best in your audience and some piece of it spills over into the real world and into people´s everyday lives. And it takes the edge off fear and allows us to recognise each other through our veil of differences. I always thought that was one of the things popular art was supposed to be about, along with the merchandising and all the other stuff. Just wanna say thank you, Jonathan, for having me as a part of your picture; I’m glad my song has contributed to its ideas and its acceptance. Love you, Pats, and thank you all for inviting me to your party.´´
[Copied from The Backstreets Magazine, issue 46.]

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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