Story 1995-02-15 Brooklyn, NY

15.02.95 Brooklyn, NY, intro to ´Thunder Road´
´´(Melissa Etheridge: ´Thank you….yeah, I thought, you know, I thought they might want me to do an ´Unplugged´ and like sit down and sing, you know….I can´t do that…..I learned early on, you know, I started, uh, I started playing guitar when I was about eight years old and listened a lot, I listened to a lot of music and, uh, a lot of music influenced me….and, uh (chuckles) and one of the, one of the, the fellas, a fella that I would listen to, of course, was, was Bruce Springsteen…..he´s a fella, yeah, and I would, I remember going home, I´d go home, you know, after school, whatever, and I´d plug my 8-track in….it´s true, it´s true, I´d plug my 8-track in and I´d listen and, aah, and I would dream, I mean if, if anybody could make you dream, it was, it was Bruce Springsteen, right, you know, you´d, you´d, I´d close my eyes under the big Koss headphones, you know, about this big….and, and I would listen and I would say ´Oh man, I want that, you know, I want it, I want, I wanna sing, I wanna scream, I wanna stand up, I wanna, you know, write, I wanna tell everybody how I feel and, uh, and I started to do that and he was very influential and, uh, one of the things I always wanted to do was, uh…..well, was to sing with Bruce Springsteen…… what would happen if, if you asked, you know, if you said ´Hello, Bruce, it´s Melissa, I´d, you know, you got a minute?….you wanna maybe?….and uh, you know, what would you do if you and me and´….and he said yes….ladies and gentlemen, come on, give it up for the man, Mr.Bruce Springsteen…..(Bruce walks onto the stage and people ´Brooce´)….oh man…..I used to do Springsteen songs and they would do that, then I´d say ´Oh no, they´re booing me´….I´d feel bad until he said that he used to think that too (?)….alright´) Alright, we better be good now (chuckles)….´´

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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