Story 1995-03-01 Los Angeles, CA

01.03.95 Grammy Awards, part of the Song of the Year award acceptance speech
Bruce began by thanking ´´all those disparaged and mysterious Grammy voters out there, wherever you are….and whoever you are.´´ He closed by thanking ´´…my fans, whose passion and support has given great meaning to the work I´ve done, and the folks who have come up to me in restaurants and on the street who´ve lost their sons or their loved ones or their friends to AIDS and said that this song meant something to them.´´

01.03.95 Grammy Awards, part of the Best Male Rock Vocal award acceptance speech.
Springsteen showed he was taking all this with a grain of salt: ´´I´m not sure this is a rock vocal; you stick around long enough and they give these things to you, I guess.´´ But he wrapped up his acceptance speech on a more solemn note, ´´in memory of Kristen Carr, whose spirit is in this song.´´
(the two 1995 Grammy Award speeches taken word-for-word from Backstreets issue 49)

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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