Story 1995-11-19 Los Angeles, CA

19.11.95 Los Angeles, CA, intro to "Angel Eyes":
´´Well, I´m here tonight,uh….not just to salute Frank´s artistry because, well….he is the patron saint of New Jersey ….and uh….since his rise from the streets of Hoboken, Frank has basically owned the place but, uh, he has been gracious enough to loan me a small of piece of it by the beach….we first met, uh, at a party about six months ago and we talked about the Jersey Shore….and I was glad to find that his conversation was still peppered with the kinds of words that´ve made our state great….so….my, uh….my first recollection of Frank´s voice was, uh…..coming out of a jukebox, it was in a dark bar on a Sunday afternoon when my mother and I went in searching for my father and uh….she said, I always remember she said, she said ´Listen to that…. that´s Frank Sinatra, he´s from New Jersey´….it, it was a voice filled, uh….it was a voice filled with bad attitude, life, beauty, excitement, nasty sense of freedom, sex and a sad knowledge of….of the ways of the world….every song seemed to have as its postscript….´And if you don´t like it, here´s a punch in the kisser´, you know….but, uh….it was the deep, the deep blueness of Frank´s voice that affected me the most….and while his music became synonymous with black tie, good life, the best booze, women, sophistication, his blues voice was always a sound of hard luck….and men late at night with the last ten dollars in their pockets trying to figure a way out….so tonight I wanna sing something from my favorite Sinatra album, ´Only the Lonely´and…..on behalf, yeah, that´s one of the greatest ones, you know, on behalf of all New Jersey, Frank, I wanna say…Hail, brother, you sang out our soul, happy birthday so….so from one Italian singer to another, from, uh…..for Ol´Blue Eyes, this is ´Angel Eyes´….”

19.11.95 Los Angeles, CA, intro to "New York, New York":
´´Not only has everybody in the world heard of Frank Sinatra, almost everybody in the world has sung along with Frank Sinatra, whether it's in the shower or in the car or in a girlfriend's ear….Seems like everybody in New York knows every lyric to every song…."

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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