Story 1995-11-30 Berkeley, CA

30.11.95 Berkeley, CA, intro to ´Sinaloa Cowboys´
´´Thank you…..these, uh….these next series of songs were, were set on the, uh, California-Mexico border and I met a fellow in Arizona, I was….in this little town off a little state road, uh, about 80 miles east of the California border and I was sitting outside this hotel, a little motel with my, my buddies and we were sort of drinking and playing some cards and it was a nice night and uh….a couple of Mexican men came in from, from, from the west and they were driving a truck through, and I sat down and….and, uh, he started telling me about, uh, how he lost his brother recently in a motorcycle accident in Southern California, his brother was a member of the (?) a Hispanic motorcycle gang….and there was something in the way that he, he talked about, about his brother that a year passed and there was just something about this that stayed in my head, there was something about the idea of family and how your fundamental responsibility is to, is to take care….to take care….uh….at the same time there was, I was reading about the drug trade in Central California where, uh, Mexican drug gangs come up and, and hire the migrant workers to cook up the metamphetamine….and it’s combustible and….a dangerous job….(?) two brothers…´´

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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