Story 1996-09-16 Pittsburgh, PA

6.09.96 Pittsburgh, PA, intro to ´Homestead´
´´Thank you….thank you, ladies and gentlemen….I´d like to….I´d like to bring out a man…. we share the same tailor….(chuckles) a fellow Pittsburghian….that´s right, that´s right, a man, what can I say ? I had to shave off the bottom part of my beard ´cause the man was copying me and goddammit, I can´t stand it ! (chuckles) let´s bring him on out, Mr.Joe Grushecky (Joe arrives onstage)…. alright, for the first time in public, matter of fact, for the first time (chuckles) I hope you know this one, right ?….´´

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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