Story 1996-10-03 Minneapolis, MN

03.10.96 Minneapolis, MN, intro to ´There Will Never Be Any Other For Me But You´
´´(a weird noise)….what the fuck is that ? (chuckles) lights come on and weird sounds coming out (?)(chuckles) that´s not a part of the show (chuckles) but, my God, it put me in a whimsical mood….so this is my paean to true love and I hope I´m pronouncing that word correctly, ´paean´, it doesn´t make sense, ´payan´, ´paean´, that is, that is right (chuckles) this is, uh….a bit of an unusual tribute….but that´s the way I like it and uh, uh….(?) a fellow the other night who´s gonna be married soon so I´m gonna dedicate this to him and uh….it comes towards this subject in a bit of an, from an unusual angle but don´t let that throw you….my tribute to love….I´ll send this out to my baby (chuckles)….´´

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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