Story 1997-02-26 New York City, NY

26.02.97 New York City, NY, Grammy acceptance speech
´´Ah, thanks, first I´d like to say I´m, uh, honored to be amongst these other nominees, there´s such good records and people whose work I´ve admired for a long time, uh….I guess Eric Clapton is right, you sing the song, you get the award, I guess (chuckles) but, uh, anyway, I´d like to thank my family for the support, thanks, Patti, Jon Landau, Barbara Carr, Charlie Plotkin, Toby Scott, I´d like to thank Elaine Steinbeck for allowing me to, uh, use the Tom Joad image, everybody at Sony Records around the world, Donnie Inner, who as he sat in my studio, listening to a rough cut, his dreams of mega-sales slipping down the drain (chuckles) gave me his full support from the heart, I appreciate that, Donnie (chuckles) uh, last, well, last of all I´d like to thank my fans for supporting the tour and work I´ve done the past year….yeah, and uh….especially Pete Seeger for being here tonight, that was a thrill for me, Pete, thank you, thank you very much, thanks again…..”

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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