Story 1998-01-31 Red Bank, NJ

31.01.98 Red Bank, NJ, intro to ´This Time It´s for Real´
(someone: ´Please welcome your host for the evening, from Asbury Park, New Jersey, Mr. Danny DeVito´)(Danny DeVito: ´(?)….thank you….oh, my, my….hello New Jersey….that´s right….first of all I´d like to thank you all for coming here tonight to support the King family, thank you….and what´s coming on this stage tonight….is gonna rock your socks off…let me hear you say ´Rock´ (crowd: ´Rock´) let me hear you say ´Roll´ (crowd: ´Roll´) let me hear you say ´Danny DeVito´ (crowd: ´Danny DeVito´) alright, just wanted to hear my name screamed out….alright, without further ado, are you ready ? (cheers) are you really ready ? (cheers) oh, you better be because this time it´s for real´)….´´

31.01.98 Red Bank, NJ, intro to ´Bad Medicine´
´´(Jon Bon Jovi: ´Welcome, welcome to the Count Basie Theater in Red Bank, New Jersey ….how we doing so far ? ok ? (cheers)(?) changing of the guard, back here on the drums, we got Tico Torres….(?) right here (?) Mr.Richie Sambora….(?)….is there a doctor in the house ?…´´

31.01.98 Red Bank, NJ, intro to ´Broken Down Piece of Man´ (following ´Tenth Avenue Freeze Out´)
´´(Southside Johnny: ´Who was that masked man ?….it´s nice to be here tonight….(?))….´´

31.01.98 Red Bank, NJ, intro to ´Hard Times Come Easy´
´´(Jon Bon Jovi: ´Southside….(?) man here´s got a brand new album coming out….Richie´s got himself a solo record coming out….it´s called (?) and he´s gonna sing you a song, alright´)(?)….´´

31.01.98 Red Bank, NJ, intro to ´Love´s Glory´
´´Good evening….thanks for coming out tonight….is there a red headed woman in the house ? (Patti comes onstage) I´d like to introduce a young girl from the great state of New Jersey…´´

31.01.98 Red Bank, NJ, intro to ´You Give Love a Bad Name´
´´(Jon Bon Jovi: ´I think it´s time we turn this thing into high gear now, are you guys still with us ? (cheers) Tico, give me a beat….do you feel bad ? (cheers) do you feel bad ? (cheers) Bruce, do you feel bad ?….that´s good´)….´´

31.01.98 Red Bank, NJ, intro to ´Bobby Jean´
´´(Jon Bon Jovi: ´Not only (?) was worth the price of admission but remember you guys are really doing a good deed here today too so thank you from the bottom of my heart´)….´´

31.01.98 Red Bank, NJ, intro to ´It´s Been a Long Time´ (following ´I Don´t Wanna Go Home´)
´´(Southside Johnny: ´But this is home….huh ? what ?….I´m stalling now….three nuns walk in, no, no….Bobby, tell a joke (?)….let´s sing….(?)….what the hell are you doing ? (?) I´m stalling here´)….´´

31.01.98 Red Bank, NJ, intro to ´Wanted Dead or Alive´
´´(Jon Bon Jovi: ´Well, are you guys having as much fun as we are ?´(cheers)….´´

31.01.98 Red Bank, NJ, intro to ´Thunder Road´ (following ´Treat Her Right´)
´´(Southside Johnny: ´(?)….you know, some of these songs we didn´t rehearse….and that was one of ´em and this is one of ´em and….stop….stop…..(starts a song which ends right away) (?)´)(Jon Bon Jovi: ´How many musicians does it take to turn in a lightbulb ? (chuckles)´)(?) ….´´

31.01.98 Red Bank, NJ, after ´Thunder Road´
´´Wanna thank Jon Bon Jovi, who put all this together tonight….(?) Bobby Bandiera for rehearsing our band (?)….thank you, Johnny (Jon Bon Jovi: ´Thank you everyone for coming, you all did a great thing tonight, you helped out somebody from your hometown, ok, uh, be careful driving home or going to the bar, goodnight)….(?)….(Southside Johnny: ´Richie Sambora (?)….Clarence Clemons (?)´)….´´

Compiled by Johanna Pirttijärvi

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