Story 1998-02-06 Sea Bright, NJ

06.02.98 Sea Bright, NJ, intro to ´Everybody´s Trying to Be My Baby´
´´(Bruce arrives onstage)(Steve Earle: ´They´ll let anybody in here….oh….this is for Carl Perkins´)….´´
(Carl Perkins had just passed away).

06.02.98 Sea Bright, NJ, intro to ´Sweet Virginia´
´´(Steve Earle: ´This is another, we´re sort of collectors of perfectly good British hillbilly songs and this is the latest´)….´´

06.02.98 Sea Bright, NJ, intro to ´Johnny Come Lately´
(Steve Earle: ´Please welcome Dan (?) who will prove himself indispensible in a minute, you´ll see…..yes, he wears many hats….this is a song about a loud-mouth American mouthing off in a bar somewhere in Camden Town in London during World War II´)….´´

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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