Story 1999-02-26 New York City, NY

26.02.99 ´Late Night with Conan O´Brien´, New York City, NJ, intro to ´Working on the Highway´
´´(Conan O´Brien: ´Ok, everybody, we´re back…..we are, uh, we are getting to the end of our show for the evening, it´s kind of sad tonight, Max is gonna be leaving us for a little while and we´re gonna miss him, I´m actually a little worried about you, Max, got a ride home tonight, you ok ?´)(Max: ´Yeah, Conan, I´ll be alright´)(Conan: ´Actually I heard that maybe a friend of yours´d stop by, give you a ride back to Jersey´)(Max: ´Yeah, I, I got it covered, I do´)(Conan: ´Is he here right now ? I just wanna make sure you got a ride, let´s get your friend out here right now and see´)(Bruce arrives) Ooh, thanks…..I didn´t realise what you´ve been doing… ready for a little road work ? give me the tempo….you can lose the jacket…..what about the tie ?…..
(….) Oh, work that thing now….keep that thing going, Max…..are you ready to go ?…. alright…..any of you boys wanna go ?…..what about you ? anybody wanna go ? (cheers)…
(….) Let´s hear those horns, boys…..hey Andy….I think Andy wants to go….´´

Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi

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